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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

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Hey guys I got my bmpcc6k last wk and finally got to take it out this wknd to do some test shots. Here are some screen grabs. I shot in Braw 6k & 2.8k mixing 23.98, 50 and 120 fps. Lens was canon

I do not want to participate but a specific someone is playing us like a fiddle for 15 pages now. Drags people into the nonsense abyss and single handedly destroyed the P6K thread for everyone that is

The Blackmagic RAW highlight and shadow rolloff sliders affect the roll off of the "S" contrast curve you create with the custom gamma controls. If you add no contrast, they will do nothing as there's

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Looks like the Tilta Cage is supported with the 6K by removing the Tilta logo. All new Tilta cages will be equip with the new logo. For existing owners, free (not including shipping) logo replacements that fit on the 6K are available.


If it was me I wouldn't bother and would just use it without the logo.

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Any other company besides Tilta and I would say they are trying to make some marketing noise to take advantage of the momentum of the Pocket 6K with a "compatibility announcement" about their logo. But it's Tilta and they have provided fantastic products at a good value so I'll take it with a grain of salt and say thanks you updating your logo for compatibility with Pocket 6K. ; )  I purchased a Title cage for my BMCC and it was so well build that I have complete trust in their product when I see the Tilta logo, so Tilta logo compatibility is a good thing come to think of it.

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do you really need to see the logo ? is your short term memory that bad that your likely to forget which brand of cage you bought ?

maybe the actors and actresses in front of the camera, need to know your a proper professional with all the right gear i guess

makes me think of my boss who can afford $200000 or more to buy a black amg Mercedes.

then personalize it with an additional $3000 plates that read (black amg) sheer genius some would say, but me well i kinda miss the point.

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Tom Antos rocks, his bias is filmmaking, that honors us his viewers : ) He always tend to focus on the pros rather than cons which makes his comments pretty useful comparing to others : -)

And he didn't mention yet the Ian's 'toy' (LiDAR), go figure when it will happen! ; -)

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