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  1. Here are a few links to past inquiries made on the same topic. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/25923-anamorphic-lens-repair-services/?tab=comments#comment-209624 https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/926-the-anamorphic-lens-repair-thread/?tab=comments#comment-15560
  2. Seems like a lot of intelligent and very talented people collected into one space for their job, so why the continual carry over of bugs for years. Trying to listen to problems is one thing, but a lack of meaningful responses or fixes is a different issue entirely . Although it is nice to see these guys having a great time and friendship, get it done already. Results instead of promo pieces please. Perhaps the new facility office in Santa Monica combined with the newly designed work-spaces which they featured, will help them fix any issues and deliver better products, user experiences and also help them to plan the company’s future directions. In the San Francisco office, why are they talking about their branding identity… who cares about their branding or their perception outside of their own bubble. They need to actually do more than branding these days. The landscape changed a while back and it’s a bit more of a “what have you done for me lately” now and as a company, what are you going to be doing in the future to better integrate with any new technology and ways of working. I did learn they have access to good coffee at their offices, well of course they do it’s San Francisco. I did however like the ending with Adobe, oh I mean the plane flying off into the clouds somewhere. That was possibly a good foreshadowing edit.
  3. It is common to get a numbers, finance/investment banker(in this case) type of person, sometimes as just a semi-temporary role, at least for a transitional change of a company’s direction. Some people make a career out of it and just bounce around and do this to serve a given purpose or roll. I have seen it first hand. From my experience it doesn’t always end well for clients and customers and can cost a lot for a company with very little in return initially or never, but that is sometimes already built in to be that way, especially with some buyouts, mergers, restructuring, or when setting out to have a different appearance for implementing new revenue streams/growth/investment plans. As for how this person got there, as CEO. I would imagine she is a very bright and likeable person, but sometimes it can be favorable and sometimes not. She has proven herself as an investment banker and that’s what Vimeo wanted for their plans. I have meet with technical engineers and occasionally afterwards, I’m also surprised when I also ask myself the same, “How did this person end up here, because they can barely change a light bulb.” I just had this similar discussion with someone recently, and concluded that sometimes you just want to deal with someone who can get the job done properly, and don't really care if they are a nice or good person necessarily. Interestingly enough she acts like a runner up who just won a participation or conciliatory award role, when she mentions her other investment banker friends who got better opportunities right out of university. Maybe she will keep the seat warm, as things unfold as these are just business decisions made all the time, which can be (but are often not), to the benefit of the customer. This is really the norm now, as I also see this when dealing with various random people from many different industries. After meeting with some management decision makers, I do sometimes wonder how anything ever gets done in some organizations. Don’t forget, doing things just half-ass is still a real achievement for some it seems. Then there are always the few probably doing the equivalent of 3-4 peoples jobs just holding things together, while management tries to come up with new “target strategies” or is busy working on “appearance projects” ideas to re-invent the wheel, to justify their own job. How progressive and brave. One of my friends was hired a few years ago to setup a new software system and to train others at a company to transition… 4 years on now, and the company still hasn’t managed to implement it even though it was created. What an inefficient waste of time and resources, but it served its purpose to appear they were “managing” and doing something at the time.
