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FX6 teased by Sony. Announcement coming?


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4 hours ago, Mmmbeats said:

Looking forward to comparing this to the (rumoured) Canon C70.  Really not sure which way I'll lean, but excited about both cameras.

Competition is good for us consumers! Wonder did Sony hold it off because of RF cinema cameras? Like they hold off a7s3 cause of R5

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I hate to admit it, but Sony is doing all the right things lately!

I was waiting for so long for Canon to do the right things, and I stick to EF most of the times, but now Sony just seems like a wiser direction.

Still I believe Canon is a better lens company though. I do not like all the Sony lens desings.

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11 hours ago, ntblowz said:

Competition is good for us consumers! Wonder did Sony hold it off because of RF cinema cameras? Like they hold off a7s3 cause of R5

I doubt if Sony held off the release of A7Siii because of R5.

The Japanese companies know the product release cycles of each other, their philosophy is never compete directly against one another; market differentiation is the name of game.

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On 9/3/2020 at 8:02 AM, ntblowz said:

wasnt there a FS7 with odyssy 7q+ sold for NZ$6100 2 weeks a ago, and FS5 with Raw upgrade for NZ$2800 recently

Really?? Wow. 

But I think the 7Q+ is overkill for a FS7, and also FS7 prices are around US$3K ish at the moment. So you could get a FS7 by itself for quite a bit less than NZ$6.1K

But that's a solid price for the FS5, miiiiight have gone for it myself. 
(part of me is still wondering if I should have gone for that cheap Sony F5 on trademe a year ago, but probably good I didn't???)

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  • 2 months later...

2 more sleeps! Rumors say basically A7SIII in FS5 form factor.

That would work a for a bunch of people, but for the increase price I'd be hoping for better IQ, at least something that can more closely match FX9.

I was thinking of maybe stretching for one, but if the actual IQ isn't any better than the A7SIII then there's no point for me...except, to look like I have a bigger camera.

I feel like FS5 made sense at the time compared to the A7SII, but FX6 when A7SIII is around, less of a need for it unless you need the form factor and internal ND.

Definitely not helping swing people waffling about C70 vs FX6.  Oh well.

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Rumored specs:



More Sony FX6 details coming out:

10.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Full Frame 4K-class Sensor with 15+ stop Dynamic Range

Full Frame 10bit 4:2:2 DCI 4K Up to 120fps

Dual Base ISO 800 & 12800

BIONZ XR Processor

2ch Audio Input

SD Card / CF Express Type-A Card

S-log 3 & S-Cinetone

V-ND in body

High Speed 4D AF System

LCD Touch screen

FX6 can shoot RAW also

It should be the same sensor as A7s3 which is a big advantage compared to FX9

Cool specs, but can it run Crysis?

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No evf again - this is a big annoyance for me personally and I hate that this seems to be the way of the smaller video/cine cameras - C70 has the same omission (although so did the larger Sony fx9, fs7 - those tacked on loupes don't really count).

If it has the same image as the fx9 then it could still be an interesting camera, but if it looks like the A7s3 then no thanks, especially if you can't turn NR off

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Ok, let's talk about SEX for a moment here. And by sex, I of course mean lenses...

Are there any lenses that take advantage of the AF systems on the FX6 / FX9 or C70 that are either parfocal or at least have minimal focus breathing? 

Because that's the great thing about the Panasonic lenses for the S series of cameras. For example, with my S1 I can go from an out of focus shot to... ummm... a more out of focus shot with minimal breathing.

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