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Best system to invest in for videography?


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Wanted to hear anyone's thought on which system to invest in for starting videophraphy business. Basically I want to start wedding videos but be able to move into doc and commerical work later on if I can turn profit. Sony seems to be the front runner but canons new lenses makes me worry that the RF is a better long term investment. 10k is my budget. I was thinking Fx6 plus a a7iv  if both turn out to meet expectations but is sonys new stabilisation up to par? I heard canons AF is better as well I would love to hear your opinions. 

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I would go with Canon's RF system strictly for the C70 and the awesome RF lenses dropping. That will be an amazing camera for everything you can do for the next 3-years. Also, I don't like Sony's image out of camera and it takes a lot of work to make it look as good as Canon's right out of the gate color and IQ - the FX9 image looks better, but everything else has an image that isn't nearly as good as Canon or Panasonic.

The Panasonic S5 and a couple of their f1.8 lenses coming out would also be a great, more affordable option. 

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Depends on your budget. Canon is just going to be way more $$$ all around for full frame (if you care about that).

If money isn't an issue or the R5 debacle, then Canon is a pretty safe bet.

RF mount is new and there aren't the same options for affordable glass right now.

Canon still isn't great in the shadows, yes the fancy dual iso thing I forgot what it's called is pretty good, but not always available.

Reason why sony got so popular with FS7 was the pricing, just couldn't beat it for the features. Still true if you want full frame, and frankly the lack of intermediate codecs on the older c series was not helpful either.

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C70 + Speedbooster: $6k

24-70mm IS or 24-105mm f4 IS (f2.8 with booster): $800-900

canon 35mm f2: $600 or so 

canon 50mm f1.4: $450 or so 

70-200mm f4 is: $1000 (or 16-35mm if you need wide). 

still have some moola left over for some mics, extra battery, accessories. 

That’s what I would do with $10k starting fresh. 

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Don’t waste it on a system. 

You’ll only be mad with yourself later on for choosing that system.

Buy a body with 1 native lens (that way when it is time to ditch and move on to another system it isn’t hard to let go...)

Invest in PL lenses and learn to manual focus. You won’t regret it!!! Trust me.

My current suggestions:

Either get two Panasonic S5s or two Fuji X-T4s. With a workhorse lens for both cameras.

Go for the Ironglass 3 lens set. 

Bonus: Get a Blackmagic 2.5K camera with mft mount from EBay.

Also, buy a bunch of LED lights. Six 900 LED would be pretty decent. 

You might want to get cages, matte box, external monitor, tripods, slider, gimbal.... anything I’m missing?

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I honestly would go Canon with EF glass. Still performs amazing on new EOS R5/R6/R with native adapter. Can use the ND adapter as a bonus. Can adapt the EF to BMPCC4K can use natively on a BMPCC6K, ZCAM, or Kinefinity MAVO. Can use the EF glass + speedbooster on C70 or future CXX camera’s...

That or go Sony as they are the only other company with competent AF, tons of lenses, and mirrorless and cinema cameras...you just are more locked into their E-mount.

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Yes, use EF glass for now, and buy 1-2 "cheap" primes RF to play natively.

Even the 18-135 nano is great for a workhorse all around C70 lens (I got one just to use with c100/C200 cameras I was renting), do not bother with the 24-105, I always had it with me, I rarely use it, it is not very convinient on a S35 video sensor.

Even a 16-50(55)mm will be very convinient with the few extra mm on the wide end, this is where the 18-135mm dissapoints and kept my NX system with the amazing 16-50mm 2-2.8f relevant until this day (of course that lens was almost double the price), but there are cheap (or very expensive!) Solutions to go ultra wide on a S35 C camera, even the dead cheap 11-22 EF-S or just an ultra wide prime.

The other EF lens I LOVE is the the 70-200 4f, small and light, definitely as good as the big and heavy White, but the 70-300 (nano? i think) is a best buy also and you have covered everything tele.

