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    Post a photo of your rig

    At the risk of taking the thread in an unexpected direction, here's my two set-ups from earlier today, pictured in their natural habitat, on a beach towel on my lap in a tour bus, with people around me wondering WTF I was doing taking a photo of two cameras with a third camera (my phone). Sony X3000 for crazy wides, gimbal-like stabilisation when walking and handy actions shots like getting in and out of busses, trains, planes, etc for b-roll and establishing shots. GH5 with Rode VMP+ and Konica Hexanon 40mm for a bit of reach for the main shots where I have a bit more time.
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    Here are Martin Scorsese's words: [the magazine in question is Empire Magazine] Surely, people are outraged. But, in my view, he is quite right. He took care not to hurt the MCU creators by saying: 'as well made as they are', so I don't see why he is accused of being insulting.
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    Maybe when Arri releases an 8k camera I'll believe that.
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    Solution is to dump Premiere CC.
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    Honestly, I am stoked on this. If I somehow get my hands on some extra cash I would love to pick up a used E-M1 mkii or one of these E-M5 mkiii. I shoot mostly on a GH5 and having one of these as my second cam would be killer. Good AF for the times I need it and the Gh5 for when I need 10bit / 4k60. Olympus is doing good stuff. Plus M43 is a killer mount and I love the sensor size.
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Its a sure thing that the S will be supported as an update to all 5 users. I made the classic error of making estimates based on projections of future productivity. This is something I've seen so often, I'm surprised I fell into it myself (I was one of those scarred by the 3K Scarlet experience, circa '08-'11, still waiting). I think smaller, independent manufacturers can fall into the trap of being too enthusiastic and optimistic about their own speed and potential. Something key to the picture is that the P4K, by virtue of its gamut and range, revealed limitations that I had missed with the GH5. It has been crucial in determining what the process to make the new HDR EC space would be. That process will directly be ported to the S and 5, and I think I will be able to do it much faster.
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    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    You've already seen some stills; here is the video. Constructive criticism welcome!
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    Update: Here are my initial impressions. First off, these are first impressions - they can easily change as I get more real world usage. It could be a rollercoaster of emotions here on wether I am keeping it or sending it back, possibly changing my mind daily. $4,000 is expensive and with the A7S3 looming in the future, I want to make sure I make the correct choice. I will do my best to gather up some footage to share by the end of the weekend. Cameras that I own or have owned that I am comparing against: Pocket 4k, Pocket 6k, BMMCC, A7S2, A7R3. Build: I am a new Panasonic full frame user. I have never touched an S1/SR or even seen one in person before my S1H arrived today. I absolutely love the build quality and weight. I am not a fan of super light cameras, though I know some are, as I feel there is too much shake when handholding light cameras. The screen swivel, top status display, viewfinder, buttons, etc., all feel great. IBIS: First off, the IBIS is insane. I have never seen IBIS this good and though I am late to the party, I had my holy shit moment for sure. This was a very large reason I bought this camera (asides from its specs). I am a hybrid/ run and gun shooter. Taking my ronin-s with me everywhere is just not practical. I do this is a hobby, with light paid work here and there. I want to be able to do mostly handheld and this is the first time I have used a camera where I feel that is possible for me. It's truly remarkable how far ahead this IBIS in comparison to my Sony. I can't imagine how good dual IS is, as I am just using regular IBIS. Footage: Not going to lie, I wasn't expecting much. The promos were good, but they were big budget and used anamorphic lenses. The S1 has limited time with VLOG and is not a very popular camera to begin with, so footage from that is also lacking. But I was honestly...kind of blown away. The colors look fantastic and the highlight roll off is better than that of the pocket cameras. In fact, I like the colors overall better than the pocket cameras - obviously they have RAW out the gate - which is a huge bonus. I like the older Blackmagic colors better then the new ones so maybe its just me. Dynamic range also seems better to me over the pocket. I am really not trying to hate on blackmagic or create a fanboy war - but to my eyes the colors are a bit more neutral, dynamic range seems a bit more, and the OLPF creates a nice softness coupled with my contax Zeiss that is very pleasing. The motion cadence is also very "cinematic" in its movement, MUCH better than that of the GH5 which I hate. Grading was very easy as well. I was not expecting it to look this good and in the right hands, we should seem some fantastic short videos coming out soon. Hopefully I can have one out to share. Final Thoughts: The blue clipping issue is either fixed or will be fixed and I am sure the ghosting issue will be fixed as well. I did not experience any of these yet, but its just day 1. So far it checks off a lot of boxes for me. Internal 4k 4:2:2 10 bit full frame, IBIS good enough to not need a gimbal in most static scenarios (still need one for lots of movement/walking), good cinematic motion cadence with a subtle softness, great colors, good battery life and a swivel screen. I think like a lot of folks it seems like the perfect camera, minus the autofocus. If I do decide to keep the S1H, only an A7S3 with these specs or better coupled with great autofocus will make me part ways with it. But I am just not sure if Sony can match this IBIS or if they will give their new color science to the alpha series. We shall see!
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    A recipe includes a lot more than just ingredients. And those ingredients can make a lot more than just that single recipe. Your analogy is like saying that McDonalds should be allowed to patent the Big Mac in such a way that would prevent a Kebab shop from selling a beef doner that has lettuce, onion, cheese & tahini (sesame seed). It's the same ingredients and the end result is comparable in the sense that they are both fast food items, but they got there in a completely different way. When compared to what Red have done, your analogy is like asking if anobody else should be allowed to make cola, or burgers. But there's a lot of people making burgers and cola, because to patent those ideas would be totally insane.
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    We are talking about a company that even cripples its $7500 pro camera: the C200 that came without middle ground codec. The 1DX2 doesn't even come with LOG and decent codec. This 1DX3 won't be different. Canon's history is full of video crippling. Just pick your pain: DPAF disabled, massive crop, no LOG, no 24fps, recording limits, crop, stupid inefficient codec, etc. They'll fuck up the video specs somehow. Canon couldn't care less about the S1H and the competition, all that matters is to prevent product cannibalization and keep the offering segmented.
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    What is your lens kit strategy?

