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  1. Oh duh.. that fixed it, thank you! Like I mentioned, I never use the EVF so probably should have read the manual first!
  2. Hey fellas - It's been a little while since I picked up my NX1 and I don't think I've ever used the EVF. So..about a week ago, I noticed that I couldn't focus far away objects while looking through the EVF. Close objects looked to be no problem. However, the LCD is just fine. Maybe it's my eyes but has anyone else seen this?
  3. I just watched CRFTSHO's v2.0 hands on test and it looked like the autofocus didn't improve much. The other stuff sounds great.
  4. You only have 2 choices: 1. Use a camera with great autofocus like the Canons. The NX1 also has great autofocus. 2. Manually set the focus and stay the same distance from your subject.
  5. Ok, has anyone with a V2 updated their firmware yet? Their site doesn't list the V2.
  6. Hey fellas - for the Crane V2 users, is there a recent firmware update? Their website is confusing.
  7. Hey fellas - Anyone given further thought about these platforms now that the whole YouTube demonetization thing has taken hold? I know several folks that are only making pennies now compared to what they did last year. It sucks that FB still only tops out at 720P but since most folks are watching videos on their phones anyway, I don't think it matters that much. As an experiment, I checked view counts and comments on Oak Studios FB page and their YT page and they were about even. Further thoughts?
  8. Good to hear from you again, Luke. Are you guys still using those Nikkors with the GH5? I'm guessing the stabilization works well enough with those non-native lenses to make a difference. Any other lessons you've learned since you did the first GH5 video?
  9. Hi, when you mention the color, are you talking about SOOC color or ability to grade the footage?
  10. Hey guys, I haven't been really following this forum so thought I'd check back in with the GH5 owners. It's almost 6 months since the release. For those who bought the GH5, how are you liking it now? Did you buy it and sell it later? Did you keep it and learn to live with its limitations?
  11. Fresco News App: If you have some spare time on your hands and are close to the requests, this might be worth your time. It looks like you can even just use your phone to do it.
  12. Our long national nightmare is over. Adobe has released the Premiere update for the GH5.
  13. So did the new Adobe update today fix the issue?
  14. Cinema5d saying that Adobe will have the GH5 fix in place by June so a while longer..
  15. I was kidding when I said that the best thing out of NAB 2017 might turn out to be a working version of Premiere for the GH5. And we didn't even get that.
  16. Adding new features is good. Even adding new features that don't work is tolerable as long as you fix it. Breaking something that was working is very bad. Computer programmers should take cue from the hippocratic oath - first do no harm...
  17. Would be funny if best thing to come out of NAB is a working version of Premiere for the GH5
  18. Adobe's Creative Cloud revenue grew 40% last year. They are making a ton of money despite what others said when they decided to go whole hog from perpetual to subscription-based licensing. And I agree with Luke. Their support is quite bad. The forums are largely there so users can help other users with minimal Adobe help.
  19. SuperSet

    NX1 / NX500

    I'd also echo what others have said about the 16-50 S and the 30mm. The 16-50 S autofocus performs excellently while the 30mm does hunt a bit and is a little loud. It does work but just not as fast. Having said that, I still use my 30mm when flying a pistol grib gimbal as the 16-50 S is a little too heavy for it.
  20. SuperSet

    NX1 / NX500

    Have you considered the 1dx mk II?
  21. The 1DX Mk II is an amazing camera. I do wish it was smaller and had a flip out screen though.
  22. SuperSet

    NX1 / NX500

    I can't read this thread and not get upset about Samsung throwing in the towel and not giving us the NX2.
  23. Sounds like an exciting NAB next week!
  24. PS. Just read that folks who upgraded to the latest Premiere now say that GH5 10-bit files are imported as audio, instead of video. Adobe says to continue transcoding.
  25. That's great that they are pumping out firmware so soon after the release. I'm guessing they'll fix the autofocus problems later in the summer, though? Can they afford to wait that long as that might affect sales.
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