  4. I had already posted this same info in the main Pocket 4K thread as I forgot that there was a separate thread created for discussion of media/power options for the Pocket 4K here. ..... There is currently a small discount on offer from B&H (until Nov 3rd) and Amazon for the Samsung T5 in 500GB and 1TB sized versions. If anyone is interested in possibly using them with the Pocket4K here are some links. Samsung T5 SSD 500GB - $107.99 (w/ discount) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1346577-REG/samsung_mu_pa500b_am_t5_500gb_portable_ssd.html https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PA500B/dp/B073GZBT36?th=1 Samsung T5 SSD 1TB - $227.99 (w/ discount) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1346575-REG/samsung_mu_pa1t0b_am_t5_1tb_portable_ssd.html https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PATB/dp/B073H552FJ?th=1
  5. Not sure if it has been posted previously, but there is currently a small discount on offer from B&H (until Nov 3rd) and Amazon for the Samsung T5 in 500GB and 1TB sized versions. If anyone is interested in possibly using them with the Pocket4K here are some links. Samsung T5 SSD 500GB - $107.99 (w/ discount) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1346577-REG/samsung_mu_pa500b_am_t5_500gb_portable_ssd.html https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PA500B/dp/B073GZBT36?th=1 Samsung T5 SSD 1TB - $227.99 (w/ discount) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1346575-REG/samsung_mu_pa1t0b_am_t5_1tb_portable_ssd.html https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PATB/dp/B073H552FJ?th=1
  6. @Liam It seems that you are starting to somewhat answer your own questions in a few of your responses here, which is always a good thing. Never give up, but become very comfortable with adapting while trying to maintain your “ideal” standards. Don’t get any goals or standards mixed up with the idea of not being adaptable yourself. True adaptability fortunately does not always mean full compromise, even though it often can present itself that way, especially in the constant self-promotion social media world. I often discover incredibly interesting work online and I’m amazed how some very talented people have a very low profile, as their work should be more widely known. Of course, I see the opposite as well, but then again sometimes it is not really about the work in relation to popular social media information, as their personable or charismatic persona and the ability to share random things at times, is more of a draw or focus. Even if you are not interested, some more business and marketing type of approaches should be explored, to at least see how things work and emerge when using different platforms if you decide to use those in the future. It may not be the fun part for you, but it is important. What do you really want? In your area of focus, who do you respect and why? Do you have access to a group/club, of like-minded people (writers, filmmakers, editors, illustrators, animators, etc.) in your town or region? Perhaps get involved in some different things that can help you grow, create with others, pull together knowledge and resources or approaches from many places. Maybe you could meet someone you could collaborate with, that likes to be in front of a camera, while you on the other hand could contribute mainly to the content shown to try out some different things you have in mind. It could be an occasional or just a one-off thing. As you have referenced one person previously (Adrian Tomine), maybe you can also consider some elements from the approaches of others even outside of your area of focus as well. Don't romanticize things or any "one" approach or method to much, or that could influence you to maybe not be open enough in the future to any changes that may really be needed to adapt. I’m not going to tell a lie here, so yes it can at times take some luck to achieve further progress when stuck, but all the hard work (often unrewarded) that has been done initially, has to be explored continually to prepare for any such future possibilities, whether they may involve luck or not. Prepare for no luck, but be very appreciative when you experience it. Since most everyone has a little luck at some point, if somewhat prepared, one can then get more out of it. Any achievements attained large or small, can be really life changing and the positive consequences imparted may last many years or sometimes just only for a short while. It is not easy at times, as things change and evolve all the time. I still like to think hard work, research, and creativity will always help one adapt and evolve. It is a lot to navigate, but try to keep your standards and stay hungry, and even sometimes warrior like. When great success happens, use that to move further forward, but keep the idea in the back of the mind of not getting to comfortable as things can change over time. Follow the guideposts along the way, which you may uniquely notice, since you may already immerse yourself in that area of interest, follow a similar standard or perspective established by those before you that have gained some respect in your area of focus. Again, adaptability does not have to be a compromise, so use your creativity, learn and grow further to even higher standards perhaps not thought of. You cannot win if you do not play, so it is important to finish things also. Start and finish many projects, even if you don't like the final product, just start something else and keep doing it till finished, as it will decidedly evolve and maybe a clearer direction would emerge for you to pursue with promoting your work. Whether your work develops into a more niche area or becomes broader in scope, it could then help to more clearly determine better, the “what, where and how” to then focus on and possibly gain some more traction. Not sure if it is ever an issue for you, but don't forget to not take yourself to seriously at times either, and don't forget to give yourself some credit when warranted or if a goal (big or small) is achieved. All progress counts.
  7. It appears more like HDR video that was derived from N LOG than just Nikon FLAT, at least in relation to the screen capture of the lake shown above.
