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  1. The 1DX Mk II is an amazing camera. I do wish it was smaller and had a flip out screen though.
  2. SuperSet

    NX1 / NX500

    I can't read this thread and not get upset about Samsung throwing in the towel and not giving us the NX2.
  3. Sounds like an exciting NAB next week!
  4. PS. Just read that folks who upgraded to the latest Premiere now say that GH5 10-bit files are imported as audio, instead of video. Adobe says to continue transcoding.
  5. That's great that they are pumping out firmware so soon after the release. I'm guessing they'll fix the autofocus problems later in the summer, though? Can they afford to wait that long as that might affect sales.
  6. PS. Under appreciated LUTs. I just tried your Panasonic VLog LUTs and they look great.
  7. Those grades look great. I'm a little unclear on which ones are the FLog + external recorder vs ProNegStd?
  8. How does this end? 1. Camera stays as it is and everyone just goes MF or just uses touch focus. This is my guess given Panasonic's statement about '95% of reported issues are user error'. 2. Panasonic issues a fix. I would be surprised if this happens but Panasonic did leave an out with that last sentence about pledging to make improvements to the AF.
  9. Panasonic's Matt Frazer is gonna be a busy dude at NAB next week.
  10. So, 1 area AF for 24p, 30p or 60p? Not sure why they chopped it into 2 sentences there.
  11. Hey fellas - Sorry about bumping this old post but was wondering if anyone used this on a pistol grip gimbal? With the 24-70 lens, is it too heavy or will it work?
  12. Someone posted a link to that Autofocus Fix on the last page and if you click on that video, ironically, the top comment is from Casey Neistat. I'm just guessing that he might have followed that guy's advice which was to ... once you achieve focus, switch it to MF.
  13. #FocusGate #NotFastSoFurious #TooCloseForMissilesSwitchingToGuns
  14. It's not censorship when someone doesn't want to pay you for your opinion.
  15. With all the Auto Focus videos flying around, I'm not sure which one are the fake news
  16. FWIW, the autofocus performed better on my GH4 with the 14-140mm than my 12-35mm.
  17. Wonder if it's lens related as I also read Lee Macreaths post about his lackluster autofocus performance, also using the 12-35 lens.
  18. If you're shooting solo or flying on a gimbal, autofocus is very useful
  19. Autofocus can be extremely helpful when you're running on a gimbal or filming solo for Vlogging.
  20. What's the workflow like for this latest iteration?
  21. Looked at some more AF videos and still confused on whether it sucks or not..
  22. Just watched Max Yuryev's GH5 video and the autofocus performance did not impress me at all. Disappointing.
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