    Yes, otherwise known as the empty bank account strategy, AKA: homeless man strategy.
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    The camera was just released in the US today, so you really need to give it some time. Pocket 4k had garbage promo videos and took a long time to start getting good well thought pieces, so you need to at least wait more than 24 hours from release. I did think kepler was fantastic though and so was the bowling one. That wobble has to be in software warp stabilizer, none of the footage I have seen online has that happening. I received mine this morning and will put it though its paces. I had a pocket 4k and a pocket 6k. So I will be comparing to those as I still have their original files/clips on my computer. I will be doing all handheld shots with adapted lenses Contax Zeiss lenses. I will report my honest feedback and if the camera does not impress, it will go back. I have no horse in this race as I only use adapted lenses anyways, so I am not defending this camera blindly. But I will say the footage you linked is pretty much all wide shots, set at infinity, with not much of a grade happening. Most cameras with that won't look impressive. I just think it has not been in enough hands yet to expect great footage yet - especially since good projects take weeks/months. A lot of the folks posting clips up seem to have no idea what they are doing, as they dont even have the proper shutter speed. Give it some time.
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    The patent system in the US is broken. Amazon was granted a patent for photographing objects on a white seamless backdrop. Seriously. The cost of a patent trial is several millions of dollars. So a company like Red, with deep pockets, can bully the shit out of smaller companies. Like this. They can also force large companies to settle. Is it worth the risk of going to court to try and invalidate a bullshit patent? What if you lose? Sony settled with Red out of court in July 2013. Cheaper and safer to license and pass the cost off the the customer. Good for them. Can’t blame Red for a broken patent, legal and economic system. They’re simply trying to run a business. And now they have the honour of being on the receiving end of getting fucked by a company with infinitely greater resources. No sympathy.
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    University education - is it worth it?