  8. You may get a better response rate to your question, if you ask this same question in the main Anamorphic section instead of this “Diopter Thread”. As for single focus solutions there are a few these days to choose from. Of course just make sure they are the proper size for your anamorphic front. Here is one version to check into as a possible option to explore: Rapido Front Variable Diopter 16A (FVD-16A) , $550 http://www.rapidotechnology.com/products-services/front-variable-diopter-fvd More Info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIY_RCKq_Rs Anamorphic Comparison w/ the Rapido FVD-16A vs Rectilux Hardcore DNA | with Kowa 16D & 16H Anamorphics https://vimeo.com/277831080 As for the main “taking” lens to use that attaches to the camera, you can use the search option in the forum to find various discussions on that which would probably cover your needs. Here is also a link you may find helpful, as your particular anamorphic the Isco Ultra Star Plus which is mentioned there as well. https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/20783-building-an-anamorphic-lens-kit/
  9. Unfortunately, many were neutered long ago… and partially that is what marketing through social media platforms is about. Periodically when catching up on what is new with various changing tech categories or if looking to replace some gear, there are at times just to many reviews to wade through to get at what is useful. Some (very few) reviewers do provide good information and others mainly just nice production value with little substance. It seems even more difficult for the “camera press” to grow a pair, when many have never had to in the first place. When there is no real standard, it’s a bit of a race to the bottom. I don’t mind also waiting for any real quality type of reviews, where people have actually used and tested a product to some decent extent as well. I don’t have time to watch several little tidbit reviews by someone who barely knows how to turn on the device either. Sometimes when a device is so new, the reviewer will often give wrong specs or information, then others parrot the same misinformation for months. Almost 40% of the reviews I have seen lately have this problem to some extent. It doesn't really even matter the price point category either. Sometimes reviewers discredit seemly lacking features or design issues and say the obligatory, Hey “insert manufacturer name here”, I hope your listening to me as you should have done this or that”, when all the while it already does what they are wanting, but they just literally do not know how to use the functions or customization's properly. They just opened the box I guess, and it shows. That of course is not all reviewers but I see it more often now. Another 25% just skim over or not even mention some important details, which may shed a negative light upon a product. Sometimes they even just try to sell the shortfall. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if I heard something like this in the future…. “I know this camera has a massive crop factor, but while most people would find this worrisome, I think it is absolutely fantastic for the 5% of those who plan to use this “feature” for the image capturing of soaring birds, distant nature or even moonscapes!” There are a few sites that put all of their advertising partners logos at the front of their videos, and as working industry professionals, they generally provide accurate information often accompanied with samples. If a reviewer is hired solely for their marketing services, I do understand their need to accentuate the positive attributes since they are contracted essentially as a wing of the larger marketing campaign. Maybe they should all put a big logo at the beginning of any review that is sponsored though. I don’t mind that, but I could just go directly to a company’s main webpage to watch and read their advertising materials there as well, especially if is only about general features without any real world examples given. Thorough and reliable sources work best, and if it takes more time that’s ok. It’s better than half-baked information hurried together just to beat the next reviewer that has similar access, but unfortunately the same approach is reflected in the evening news and with online information everywhere. It is all an opportunity to sell sell sell. Companies really have it made and for cheap these days in relation to advertising and access. It’s bonkers. So yes, it seems some would need to just grow a pair as they were maybe told they didn't need them in the first place, while some others are currently being squeezed, but once neutered it’s kind of hard to grow them back.
  10. If one has purchased an expensive “native” prime lens for any system or in this case one of the new to be released Canon RF ones, but cannot really use it as the focal length it was intended and purchased for due to excessive crop in 4K, then what’s the point really. It’s not just only about any new initial lens price structures, but if your unable to use the focal length as it’s printed on the “tin”, then the lens is not as useful. Most people who invest such sums in native lenses, like to be able to get better use and experiences since it should be able to be used normally with a cameras various modes and function categories. Besides costs, “usability” also means value to some as well. I would imagine of course the new Canon RF mount lenses being supported by future cameras, that would allow more usability for these new lenses in a future fully capable 4K model they release. In that case, I guess it may make a little more “future” sense to some. A possibly excellent 1080 FHD image from the Canon EOS R (full-frame) can be obtained, and is fine for many if that is desired, but it almost makes the 4K option just a spare feature with the limitations provided. Of course, this is not the only time large crop factors have been introduced and it seems some brands just still can’t get past that. Among various camera brands, there are always workarounds when using third party lenses, adapters and such, but with native lenses, it doesn’t even matter in this case because the 4K crop issue cannot be circumvented, since it is the only built in version/option you would get in 4K. So, it would be a real limitation for some.
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