So, 1 expensive EF (can buy used) and a couple of EF-S and you are set. Then can have something in between with a cheap-ish prime RF for playing natively from time to time (35mm IS macro? The new cheap 50mm? You choose!).

After so many years, it is the first time I wholeheartedly suggest Canon! That is incredible!

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I went a7siii + a7rii for photos ( and B-cam if necessary), the only thing missing thing on the a7siii is internal NDs, but then I got two variable NDs that live on the lenses I use the most, so that not really an issue.

I also got a couple of NanLite PavoTube , the form factor is great and they can run on internal batteries.

I m very happy that the all my gear can fit in a backpack + 1 large tripod bag.


If you are going to do a lot of weddings, low light is going to be important , very often you won t be able to control the lighting.

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C70 is the best bet at the moment for your budget. Weddings and docs should prioritize usability over all else. You miss the shot, you're fired!

You just need to choose what's practical for a dynamic shooting environment. The c70 is unique in that price range for internal NDs, superior dynamic range, clean low light, great color, all leading to minimal post work, which also allows for fast turnaround. Of course the on-board audio features, AF, lightweight, etc. all contribute to what helps a solo shooter or skeleton crew. You certainly can make it work with other cameras, but they won't be easier. 

But for commercial work, generally speaking, camera systems are far less important than the production elements (location, lighting, crew, etc.). And you'll probably rent anyways, because if the producer or client wants a specific camera, it won't be the one in your price range.



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You honestly can't go wrong with any system. 

Panasonic's full frame line up which is now supporting 12 bit RAW out is really compelling. Full Frame 422 and 12 bit RAW at a $2k price point. 

Canon though pricey has a wide range of very reliable and ergonomic choices with some of the best color science and auto focus. 

RED has entered into the affordable market with the Komodo which gives you global shutter and 16 bit linear RAW. 

Sony is maybe a bit behind but the A7S3 is pretty compelling with high quality 4k up to 120fps in a small body all in full frame with no crop and 10 bit 422 also 12 bit prores RAW out. 

Z-cam is offering very ergonomic and affordable bodies ranging anywhere from M43 to Full frame with internal Prores, RAW, and Prores RAW out. Interchangeable mounts and easy to manage power solutions make it a very good option. 

Blackmagic though less ergonomic in general offers affordable cameras with one of the best internal codecs out there, BRAW. 12 bit compressed RAW that edits better then almost anything else. 

Can you really go wrong these days?

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15 hours ago, johnnnybravos said:

Thanks for all the input! Going to have to see if the fx6 lives up to the hype and if the eos c90 is real...

From what we understand you want a cinema camera, not a hybrid ... then I would put the Bmd g12 in the list ... you are in it on 10k body only

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And, from what I understand is that this guy wants to start in Wedding videos and move to doc and commercial work.

Blowing it all on just a body.... doesn’t make sense.

Equipment cost < Business Profit

Look at high end equipment later. Start getting customers first... start charging a rate that covers your hours put into it + equipment rental rate (estimate).

If you get enough customers then invest in equipment.

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1 hour ago, mkabi said:

And, from what I understand is that this guy wants to start in Wedding videos and move to doc and commercial work.

Indeed. Blowing 10k on just a body for weddings is overkill. By a massive amount.

10k for all bodies and lenses max, but it can easily be done for under 5k.

I’m in the process of new kit from scratch and total budget for video is under 5k and I shoot an average 25-30 of the things per annum with 25 already booked in for 2020.

Especially with the uncertainty in the world right now of the entire industry, blowing 10k on a body with I presume no bookings, is nuts.

Apologies OP if your scenario is anything different to that, but it’s how I read it.

On 11/3/2020 at 9:52 PM, mkabi said:

Either get two Panasonic S5s or two Fuji X-T4s. With a workhorse lens for both cameras.

More like it!

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