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  1. Sorry if this was asked earlier but... does autofocus work in 180fps mode?
  2. Interesting chart. Panasonic must have sold a bunch of GH4s.
  3. Interview with Luke. GH5 stuff starts at 49:00:
  4. Ok, got some sleep and dug out the VLogL to Rec709 LUT from IWLTBAP for another shot at grading. It looks much better now than my previous amateurish attempts. But it would be nice if Panasonic worked on the VFR bit rate a bit more. Still, I'm back on board this GH5 train. Choo choo.
  5. Ah, I see what you mean now, Luke. You can't push that image around much. I can especially see it with Pete's selfie clip. Maybe Panasonic will be able to improve the bit rate here come release time.
  6. That looks really good, much better than what I could do. Thanks for posting.
  7. It's a little early but just playing with those clips a bit more, I'm really not that happy with the colors. This reminds me of my GH4 and my struggles getting really good color out of it. It's a little better than my Sony A7s and 6300 but not as good as the Samsung NX1. To be honest, I'm a little bit less enthused about it now than I was last week. Hmmm.. decisions..
  8. Looks like the Sigma 1.4, based on the description
  9. Thank you again for doing this, Luke. Hmm..I wasn't able to get any really good skin tones out of these so maybe someone else can light the way. Good luck, fellas.
  10. Does anyone know which SD cards I will need to get for both 4K and 180fps recording? I somehow think my current UHS-1 cards won't cut it.
  11. Premiere CC 2017 handles the NX1 H265 files just fine.
  12. Looked good to me! Hoping to play with Luke Neumann's files soon!
  13. I also recommend the NX1 for the reasons above.
  14. That'll teach you fellas not to post your color grades in the same thread as Luke Neumann. I hope you all learned your lessons.
  15. I tried a bunch of the IWLBTAP ones and ended up thinking that the Panasonic VLog to Rec709 LUT looks the best. Having said that, I'll be getting Neumann's next version of VLOG LUTs when available. I bought all the GH series cameras and I found them the easiest to use with their articulating screens, menu systems and custom controls. I missed that about them when I went to the BMPCC (horrible controls), Sony A7s (bad color), A6300 (bad color and overheating) and Samsung NX1 (no articulating screen and no support but otherwise excellent). Now that the GH5 has all that plus IBIS, 4K/60 and 10bit, I'm already in line with a pre-order.
  16. Maybe already answered but no recorded audio at 180fps, just like the GH4's 96fps correct?00
  17. I went through the same thing and ultimately decided on the 12-35 2.8 version II, just based on my previous experience with version I. It's an excellent lens.
  18. No offense to the other Panasonic ambassadors but someone at Panasonic was very smart to get Luke involved.
  19. Oohh.. sweet! That is really great to know because it's almost unusable right now. PS. Very stoked about your GH5 LUTs after seeing your footage.
  20. Kinda confusing to keep track of 2 GH5 threads. Not sure why they weren't just merged.
  21. Luke, best looking footage from the GH5 so far. Great work! And thank you for downloadable footage. First thing I discovered is that my system is struggling to grade those files in Premiere. Super sluggish with these while I've graded other 4K files just fine. I guess it'll be time to upgrade.
  22. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    That DigiDirect video is excellent and answered several of my questions. Kudos to those guys!
  23. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    Luke, how is the Continuous Auto Focus now? Also, are you working on any LUTs for it?
  24. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    Thanks for posting, specs looks great! Colors are ok. Still want to see Luke Neumann's video and input.
  25. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    That $1999 price makes the GH5 way more attractive than the Olympus or Fuji X-T2. Looking forward to hearing more tomorrow from those who've already played with it.
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