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  1. I've been using Cyberlink powder director and editing the sooc video footage with no conversion on an average 2015 i7 8gb ram 2GB gpu laptop. Pd15 let's you make shadow files or proxy letting you edit with no lag. How is having an extra piece of hardware going to be beneficial?
  2. Phantom and Mavic have inbuilt cameras in them and they are actually quite nice from the footages on Ytube. MavicPro seems way too good to be true. So small and light yet reasonably cheap for what it actually is. Watching cinemas these days and seeing dramatic areal shots, they do not look so dramatic anymore since amateurs with their drones are making these scenes left right and centre!
  3. OKay now I have to watch it all over again to see if this is true.
  4. Video looks great! Music not my cup of tea however love the colors and the girl daym..
  5. Didn't even notice, maybe because I'm no pro so was just thinking if someone made that video for my wedding I'd be very happy! Now that you pointed it out I do see some sharpening
  6. Hi Juxx Did anyone reply to you? I'm on the same boat however I use Powerdirector. PD15 has "shadow files" for all the h265 mp4 which makes previewing on timeline cpu efficient. I haven't used Adobe Premiere Pro yet however starting to use it now. I keep hearing good things about Resolve as well, so going to try it out and let you know how it goes. Cheers
  7. Very nice! The wedding video, I couldn't stop watching, I just had to watch till the last second. Nicely done mate.
  8. Is it actually equivalent? If you are right, then Max is wrong. If Max is correct then you could be border line wrong or Max had a bad copy because he literally says Sony 6500 IBIS is nowhere comparable to rest of the two.
  9. Hi, Thanks for that link. Very informative video by Max. Almost seems like he didn't turn on the IBIS on Sony when the footage from all 3 cameras are compared side by side. Not sure if Oly IBIS is that much better or Sony IBIS is almost as good as non existent. Hmm..
  10. Very nice! The walking and talking scenes, are you holding the camera in your hands or are you using some sort of stabilization assisting device? Thanks
  11. From that second link NEX 5N and D3300 appears closely identical to NX1 in the graph/chart " ISO SettingPhotographic Dynamic Range (log2)Photographic Dynamic Range versus ISO Setting"
  12. That must've been very hard, if they were the blue penguin they are the smallest penguins in the world. If they were the yellow eyed penguin then they are super rare and you better take the shot when you see one in their natural habitat (they swim in from the sea and walk towards the beach during sunset time). And I'm fairly certain you didn't see the crested penguin (the ones with big yellow eyebrows) because they live deeper in the rainforest closer to west coast. Anyways, point being sighting penguin and shooting them in South island isn't easy since we only have the small rare almost extinct species. You need a camera you are either very familiar with or very easy to use.
  13. No problem sorry didn't mean to derail, thanks.
  14. Hello Do you miss anything on the XT2 that you had with the NX1? Is there a 16-50S equivalent or there abouts for the Fuji? My new year resolution is to stop buying gear but but Fuji as a brand looks very appealing.
  15. Very surprised how the Fuji decided to not to implement touch into the XT2. Touch focus imo is a very handy feature. Also surprised it didn't make way into cons list, imo a camera of this day and age could use with touch focus at least as an option if required. But nevertheless XT2 seems like a beautiful camera with nice performance to match.
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