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The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

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Man, I suffer in silence when I read some stuff here (I guess I'm masochist to keep reading it). But this one is too much for me... On what ground do you think it should cost 2,500$ ? Please tell me.

The DSLR filmmaker community is funny. It's like "Gimme 8bit proxy, 10bit, RAW, Canon colour science, Log, 4K, IBIS, DPAF and HFR in one package, in A7S form factor, max 2500 bux. I need a silver bull

Hi Guys, Here are some screens from a short I recently wrote/directed. Originally planned to use the Varicam LT but availability was scarce at the time of our shooting days. All in all using the

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This may actually take away a lot of clients from the Black Magic cameras. The price point and RAW make it a formidable camera for low budget indies. Until the All-I codec is released it may have lesser use elsewhere.

I am guessing, this will also actually eat into the C300 's Market. 

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The sleeping giant apparently woke up...And yes, it's pricey but a bargain for any documentary and idie filmer. No more fiddling around plasticky looking footage, ideal for editing quick shots without artistic ambitions, NDs, top Canon support, C-Log and more PP options, etc. 8.000-9.000 Euro in Europe? So what? Before buying 4-5 "plastic toys" and a bunch of accessories, this one is a portable solution in professional quality (IQ, built quality, service, etc.) and - at the end of the day - by far more affordable than a bag full of toys, costing all together more than a "real" camera...And a "bomb" for journalistic shooters...

Good news for filmmakers!

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Yeah I would not have guessed this. Canon actually made a decent affordable camera. I already went with the ursa mini pro. Which still has an edge over this camera in lot of ways. But I can see this camera will sell like hotcakes, as this camera can be used in a lot of situations(low light). So for wedding and event shooters this camera is a dream come true. 

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When the C100 was introduced some 4 years ago it was 52 000 swedish to buy the body only. Today I see them go for as low as 12 000 on the used market.
So.. in 2021 a C200 for roughly $2-2500... or maybe even lower with the way the market is going and how saturated it gets.

Another effect might be a massive drop in the used prices of rivals like the Ursa, FS5, FS7, LS300, etc. 

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