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  1. I have quite a few headphones, 'cause audio is my day job. Sony 7506 for musicians when I track bands, now superseded by a cheap chinese knock-off (sorta), AKG K240 for my own pleasure, tha upmentioned Superlux models for mobile mixing, a few earbuds. You don't need more than a pair of headphones if you know them very well. To a newbie I still stand my case, one pair of open back, one pair of closed back. You get to listen to your mixes with two very different systems and once it sounds good on both of them you're golden. Re the 7506, now that we have so many cheap models available I just can't justify spending that amount of money for a pair of headphones, considering how bad they sounds for sound fidelity listeting. That's of course my own personal opinion. AT M50 are kinda good sounding, albeit a bit too "modern" for my taste, but much more balanced than 7506s.
  2. Long time no checking the forum. My 2 cents: Equator D5 MKII: https://www.thomann.de/it/equator_d5.htm?ref=search_rslt_equator_299268_0 Superlux HD660: https://www.thomann.de/it/superlux_hd660.htm?ref=search_rslt_superlux+660_243085_1 Superlux 662: https://www.thomann.de/it/superlux_hd662.htm The Equators are very balanced (I used to own the MKI), of course they won't put out huge amount of bass frequencies (and neither volume) but they are respectable considering their size. Big point is the coaxial design, at least to my ears. I worked for many years in the studio with big Tannoys 15s with coaxial drivers and still love them. The Yamaha HS suggested by somebody else are much less forgiving with placements (due to the rear bass reflex port). The two Superlux headphones are for referencing your mixes. They are two very different sounding headphones so you get two points of reference. They are very good sounding, don't be fooled by the price. As soon as you get the monitors and the headphones, put in a ton of hours listening to music and/or movies you know very well. If you need an audio interface, this might be the ticket: Steinberg UR 22 https://www.thomann.de/it/steinberg_ur22_mk2.htm You get separate monitor and headphones volume, USB connection, more than decent DA converters, MIDI I/O in case you wanna play with a midi keyboard and put down some scratch audio, two mic pres (always worthy) with combo connector for Hi-z inputs (again a plus) and lots other features (Cubase AI software in case you need it). BTW, Sony MDR7506 are an old staple in audio (I still own 3 or 4) and were very popular a ton of years ago. I would never try and mix anything on them. They are one of the most unbalanced headphones ever made, to my ears at least. If you wanna enter into this kind of budget, AKG K240 are a beautiful sounding open back headphone. But again I would buy an open back and a closed back to get the variety in reference.
  3. Me and a friend started a series on YouTube. It's called HOMEWHERE. See that we both come from the music world (I'm an audio engineer by day, my partner is a musician and a photographer) we decided to kick it off by asking friends to let us "invade" their homes and have some fun. Of course we've got a lot of things still to learn but so far we had a lot of fun which was the driving force behind all of this. Would like to get suggestions and whatnot. Thanks.
  4. iPhone6 (via YouTube), iPad Retina (via YouTube), Apple TV to 50" plasma HDTV (again via YouTube). Sometimes I Airplay directly from the iMac (running FCPX or Resolve) to the HDTV via AppleTV but it's kinda glitchy so I'd rather upload to YouTube and watch it from there. I'd like to buy a BlackMagic Mini Monitor thunderbolt interface in the near future to connect my HDTV directly to the iMac and use that as a second monitor.
  5. Yep. That's why I prefer to steer view to my YouTube channel.
  6. Yep. Same here. I was thinking about a super short teaser (10 to 15 sec) to show what's goin' on with the YouTube-embedded right below it. Thanks for your inputs.
  7. Hey guys, am looking for a bit of advice here. Got a project coming up in the next few days. Me and a friend decided to do some field recordings with musicians we're friend with. Audio and video, as acoustic as possible. Anyway, we created a facebook page for the entire project (which is gonna be 10 episodes, to begin with). We're still debating wheter we should upload the videos to my Youtube channel (very much music related) and then embed it on our FB page, or directly to facebook. Or both. Or any other ideas? Your suggestions? Very much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I got mine from a friend, he bought it on Amazon. Still haven't receive any reply from Cinemartin. I sent an email to Cinemartin asking if they are the same monitor. The software interface looks identical that's where my suspects came from. Still haven't receive any reply. SMALL UPDATE: Feelworld back to work after Chinese New Year. They sent me an email telling me they're gonna look at the issues I pointed out. Will keep you updated.
  9. Sorry @kattouf, didn't see your previous post. I didn't get any charger with the monitor. I already had one lying around and use that. Sometimes I just use my Aputure 528 led panel to charge the batteries, it's kinda convenient and easy to remember where you left your batteries.
  10. Hey Kattouf, do you have a FW760? Same issues as mine? Would you please share your software version number? Thanks.
  11. Zooming in doesn't look that great. I'm suing P2P (pixel to pixel) and it is really sharp and accurate. BTW, a brief update: I wrote to FeelWorld pointing out the flaws and they asked me for the monitor serial number. Have yet to hear back from them but I suspect because of Chinese New Year holidays. I used the FW760 again during the weekend and have to say that it's growing on me. Framing with a 7" monitor, with proper framing mask is a pleasure. False color are invaluable. And I now managed to calibrate the monitor to my liking. If only they could get rid of the issues... I also wrote to Cinemartin about their new cheap monitor but they didn't reply so far. Will keep you informed if anyone's interested.
  12. You're 117% right. There is one and one only issue: money. :-) I've had a Video Assist in my favourites from a second hand website for weeks now. I just can't afford it. Plain and simple. As I mentioned somewhere else I come from an audio background (I still record and tour as a day job) so I'm way too well aware about "the more you spend the less you spend". To be honest, the Video Assist 5" fits my needs and more, but it's about double the budget I have at the moment. Video is still a hobby, a very lovely one, but still...
  13. A small update: I contacted both FeelWorld China & Germany (the latter seems to be their official representative in EU). Let's see if they give me a reply. So far I've enjoyed the monitor. Slowly but steadily I0'm growing spoiled to the 7". It might be cumbersome in some situation but it's damn cool for framing and looking back at footage. The flaws I highlighted are still there, but I'm trying to work around them. So far I have the function menu mapped as: 1. Pixel to Pixel 2. False Colors 3. Histogram 4. Peaking I try and not use the peaking because of that sharpening problem. The P2P function works great, as does False Colors. I was able to kinda match the colors to the on camera screen and so far so good. I'll keep you updated. BTW, I also wrote to Cinemartin asking specifically if their monitor shows the same flaws. As I noted above the Cinemartin and Feelwrold share the same exact software so I suspect they might be the same monitor in a different housing. Let's see.
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