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  1. I think that's his XPro2 with the Voigtlander for the shot inside the fridge. It looks really good. The remaining XT2 gimbal footage looks great although the highlights are really harsh.
  2. Has anyone done any tests with highlights turned down and shadows turned up to see if skin tones get funked? This was the problem with my Panasonics and Slog.
  3. Im sure it's already been mentioned but after watching another XT2 video this morning, I couldn't help but notice that the DR seemed to be more limited than my NX1 in Gamma DR mode. Color looks banging but the highlight roll off is pretty harsh.
  4. In an otherwise dreary and crappy thread, I have some much needed good news, fellas! They opened a place for those who are having a hard time with the election. Check it out!
  5. Thanks for posting those screenshots with the LUT. Personally, I think #6 and the last one look the best. What's #1?
  6. No offense intended to the OP. I think there are other folks like myself who want the camera for the film simulation colors, even though I know I could grade it. The time savings would be worth it.
  7. Personally, I think the SOOC colors look better than that color grade
  8. The electoral college only applies at the presidential level. Democrats have lost almost 1000 races combined under President Obama. It should not be surprising that they lost the presidential election too.
  9. Spec wise, Panasonic has everything that I want but they need to up their color-science game before I get another one.
  10. A little bit like arguing that your team has more total yards except the other team scored more points. Another fun fact. Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. And now 1 Presidential election. You can see why the DNC is in panic mode.
  11. Since it doesn't have a Histogram in video mode, I noticed that I see an exposure meter running down the left side of the screen. I don't have one yet so I'm only going by the manual's picture so I hope that's accurate. Can I use that to set proper exposure?
  12. I've never owned an Olympus but I'm really tempted to go with this over the Fuji X-T2 due to IBIS and the articulating screen. That stabilization is pretty damn impressive and not having to lug around my gimbal is a big plus.
  13. ""I think one thing that should be distinguished here is that the media is always taking Trump literally. It never takes him seriously, but it always takes him literally. ... I think a lot of voters who vote for Trump take Trump seriously but not literally, so when they hear things like the Muslim comment or the wall comment, their question is not, 'Are you going to build a wall like the Great Wall of China?' or, you know, 'How exactly are you going to enforce these tests?' What they hear is we're going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy." - Peter Thiel
  14. If Clinton would have won, each of us would have gotten a free RED Raven and a year of Vimeo Pro to boot. See what you've done, America?
  15. arourke, are all these LUTs meant to be used with the Color Checker?
  16. Another question to the X-T2 users about custom settings... Does the X-T2 have buttons or something that you can assign for custom settings? Like you could switch between them easily? If yes, does it save the Resolution, Shutter and ISO? With my GH4, I could easily switch between 24P, 60P and 96P just by spinning the custom button wheel. So, I'd like to know if the X-T2 has similar.
  17. Personally I love articulating screens as they are especially useful for shooting solo. I wish more cameras had them outside of the Panasonic GH series.
  18. Almost bought one just now but just realized that there's no 120 fps. Bummer. Maybe the next version then.
  19. OK, thanks. Google tells me that there is a Fuji app that you can use for the T2 but the reviews are terrible. Can anyone elaborate if it's doable? One issue I had with the Samsung NX1 is that the app would override the film settings in camera so it was worthless. Does the Fuji do the same?
  20. Since this model doesn't have an articulating display, which gives me great pause since it's such a useful feature, does the Fuji have an app that can be used for remote viewing?
  21. Thanks, man but I got it working a little while back. I had to move my source files to a new folder and it started working again. Apparently, just based on the Adobe Premiere forums, there are several people who've run across this problem and its related problem, no audio import for video files. The solution was either to clean the Media cache or move the source files to a new folder. There is also another bug where the Preview runs much more slowly now than 2015.2. The solution there is to untick the newly-added option: Edit > Preferences > Media > Un-tick "Enable accelerated Intel h.264 decoding"
  22. I finally got it working this morning by moving my source files to a new folder. I'm not sure why that works but it did.
  23. Just finished upgrading to 2015.3 and none of my NX1 MP4 video files are read as Video files. Instead, they show up as Audio files. This worked fine in 2015.2. Anyone run across this? Can I just downgrade to 2015.2?
  24. Download the APK from here and install it manually using your Android device's File Explorer. http://apk-dl.com/samsung-camera-manager-inst After you install it, DO NOT Update to the latest version or it will stop working. In fact, just turn off the Auto Update.
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