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Shooting with the Fuji X-T2 in Italy - Samsung NX1 and Sony A6300 beater?

Andrew Reid

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9 hours ago, Martin BetterFly said:

yea thanks thats the one.

Im on a phone and probably didn't paste it correctly. it looks good doesnt it. 


1941015860864506450 flog sample looks like it grades beautifully  

Sure it does look fine! I'm getting my X-T2 today, couldn't wait for the GH5. I hope we get internal F-LOG in the near future.

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31 minutes ago, Shaun Walker said:

BenC ... What product were you trying to link to? Adorama site can't find that.   thanks

If you follow the link it tells you 'Your search for "US EOXMTKLTM2EF" returned no results'. If you browse through the 'Lens to camera adapters' for 'Fujifilm X' you get this list: http://www.adorama.com/als.mvc/nspc/revisedsearch?category=4850+4293894403+4293894432 . Note the similar SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the Mitakon: SKU: MTKLTM2EF2X, which probably stands for 'MiTaKon Lens Turbo (Mark (version) II/2) (Canon) EF to (2) (Fujifilm) X mount'. See as well: http://www.zyoptics.net/product/zhongyi-lens-turbo-adapters-for-fuji-x-mount-cameras-fx/ . And yes, these are the best alternatives to the Metabones SpeedBoosters.

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Very surprised how the Fuji decided to not to implement touch into the XT2. Touch focus imo is a very handy feature. Also surprised it didn't make way into cons list, imo a camera of this day and age could use with touch focus at least as an option if required. But nevertheless XT2 seems like a beautiful camera with nice performance to match.

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I wouldn't be so surprised - after all, this is Fuji's first serious video capable camera. They know how to do touch screens, the XT2's successor will likely have touch screen, and probably better implemented than on the A6500. Like I said before, given IBIS and touch screen on a camera with nice colors or one lacking those features but with superb colors, I'd choose the latter any day. And honestly, in my brief experience with the XT2, I'm finding I'm not having to dive into the menus to change settings like white balance nearly as often as with my GH4, and the joystick works great for my kind of shooting. 

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Hate to bring it back, but NX1 has a perfect touch screen implementation since a long time ago, just found in Philip Bloom's AF megathon as the third technology, just after Canon's Dual Pixel and a6300 and I have one year more warranty in my camera, and 20 months for my 16-50 2-28f lens, and the whole kit costed me 1500€. It is not like it is a mythic/cryptic creature of the old times to just ignore it in every sentence.

I expect the next Fuji to have touch screen, and work better than Sony (which barely works anyway, also battery consumption, heat management were handled better by Fuji, even if you have to add 300-400€ for the grip and batteries), but let's face it, there is a camera that does most things right, RIGHT NOW (and for 2 years now) and some of us earn our bread from that!

Just for your information, I go now!

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For me, I think that NX1 has found a match.

On paper the specs are semblables.

Your video is on par with other amazing ones made with NX1 - but just being available almost 4 years early this give to NX1 an immense advantage.

And based on what we can see in internet, without professional tools to compare footage with identical scenes / same time, the final result is subjective.

So, I like my NX1 performance more than this X-T2, and I have it for a year now!

From your video, a frame not so well encoded.


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