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  1. Have you learned about it from this review or on your own? :D Even though I dont own XT2 im following this tread from begging and do ocasional research on the web, The colors SOOC is one of the best ive seen, if fuji brings touch screen, fully articulated screen and maybe even ibis Ill jump the system, I want to scale down but I hate sony :P I would prefere FF aesthetics but I like the smaller lenses that are made specifically for APSC cameras and thats where Fuji wins knowing that canon will never deliver with specs that what we all want and knowing I dont want MFT camera Fuji is the only altarnative :D
  2. im super interested to see the AF speed with EF glass on a speedbooster
  3. yea thanks thats the one. Im on a phone and probably didn't paste it correctly. it looks good doesnt it. flog sample looks like it grades beautifully
  4. speed booster with AF and ND, it would be dream come true
  5. Battle-Tested (used) KineMINI 4K From $2,499 4K 12bit RAW http://www.kinefinity.com/shop/kinemini-battle-tested/?lang=en
  6. As a Kinemini4k owner I'm really looking forward to these two new cameras (or one camera with 2 sensors). I admire the progress that Kinefinity has made since Kinemini days (only two years since the annoucement, along URSA which I was considering but the size and weight turned me off), To me the guys behind Kinefinity listen to the customers feedback like nobody else and dont hold anything back. I remember when they released their last firmware upgrade and for kinemini they improved the log color science, increased slow motion from 100 fps to 120, added ability to load your own luts into the camera :D added prores to their transcoding software, all of that for free. With these new cameras they addressed all the past issues and all my personal concerns, like sound, ergonomics, changed grip battery system, redesign the grip (that was my big concern), finally added in camera prores. Plus keep in mind all Kinefinity cameras have the ability to put on them their active EF Kinenhancer which makes them the only cinema camera that allows you to put on speedbooster like adapter on a EF lenses. Something I have always wanted to do with BM cameras. The only down side to their EF system is no support for IS yet? (not confirmed anyway) which would be amazing especially now with this smaller run'n'gun like form factor that Terra camera has. So in essence, Kinefinity Terra, a small form factor S35 cinema camera with a weight of a Canon 5d mk3, with 5K or 6K sensor which records 12 bit loosless RAW video with pretty amazing high speed frame rates, 15 or 16 stops of dynamic range, switchable global or rolling shooter, ability to shoot full frame (with kinenhancer), one of the most organic images for around 5k euro
  7. That was the reason I got Kinemini back in 2014 it shots raw 2k and 1080 in 60p croped 120fps pass: cinematic
  8. I think you should take for consideration the recording time limits on those cameras, I have recently downgrated some of my grear back to canon 600d with magic lantern from sony a6000 and a5100 just cause with ML I have auto recording restart option. Maybe you should consider good old camcorder instead of mirrorless or dslr as they are not desiged for long recording times.
  9. I wonder will it overheat quicker now due to higher bitrate.
  10. I would also suggest a wide lens, Sigma 18-35 is an amazing all rounder, sometimes I don't even take it off the camera however on apse sensor 18mm becomes around 28mm so it might not be wide enough in some cases. I also have tokina 11-16 which is wide enough but it's not a great match to sigma art. Keep in mind the new Aputure DEC adapter lets you control aperture and focus of EF lenses wirelessly and that the pro version is coming out with a focal reducer aka spepdbooster or lens turbo. Just saying.
  11. Finally someone got their hands on kinemini 4k and its Andrew. Cant wait for the comparison with canon 1DC. Hopefully you will be able to add other 4K cameras to it too. Pretty excited.
  12. if you're going after affordable organic (raw) look then you have pretty much only three options - magic lantern - black magic - kinemini 4k out of them all only kinemini would have stable highspeed option (up to 120fps in 2K and 60 fps in 3K) however there are videos of others shooting ML 60fps in lower and Full HD resoulution. However I don't think kinemini fits into affordable section after you add on the cost media, monitor, batteries and power solution to complete the package. Therefore your only option for now is ML or if you're happy without highspeed any DSLR with uncompressed signal going into external recorder.
  13. Great video, very effective and eye catching shots flow so smoothly together. Great Job! Would you share what sort of sound effect library have you used or would you recommend any?
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