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Sony A7c

Marcio Kabke Pinheiro

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13 hours ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

Talking seriously - as in the A6xxx line, no front dial AGAIN, Sony?


9 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

Lack of front dial is a mistake. Especially at the rumored price.

That's what I don't understand with Sony (and sometimes Canon). Why on hell do they make choices like this? I mean, it's obviously an ergonomic disater design choice ! How could at least one guy involved in the decision about design approve this kind of thing?
Even Panasonic on their GX80/85 put a front dial, a rear dial without sacrificing the exposure comp dial (wich in modern cameras like this is a waste of space in my opinion, except for some Fuji or Leica wich have all the ergonomics of vintage cameras) with the very same form factor but at a much lower price and target audience !
That's insane to me !

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Sony should've gone with a wide prime kit lens with a plastic build to keep the cost down and used clear-zoom on the 24mp sensor for video zooming.

I really like the A6XXX series look, but they've could have had added a microSD slot for a backup card (how many times would you even have to remove it?).

The price does look steep for what seems like a new spin on a A7III. I'm guessing it will also get the postprocessing EIS tech from A7SIII.

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13 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

Seems like the most unnecessary camera release ever!

A7 III is just fine at affordable full frame prices.

And they want $2K for this ugly monstrosity?!

Wouldn't A7000 make more sense for the name as well.

Exactly my thoughts. I can't understand the appeal for this camera. 

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2400euros for this and that lens?! I am confused..

The a6xxx cameras are the worst cameras in terms of ergonomics that I have used in my whole life. How can anyone like something so wrong?

NX500 in 2016 was way better (full touch screen capabilities, double wheels , e.t.c)

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re: appeal

The Sony NEX 6 has the most perfect size-feature balance for small hands and spectacles of all digital cameras I've tried. A7 series is big and heavy, particularly so after the first iteration (the main reason I still use an A7s mark I as a primary photo camera), and EVF position is worse (for me) than on the NEX series. This camera on the other hand... color me interested. The position of the EVF alone is an insta-win.

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It does have appeal (for me at least). The evf in it and the s5 are a big point in its favor, but the fp is so versatile and small... The 10 bit ipb in the s5 is the perfect size/quality ratio, I’m hoping the a7c can match it. External when you want all i/raw is a great compromise and I don’t see Sony allowing ext raw on the 7c so that is a point for the fp and the panny 

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