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  1. When the GH4 launched in 2014, Panasonic "obviously" had faith in their autofocus system. Yet when it came to video, the CDAF looked pretty bad compared to the PDAF on the 70D, NX1, and a6000. The GH4 was a fantastic camera, but it was clear back then that Panasonic needed to include PDAF if they wanted to achieve good video autofocus. So in 2017 when the GH5 was realeased, a lot of people were disappointed that PDAF was again missing from the specs. Panasonic "obviously" had faith in their autofocus system, but real world usage found the GH5's "Advanced CDAF" was still not as good as the PDAF in some 3 year old cameras, much less some of the latest models from other manufacturers. Now in 2018 with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji all producing cams with really good video autofocus using PDAF, I think it's easy to see why critics are disappointed that PDAF will again be missing from Panasonic's next generation of cameras come 2019.
  2. Panasonic's decision to stick with contrast detect AF is disappointing IMO, especially when you consider how good the video autofocus is on the Nikon Z7, the latest Fuji and Sony Cams, and of course Canon's Dual Pixel AF.
  3. A/C is standard equipment on almost every model car sold in the US. Like a radio, it's included on the base model of even cheap cars, because it's 2018. Maybe not the best analogy. You can get a Ford Focus with All-Wheel-Drive and a trailer hitch. There are of course some capabilities that you physically could not get in a smaller car or in a smaller camera. But there's nothing that prevents Ford from putting AWD on a Focus, and nothing that physically prevents Canon from having 4K video w/ Dual Pixel AF on the M50.
  4. YouTube removes Logan Paul as a preferred ad partner and cancels his YouTube Red projects https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/10/16876178/youtube-logan-paul-ban-ad-partner-red-monetization-canceled-controversy-google
  5. I'm looking forward to testing the new firmware. Do I have to wait 2 more weeks to get my hands on it?
  6. I love almost everything about the GH5 except the wonky video autofocus. I'm interested to see how they tweaked it, but since you can't add PDAF through firmware, I'm not expecting any major improvements.
  7. This is great. Thanks for sharing. Again, I love what you put together. Do you mind me asking what Lut you used on the NX1 footage? I'v seen the discussions on using different luts with the NX1, but I haven't had the opportunity to use any myself.
  8. This looks fantastic. I would love to know more about how you setup your NX1, A7S and Phantom 4 to try and match them up.
  9. This discussion reminds me of an article from a couple years ago titled: Camera Wars: Why Autofocus is the New Megapixel.
  10. I literally said your test were a 'little different', since you used a different lens, then you quote me as saying 'very different'. You then ask how I can possibly ignore your test result, after I said your autofocus test were helpful. Do you always try so hard to create conflict or just having a bad day? Nobody is ignoring you. You are important too.
  11. Your autofocus test were helpful, but they were a little different from Max's weren't they? He was using the 12-35 2.8, and he did a significant amount of indoor testing with his assistant walking toward and away from the camera. I could have missed it if you did the same test, this thread is 86 pages long already.
  12. Even after dialing in settings that he said worked "quite well", the camera still loses focus almost 10 times in less than a minute and a half (12:17-13:30). And this was while conveniently using an external recorder not recording internally, after Max found that the GH5 autofocus worked much better when not recording internally. Joseph now says in the comments he didn't realize this and that he wasn't trying to deceive viewers. So he bashes reviewers like Max for supposedly not taking the time to understand the camera, at the same time that he supposedly doesn't know as much as Max about the camera.
  13. That CDAF is distracting. Put Canon's Dual Pixel or Sony's a6500 quality PDAF in there and the GH5 would check all my boxes.
  14. Nodnarb

    GH5 Prototype

    I know a lot of people use manual focus, but after using Canon Dual Pixel AF and PDAF on the a6500 and NX1, I was really hoping the GH5 would add PDAF and up their game with smooth video autofocus.
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