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Sony A7S III

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I don't shoot outdoors that much, especially not in hot weather.. so I'll take the A7S3's indoor 1h30mn over the R5's 25-30mn 4K HQ.

if you're a wedding/outdoor shooter in warmer zones, it looks like neither would be a good solution over an S1H or active cooled cine cam.

It isn't clear if the non high frame rate 4K24p/30p on A7S3 overheats at all or not.

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You could literally post a frame from R5 or Arri Alexa, say it's a Sony A7siii frame and someone would say the color isnt that good and that something is wrong with the skin tones.

These recent camera releases have resulted in a significant amount of velocity  and trolling right across the web.  Every camera is good these days. Every single one. Nor is a single one of them

Some tests and a review from Brandon Li. Chris  

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4 minutes ago, Yurolov said:

ye but gerald undone says there are no overheating issues. So who am I to believe??

Well, if he's got repeated test evidence to prove it - him. As ever its 'show your working'. These guys (like the Florida guy) making broad, general statements should be ignored.

Looks like The Catmeister General will have a detailed review up shortly.

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4 minutes ago, wolf33d said:


The A7S blows the R5 in low light (expected) 
The R5 beating the A7S in rolling shutter? I did not expect that. 
That IBIS comparison though... Sony is years behind on that. 
And the R5 beating the Sony in overheating outside? Sounds almost weird..! 


Boy the ibis in the A7S is pretty bad. 

4k 120 fps quality seems better on the A7S but not by much I was expecting more but whiteout comparing the original files and sharpen both until they break apart is hard to judge.

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3 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:

So many inconsistency in the overheating both on the R5 and A7SIII.

At the end the only real test is to rent it and to test it in our own worst case scenario..... there is the same issue with the insta360 One R some reports overheats and create moisture inside and mine I never had any issue even filming even 40 min under the sun at 32c... 

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42 minutes ago, Yurolov said:

The real problem is that it doesn't even surpass products that have already been on the market for quite a while. 

The s1h surpasses it in many respects.

For example, a7siii might have the following flaws: crap ergonomics, crap ibis, crap color, no autofocus with external recording, heat management issues in hot weather and associated recording limits, crap weather sealing, less DR, less video shooting modes, less megapixels for photo mode, less detail in 4k, crap preamps (as with a7iii), less reliable, etc.

But its benefits are 4k60p and 120p and autofocus (which most pros don't rely on).  

Its just a bit meh. 

I am a pro and my Z6 autofocus was a life changing tool for me. Last year I was on course to buy a black magic pocket camera as a secondary camera. After using the Z6 for 6 month, I chose another z6 because of the autofocus. Appart from narrative film who uses  manual focus. I mean working on film sets, I think most people fantasies on that and don't know the reality of it. I mean every alexa has 3 person working on each. The DP or second cameraman, both having their first assistant who does focus pulling, both of them having wired follow focus and external screen and a second assistant for everything else.  I mean which production apart from feature films does that. Because the professional world is not only narratives, in fact it is less than 1% of professional video work. Pro work is also news, sport, weddings, events, reportage and documentaries. The last 2 were perhaps a bit more manual focus, but believe me with the knid of autofocus we are getting now, everyone wants to shoot with autofocus.

My Z6 with its very underrated video autofocus can do so much things and for the rest it is just assumptions. It seems from the video that at least it is better for ibis etc... For me if the future Z6s has internal  10 bit log and 60p 4k and even time limited 120 fps, I would be in heaven. So I hope Nikon is forced to do that with Canon and Sony coming out with it.


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From all the videos published so far it seems pretty obvious that overall the A7SIII will perform better with overheating but can still overheat especially in 4K120P. I do not think it will be an issue for most in real world. 

The R5 is where the big question stands, will it be usable for most (we already know it won't work for productions or people needing long recording).

If the R5 proves to be usable (I ordered day 1 and will report my tests) that's the keeper for me. I am 60% photo 40% video at the moment so those 45mpx are important. Also the IBIS is world appart.

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3 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Nobody, or almost nobody, will be buying an a7Smk3 primarily for photography as their main camera. 

The few primary photographers who'd be buying an a7Smk3 would be people like these examples:

1) professional photographers who are picking this up as their back up 2nd (or even 3rd/4th) a7 series body (thus 12 megapixels is plenty in your back up body), and are dabbling in video too. (for which this would be perfect!)

2) real estate phographers (or anybody else, who is dealing in a very high volume of low margin photos, thus lower megapixels is not a negative, and might even be a positive), and who at lest dabble in videography as well. 

I was responding to someone who said pixel shift could make it the perfect hybrid camera because it would deal with the low rez photos and I said it would never be the case. This is primarily a video camera with some photo capabilities.

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16 minutes ago, Nezza said:

He did one test at one frame rate. He didn't share the details.

He's got a therm gun a timer and clearly shows the A7S3 shutting down after 23mn, while the R5 is still going a bit longer and the S1H running much cooler than both as expected.

Again, he also specifies that indoors with AC, the A7S3 runs much longer than R5 (1H30 vs 25mn). So clearly depending on temp conditions, overheating results may vary. Further tests by other sources are welcome I agree but overheating on A7S3 remains an evident reality.

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