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  1. Luke, best looking footage from the GH5 so far. Great work! And thank you for downloadable footage. First thing I discovered is that my system is struggling to grade those files in Premiere. Super sluggish with these while I've graded other 4K files just fine. I guess it'll be time to upgrade.
  2. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    That DigiDirect video is excellent and answered several of my questions. Kudos to those guys!
  3. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    Luke, how is the Continuous Auto Focus now? Also, are you working on any LUTs for it?
  4. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    Thanks for posting, specs looks great! Colors are ok. Still want to see Luke Neumann's video and input.
  5. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    That $1999 price makes the GH5 way more attractive than the Olympus or Fuji X-T2. Looking forward to hearing more tomorrow from those who've already played with it.
  6. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    Thanks for posting that Griffin video. It looks good although I do recognize the familiar Panasonic colors, which are only okay. Looking forward to hearing Luke Neumann's thoughts next week.
  7. SuperSet

    Oscar Thread

    Personally, I thought La La Land was a bit overrated but I do agree with you that it's a leading Oscar contender. Just from history, we know that the Academy loves movies about movies. 'Hollywood worships everything but values nothing'
  8. I have the Beholder DS1 pistol grip gimbal and while it works, it's not ideal. The EVF will hit the gimbal when you tilt it back and the motors struggle a bit with the heavy weight. It runs great with just the 30mm though. I would recommend a 3 axis gimbal if you want to use the 16-50.
  9. A while back, FaceBook was working on a video algorithm that identifies your video through certain unique signatures. Once you upload it to your main FB page, anytime someone uploaded something with a similar one, they'd be flagged for your attention. AFAIK, it's still in beta. This is a much better solution than relying on content creators to find and individually flag videos for YT to take it down. YT could solve this problem if they wanted to do it.
  10. This is a rant... I don't know if you guys have noticed but there are a ton of bullshit camera related videos on YouTube now. If you want to see what I'm talking about, search 'Fuji XT2' and sort by Upload Date. You'll be rewarded with a metric ton of computer generated slide shows, slide shows with computer-generated audio, low rez versions of copied videos from reputable YouTubers like Max Yuryev, DPReview, The Camera Store's or the Northrop's channel. When did it get this bad!?
  11. SuperSet

    GH5 Prototype

    Hi Luke, I've really enjoyed your music and color grading tutorials. Can you offer an opinion about the GH5 color science yet?
  12. There's another NX1 thread with links to ARourke's free LUTs that you should try as well as recommended picture settings. I really love the 1DX one that he did. I've also had great luck with the IWLTBAP ones.
  13. Specs sound great but as an owner of the GH2, GH3 and GH4, I first want to see some sample videos to see if Panasonic worked on their colors.
  14. Looks great. Was that graded or SOOC? Wow, that is a big swing and miss from Fuji. They need to fix that. Not sure if this has been posted but this dude's video shot in Astia Soft looks great. I'm beginning to think that's the best profile to use.
  15. Ah, that sucks. I was hoping it'd make up for lack of touch screen but alas..
  16. Question.. are there any limitations of the Fuji Remote App? For example, the Sony app allowed you to remote view and start/stop but you couldn't use SLog. The Samsung NX App would always reset to Standard profile and screw up your custom adjustments. Does it allow touch focus?
  17. Arourke - just wanted to say thanks for the LUTs! I've just recently started playing with them and am getting great results with that 1DX LUT. My Gamma DR settings are slightly different than yours but it seems to work very well with it.
  18. Great to see Andrew continuing to update the guide. Best of luck, fellas.
  19. I'm also bummed that more progress hasn't been made on the hack but it's a dead product so I can understand. Personally, I was happy with the current bitrate and was only hoping for simple things like saving the video resolution on the custom settings. Thank you to everyone who got it this far. Was there ever a crowd funding option to further cause?
  20. For those who already purchased it, has the original EOSPro doc been modified with recent findings?
  21. A few follow-up questions since I'd really like to buy this now.. 1. Since it doesn't have an articulating display, is there an App that you can use for remote control so you can at least use it for selfie mode? 2. Since it doesn't have CLOG, I assume that video was shot something close to it? Grading pretty easy?
  22. Pretty much, wow! Not having used the 1DX MkII, is that what you can do with CLog or straight out of the camera?
  23. Ah, appreciate the direct link. That is definitely a lot nicer. After having played with Andrew's EOSHDPro color on my A6300, I'm returning to my NX1 as it's just easier to get great color from it since the AWB is accurate. Love everything I'm seeing about the Fuji except there is no constant f/2.8 lens with OIS yet so I'll just keep waiting. It's also a shame that there's no 120fps slo mo or articulating screen.
  24. Just curious.. have you tested your settings with leaving it at AWB? Also, I'm wondering if this 'issue' could also be fixed just doing a custom white balance off a whibal grey card or something similar.
  25. Were the same 3 WB settings used in that video?
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