    Maybe a Masters is too much, more appropriate for a career in education, but film making is a very complex field, including both technical and artistic concepts. The old mantra was "education, education, education", the new one is "just look at it from youtube". Both are wrong in my opinion. I am in between, starting working in the field when I was 19 years old, and the same time did sound engineering, multimedia computing and programming, BofA in Film and Video (directing) and other unrelated studies. Still have the need to study some more, maybe I will do a course in European Culture and Civilization (4 years BA degree) next year, still thinking about it because it is rather expensive, but education is a huge part of evolution, a proper academic education can make you a better person, not strictly a better professional, but being a more complete person and citizen will help you with your work in unimaginable ways. Just a few good professionals do youtube videos, most of the youtube crowds, especially the popular ones, are just "some kids".
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    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    I mean the guy is only one person, and funding the camera rental, while nice, still doesn't pay the bills - which is where the time thing comes in, and Alex clearly has made a decision on what to do first based on the P4k demand. While that may not fit your needs, the Gh5s is becoming the minority, and I just think it is distasteful to act like he should just focus on what you want, because he said it is on the roadmap a long while back. He made no promises, and I am sure he has every intention of getting to it. I was simply throwing some sarcasm out there.
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    I thought this might interest a few people, I find these things really interesting because it shows thinking and not just the final output. I think it's probably from the Sony Pictures hack a few years ago. EDIT; This was actually the link I meant to post but the other one is interesting too https://wikileaks.org/sony/docs/05/docs/Camera/FeedbackV1 1_Next Generation Camera v6.pdf https://wikileaks.org/sony/docs/05/docs/Atsugi/To_Nakayama_san.pdf Apologies if this has been posted before, I couldn't find anything.
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    $40M USD at the box office cannot be wrong....
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    Some frame grabs from a promo I'm working on for a local inn. Fruit was captured in portrait, outdoor greeting in FLAT.
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    Also weight, size, ergonomics, best cold shoe mount, touch screen interface..
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    What is your lens kit strategy?

    Ah ha, so the single soviet lens challenge was a ploy.... very sneaky kye 😉 i guess im old school. I first bought a microprism screen for my canon and a couple of pentax m42 mounts as m42 seemed the easiest to adapt. After that i figured i may as well get the whole set 🙄. Within the m42 range of lenses some are more popular than others. Most were quite reasonably priced, the 85mm is the dearest i have bought so far. I must be in the leaky boat next to @noone and with the aussie $ acting like a submarine stuff gets pretty expensive quickly here in aus. I would like to round out the collection with the 20mm, i think the 17mm might be a bridge too far for me. About the time i got the 85mm along came the p4k with the crop factor every lens suddenly becomes a telephoto, i have mitigated that with the addition of a villtrox speedbooster which has yet to arrive. I'll play with that for awhile and see how it goes. I'm still tempted by a metabones 0.64 but it will have to wait for awhile while i see how the villtrox performs and allow some time for the $ to accumulate.
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    Video Hummus

    What is your lens kit strategy?

    It’s not a secret I like my MFT gear. I go for a balance of flexibility, coverage and weight. PL 10-25mm f/1.7 serves as my wide to portrait lens and as my set of primes. Fast aperture. Great lowlight. It’s on my camera 75% of the time. It also serves as my astro lens. FF equiv. of a 20-50mm. PL 50-200 f/2.8-4 a great telephoto that balances focal range, aperture, and size nicely. Will be getting a 2x teleconverter to extend range. FF equiv. 100-400mm. With a 2x teleconverter a 200-800mm. Those are my go to lenses the vast majority of the time. They are the two lenses I grab when I know I might want to shoot but don’t know exactly what. Packs nicely in even a small bag and with a teleconverter in my bag as well I can carry two lenses and have 20mm to 800mm coverage with two lens! With only a slight gap in the middle around 85mm. I did own the venerable 12-35f/2.8 but sold it as it has been replaced by the 10-25. I sold my PL 12mm f/1.4 as it also just was never on my camera after the 10-25. Will be building out a vintage kit later that prioritizes character and feel.
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    What fav stuff are you currently watching?

    West Wing. Shot on film, with early episodes in 4:3 and only going wide-screen in later seasons. Content is king and West Wing is one of the rare shows that doesn't dumb down the content for the sake of the lowest IQ in the audience
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    Romance with past is gone... WTH is that?! Everyone got the point, I guess, but... ...that is past you don't see anyone to mimic or then show me who is going in the same boat: I think one of these days someone should open a thread with the fav screenings of each one these current days. Done:
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    Colour comes from many steps along the way, being finalised in post with corrections like saturation etc. Essentially, if footage is shot well enough for the codec being used (better codecs are more flexible) then you can (*almost) make any video have any colour you like by processing it in post. I say "almost" because there are a few limitations: the various filters in front of the sensor (including the RGB one) the processing in the camera itself how well the footage was shot and how good the codec is (10-bit, etc) the level of flexibility you have in your toolset (NLE, and other video processing software) the limitations of your monitoring (colour accuracy of monitors etc) the level of skill you have as a colourist In most situations it's the level of skill of the colourist that dominates how good the final result will be. The rule of thumb is that if you shoot it well by setting exposure and WB on set, shoot in suitable conditions (not crazy DR, no mixed lighting, etc) then you should be able to get good colour in post with only a few simple adjustments. Getting great colour requires everything to be almost perfect and a huge level of skill from the colourist, or just getting lucky. Hope that helps..
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    I am related to a few! They very much talk about their tools.
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    Yeah. But sometimes (in my case dues to tax reasons and older gear not being used) the time has come! Previously I had waited for canon to produce a reasonable b cam for my C100 and it never came (the XC10 just failing due to lowlight). Switched to GH5 and have enjoyed the experience (other than file size and extreme lowlight). Need a new A cam for my GH5
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    Looking forward to more from Jonah Hill
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    Sony 6K Full Frame PXW-FX9/FX6 Leak

