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Sony A7R IV / A7S III / A9 II to feature 8K video, as new 60MP and 36MP full frame sensor specs leak

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18 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

Isn't the A7III 6K right now, down sampling to 4K?? Same with the A6500??

Yeah it is but output at 6K is an issue with heat and data. We can't get 4K 30fps full sensor readout on a A7 series Sony.  If they can't get this right then 8K will have the same flaws as their 4K does.

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I don't want or need 8k.  

The A7S-III is already here. It has; Sony BSI Exmor full frame sensor (highly likely) 10bit color sampling, internal and HDMI. 4:2:2 150mbp/s 4k internal. 6k full pixel readout (6k

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18 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

It's 61MP with 15 stop dynamic range, but they just announced it's 4k, not 8k. 


Yeah... there is a possible a7000 announcement coming???

Otherwise... I support Mako in his comment here:

5 hours ago, Mako Sports said:

Yeah everyone is saying A7r4, Sony the king of releasing products nobody is asking for. I.e. A6400, RX0 mk2, FS5mkii, RX100mk6 ?


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3 minutes ago, Emanuel said:



Real-time Eye-AF in 6K video!

From September 2019 on for $3500... not bad at all!


Source: https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2019/07/16/live-from-new-york-sony-product-announcement-special-event

absolutely not 6k. They specifically said it is 4K from 6K oversampling which the image shows. 

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