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Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?

Andrew Reid

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The Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 have been warned. Fujifilm has arrived! No really. This time they mean it. The X-T2 shoots the best 4K I have yet seen for $1500, with a great lens range, pleasing colour science, less rolling shutter and a different approach to ergonomics to Sony.

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Venice looks amazing, I'll be there next year. Astia fits Venice well. Lots of CA with that Canon lens in the sun since there's no internal corrections happening.

1 hour ago, AaronChicago said:

Nice. Did you use the Fuji color profiles like Provia, Astia, Velva? I absolutely love Fuji as a stills camera. If the same color can be replicated in video with their film emulations I'd be all about it.

Have you seen this one? He cycles through all the film's.

Here's one with a seascape, cycling through the film emulations as well.


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Sony's next gen cameras should start arriving in 2017, so they probably won't need to be warned for long. Plus, there is the GH5 coming. Samsung don't need to be warned because they don't sell cameras any more.

Oh, and why can't someone make a speedbooster specifically for crop mode video on the Canon 5D4? Presumably a lot of them will be sold and there could be some demand for something like that.

The 1DX2 is not really an option for most people due to it's size I think. It is kind of clunky.

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Adapter compatibility should increase as there is demand. With such a strong lens line up and mostly aimed at photographers I think that it wasn't worth for adapter manufacturers to make them but as video makes more use of adapted lenses, as people start to use the X-T2 for video, more adapters should come to the X-mount. So it's a matter of time.

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I spent a long time a couple months back looking up some of the regular EOS HD posters on Vimeo and I watched a ton of your videos, Andrew... and I must say that this may be your best. Great music choice, great color, great mood. It felt like a Hollywood montage from a thoughtful 70s film. 

26 minutes ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

Indeed. There's already tons of manual adapters, and the video market should drive demand for powered adapters soon enough. My main question is if the same excellent video quality will trickle down to the new X-T20/X-E3 models.

I'm curious of the same thing. I doubt the 4K will trickle down until a later generation, but the 1080p should... especially if Fuji continues with the same 24mp X-Trans sensor. I am actually a little curious about the upcoming X-A3 and its 24mp Bayer sensor. 

If and when the X-T2 goes below a grand, I may have to pick one up. I just bought the X30 for a glove box jpeg cam and I tested out the video. Although not great, in close ups with Classic Chrome or Neg Std, it's not horribly bad and the colors are just... Wow.

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very nice video. partly why i love coming onto this site. 

i keep telling myself to hold off until XT2 drops below 1k, but these videos make me want to jump in right now! lol.

one thing did caught my attention tho. Andrew posted this in the Canon thread but i haven't see any mention of it in the main XT2 article:


Not necessarily. It may be a Nikon design and Sony's factory just built it.

The one in the X-T2 might be a Sony design, Sony built. Sensor looks very similar to the one in the A6300 to me.

Who knows... All I can say is that the X-T2's colour isn't as nice as I expected it to be, with rather waxy skintones compared to Canon and Panasonic.

It seems the few people who are getting crazy high saturation and crushed blacks on the comparison shot really need to dial down their displays, calibrate them to S-RGB or just plain upgrade.

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A big "bravo" to Andrew, being the one and only, still mentioning the NX system cameras.

Despite popular belief,

1) the cameras haven't self destruct, yet.

2) There are still new ones (that means, with new warranties that last from 1-2 years since purchase),

3) Samsung still services cameras (at least in Europe that I have positive experiences),

4) are still top overal hybrid cameras, for the reasons Andrew mentions plus 28mgpxls, 15fps, hack/mode scene achieving great things, battery life (anyone using 5-8 batteries for a7 cameras, will appreciate using half on NX, for the same amount of work), you have to grab one to realize the unbelievablr handling, and use one to appreciate the very clean and clear menu system and exceptional ergonomics.

Thank you Andrew for your unbiased opinions. To be fair and honest is becoming more and more rare in the new era of nationalism/financial instability/isolationism/alienationism/e.t.c

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