    A couple of weeks ago a lady noticed my GH5 / VMP rig and asked me about it. Turns out she runs a small studio and is looking to replace her PD170 and "go HD". We spoke for some time and it was obvious from the conversation that she hasn't been looking at the tech for quite some time. Her three concerns were 1) no-one was offering any money at all for selling her PD170 (people were offering $20 and 'novelty' amounts like that), 2) she wanted to digitise all her tapes, and 3) she wanted to get new equipment and was admiring how small the GH5 was. Really goes to show how we on these forums are in a little bubble of 4k/6k 10-bit etc, when there are people out there who haven't gone HD yet, and we did the $200 challenge with HD cameras!
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    Fuck Zaxcom and their stupid patent/monopoly
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    KC Kelly

    Whats your dream videography kit?

    I would rather have a crew with enough knowledge and experience to make things work with the equipment on hand.
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    What are your thoughts on this chain then ?
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    Rinad Amir

    1DX Mark III Prototypes - 6K IBIS

    Just imagine canon colors af and 10bit 4.2.2 60fps internal clog no crop in fullframe priced as S1H id preorder it in hardbeat and no i dont need 6k 4k 2k im well ok with HD am i asking alot?
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    What's the least bang for buck?

    Is that ^ Canon's latest offering? The Canon EOS Desirée. The 'jack of all trades, master of none' (hybrid potato/camera).
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    I've heard the peelers you need for those are just generic ones from Lidl wrapped in Waitrose packaging.
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    Their consumption tax went up to 10% at the start of the month, so that is 200,000 net which does equate to the $1899 then. In the UK that means it should be roughly the same price in pounds of £1899 when you add the VAT and puts it into the same range as the Z6 and A7iii. I think both of those cameras certainly have quite a big edge currently regarding native lenses, AF and EVF amongst a host of other things but RAW to SSD and tiny form factor for modularity are very big and likely decisive factors for a lot of people here? The equivalent of a 4K Full Frame OG BMPCC for £1899 versus the 6K Super35 new generation BMPCC for £2200 is an interesting dilemma !
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    fave shots...

    Speaking of, Victoria is another film shot in one continuous take, with no hidden cuts. It's impressively action packed with a huge scope of locations. Certainly one of the most impressive shots I've ever seen.
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    Girls on film

    thanks @kaylee Hadn't seen it yet.... Really appreciated.
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    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    Even a couple of years after launch, the GH5 is a heck of a video camera. Yes, it is noisy above ISO1600, but the video quality, stabilization, etc. make it a great choice for a lot of projects.
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    Video Hummus

    GoPro Hero 8 Coming soon

    The 360 Max is the right direction for action cams.
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    I have the dark knight on blu-ray (1080p) and it looked better then when I watched it streamed in "4K"
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    So, I defy a new one from each other of us... hey guys and the only gal I am aware amongst us nowadays @kaylee, deal ? ; -)
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    Thanks @kye - I think I'm leaning towards the 7artisans. This lens's job will primarily be for stealing shots with minimal setup. So extra light and easy of use will go a long way I think... I'm coming from a hacked/adapted Canon 10-18mm on a speed booster, and been loving the width of that.
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    When did this topic become a 'let's post a bunch of stills' one? Like... elaborate lens tests and comparisons, awesome. Someone curious about a lens, sure support your argument for the lens by illustrating it with examples. But, maybe open an own topic for framedumps (which sounds like it would be a cool one) so we can keep somewhat of an overview here? jm2c
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    yup got $600 back! and a free repair! consumer advocacy works!!!! I reached out to their sales rep about the matter - I'm not taking full credit, but I reached out and we should all do this about any product if we are not happy with it.
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    that's bizarre, I'd consider getting a ninja star or ninka 2 at that point
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    Music videos...

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    DJI Mavic Pro II

EOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 for Sony cameras
EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony cameras
EOSHD 5D Mark III 3.5K RAW Shooter's Guide

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