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Nikon Z6 features 4K N-LOG, 10bit HDMI output and 120fps 1080p

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Hi all, Very long time lurker, first time poster.  I’ve got my z6 in hands since the beginning of the week, and thought I could share some first impressions. Bought it in kit with 24-70s + ftz +

I'm sure you guys can grade better, but I loved the footage https://vimeo.com/290295765  

Being too close to the colour standards on a chart is what got Sony into colour problems in the first place. It was a 100% science based approach when actually colour is also an art.

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10 minutes ago, OliKMIA said:

As well as 4K, HD video capture is also an option, at up to 120fps.

Guess it is a good alternative for slow motions nerds, no 4K 60fps but has 120fps HD



11 minutes ago, OliKMIA said:

the Z 6 could prove to be the better of the two cameras in terms of video quality

Good news for us, the cheaper one is better at video!


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8 minutes ago, OliKMIA said:


"Full-width 4K video is possible at up to 30p, and in the DX crop mode (roughly equivalent to Super 35mm in filmmaking terms) full-pixel readout should offer optimal 4K quality. The 'FX' mode footage is produced by line-skipping, so will have a resolution and noise cost.

Unlike the D850, the Z 7 can offer focus peaking in 4K mode; we're hopeful that this can be used at the same time as highlight warnings, but we were unable to test this on our pre-production loaner. As well as 4K, HD video capture is also an option, at up to 120fps.

In video mode, the Z 7's in-body VR system is augmented by electronic VR, to help further smooth out vibration in hand-held footage.

Perhaps the biggest news for committed videographers is the camera's 10-bit 4:2:2 'N-Log' output over HDMI. This higher bit depth greatly increases the processing flexibility of Log footage and is a feature matched only by Panasonic's GH5 models. This and the addition of timecode suggests Nikon is taking video pretty seriously."


"The lower resolution sensor allows the Z 6 to capture oversampled 4K video, something that the Z 7 can only do in Super 35/DX-crop mode. If you can survive on 24 Megapixels for stills, the Z 6 could prove to be the better of the two cameras in terms of video quality."

I don't know, but there appear to be a lot of hiccups with these, most of which people are still discovering.

From Newsshooter.com:

"The cameras can shoot Full frame without cropping the sensor at 4K UHD up to 30 fps and Full HD up to 120 fps. A new N-Log colour profile is available for capturing high dynamic range for flexibility in post.

Nice to see they have provided full 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output compared to Sony with only 4:2:2 8-bit so it is broadcast friendly.

5-axis image stabilisation will aid in handheld shooting and Nikon has designed the Z-mount lenses with video in mind with minimal focus breathing and quiet AF performance.

Both cameras only feature a single XQD card slot & 3.5mm microphone input."


The stabilization may not be very satisfactory, and the electronic stabilization seems suspicious. I saw it in some other DSLR before (Nikon), and had a strange jerky effect. 

Limited record time.

A single card.

Does anybody know why the bodies are made of?

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Let see

z6- $1999 - fully weather sealed, no crop 4k30p, 10bit hdmi out, 3.68 million dot evf, 2.1 million dot LCD intuitive touchscreen (no touchpad), Nikon colour scene, shorter battery life, expensive XQD card and only 1 slot, only 273 af point.

A7III $1999 - partial sealed (non for bottom), only 8bit hdmi out, 1.2x crop in 4K30p, old 2.36million dot EVF, really medicore 921k dot LCD with ancient touchscreen tech. (cant use for anything else except AF point), but got touchpad funciton. No Video AF with most adapted lens, longer battery life, dual SD slot, 693 af point which cover most of the screen.

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53 minutes ago, Django said:

magnesium alloy body same material used in D850 / D5. Same level of strength and durability, as well as dust- and drip- resistance, as the Nikon D850.


Thanks. I finally saw this too. They've thrown out a lot of mirror and body parts, and that's helped apparently helped with the weight. 


48 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

And is the HDMI port full size?

Not full sized:

"HDMI: Type C HDMI connector"


"Movie Maximum Recording Time

29 minutes 59 seconds"

For the Z7, from Nikon's site. 



I don't know why, but I still find a lot of hidden restrictions, that are yet to be unearthed. 

