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(Rumor) Panasonic New Camera S1V

Danilo Del Tufo

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According to L-Rumors' website it will be a new camera from Panasonic this year, a new cinema camera called "S1V".
The camera will have the same form factor of S1H, but finally enhanced DFD autofocus, and other interesting features.
I dunno if it could happen, but I think it's possible, this is the link of the rumor:

What do you think about it, guys? Have you heard something about it too?

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Dear Emanuel, all Italians are at home, me too. Hope we'll have some good news about it soon, I hope you're at home too, safe. I'm ok for now, I'm trying to be informed about new cameras despite COVID-19, but I know everyone having hard times in the world. In Naples there are no so many cases, instead North Italy has a more dangerous situation...

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11 minutes ago, scotchtape said:

Based on their track record I give this a 5% chance of being anywhere close to Sony/Canon.


Panasonic could have learned the lesson, the only thing that disappoints everyone is the autofocus, so I suppose they will try to address this feature. Probably they will try first to enhance the S1H's autofocus, I hope. If they don't provide a good autofocus I won't buy it.

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2 hours ago, androidlad said:

Can confirm, and I may get in trouble for saying this but it will be officially announced on April 1st.

The GH6(?), and it, hopefully, offers more bang for the buck than the XT4.

Panasonic should have a superb announcement video. The world of low morale indie filmmakers could do with a new M43 monster.

If they announce another S Series camera ... 🤬 

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