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28 minutes ago, JurijTurnsek said:

I am not seeing the same water-resistance as D850 in the press release? Drip resistance could be used to describe the a7 series as well.


scroll down to body & sealing tabs.

same brake mechanism & shutter blade as D850 too.

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2 hours ago, jonpais said:

And lenses designed to reduce breathing. Now Sony’s gonna have to come out with a whole new lineup to compete with Nikon’s S line. ?

Yes I would like to see more lenses like the Sony 18 - 110 F4 and 28 - 135 F4, Lenses made with video in mine 1st but also more budget friendly. 

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Found this mentioned in Nikon's Press release...

"The N-Log setting utilizes extensive color depth and twelve-stop, 1,300% dynamic range to record a wealth of tone information from highlights and shadows for more effective color grading."

So, I guess that is supposed to be about the same dynamic range as the BMPCC 4K when it comes out. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the Nikon 850's video dynamic range is with their regular Nikon "Flat" profile?


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28 minutes ago, Mako Sports said:

Nikon N log example.. 


Dear Christ, that's bad. Who the hell did they get to grade that? And then someone from Nikon has to approve it and put it online... wow.



Might get one next year if I turn out to do some more higher end commercial stuff. Already have a bunch of Nikon mount lenses, just, I used to adapt them to MFT or the D5300. That 14-200 range f/2.8 covered with 3 lenses is rather exciting. Lens prices seems to have been kept in check as well. Would still keep my M43 system because they're ninjas at video and have the ability to keep things real compact...

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6 hours ago, MdB said:

I really fail to see where the drastically improved ergonomics are in these cameras. Someone care to actually point them out rather than just repeat the mantra 'and much better ergonomics' as an assumed throw away comment?

There aren't any compared to Nikon's other higher end cameras such as the identically priced D850 that the Z7 is offering the alternative to.

As @jonpais mentioned, I have posted about this in the other thread about the camera and as much as the specs are - as anticipated - very compelling the fact remains that Nikon have made some odd choices here.

Those choices have got absolutely zero to do with the reduced body size either as the multi selector dial on a D850 is exactly the same size as the PASM dial on a D3400 and ditto the buttons as well where they've chosen to give priority to an FPS button for example over having the image lock button. 

These are choices they've made rather than had forced upon them.

Now, either Nikon have decided all of a sudden the ergonomics they have in their high end cameras aren't as good (clue - they are far, far better) or that a different set of ergonomics are needed for mirrorless (clue - they aren't its still just a camera without a mirror).

Or, of course, it is neither of those things and they are playing the segmentation game with a camera but with a camera that costs exactly the same price as its mirrored equivalent.

I can kind of almost maybe see past it with the lower priced one but we need a reality check here about the Z7.

Its £3500.

That is £600 more than the Sony A7Riii.

If you walk into a shop and pick these two cameras up, which one is going to be more appealing? the 3rd generation of an established product with the now very comprehensive range of native lenses or the far more expensive first generation of a new product with a native lens lineup of one slow zoom and two slowish primes? 

The opportunity to differentiate is with the ergonomics and they've not delivered.

People get very het up about who makes the sensors in cameras and I'm not really that bothered myself so I don't care if its a Sony on the inside but I do care if its a Sony on the outside.

I understand that people will say you can't judge these things until you pick the new camera up and try it but I'd also suggest that they go an pick up the old camera at the same time.

As I was at pains to point out in the original post, I'm not being some boring old fart pouring water on the excitement over this camera because it isn't a mirrorless D5 but for everyone who is lauding it as a mirrorless D850 then I think its fair comment to highlight that you will be getting more spec but, in my opinion, less camera.


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3 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

As I was at pains to point out in the original post, I'm not being some boring old fart pouring water on the excitement over this camera because it isn't a mirrorless D5 but for everyone who is lauding it as a mirrorless D850 then I think its fair comment to highlight that you will be getting more spec but, in my opinion, less camera.

I completely agree. Basically Nikon have released a 'me-too' product of a replica of what is eating their lunch. Not such a bad choice really, in that it will stem the tide of defectors. I just get somewhat annoyed about the implication that because it is Nikon it is therefore automatically much improved in areas such as ergonomics. Both Canon and Nikon have now essentially copied the Sony design and yet Sony is still panned as being 'universally known to be terrible'... If they are so terrible, why are the big two outright copying them? 

Wait so the much touted Noct 58mm f/0.95 is manual focus only???!

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