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Sony a6100 and a6600 Announcement


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This is so disappointing from Sony. With that lens and upgrades the A6600 with a proper 10 bit codec and 4K60p would have been great. Now it’s a joke.

I was surprised they would release the new tech in the APSC first before the A7S. Now it makes sense, they just want their A7S line to be top for video. 

Still unacceptable, they give the sensor tech to Fuji a year ago and don’t even use it.

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3 hours ago, Alex Uzan said:

4k30, 8bit, one dual slot, no joystick.
So disapointing.
Even one year later, they can't keep up with the X-T3.

Add to the shortcomings: same sensor, same terrible rolling shutter, probably same poor pixel binned 120fps quality as well and Sony's lovely "colour"

If A6600 is a flagship they should be embarrassed.


At least the 16-55 seems great.
But we still don't know the price, and if it IS.

16-55 F2.8... Wow they finally got round to it. Shame it doesn't match the Samsung effort of 5 years ago though. That was F2.0-F2.8!

Sony = new Canon.

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52 minutes ago, David Bowgett said:

Canon is the one who (24p shenanigans aside) is offering more meaningful upgrades over its predecessor, and also has a more reasonable price point?

With a predecessor as shit as the EOS M6 and M5 were, it's not hard!

1 hour ago, lebigmac said:



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28 minutes ago, frontfocus said:

It feels like Sony just gave up on the APS-C market. It seems even Canon is putting more effort into their Eos M cameras nowadays. 

Given the frequency they release APSC cameras I don't think you can say they've given up on it. They've just stopped trying to innovate (or worse have hit a wall and can't innovate.) 

I saw people talking the a6600 up because it takes Z batteries and has a headphone jack. It feels like some have really set the bar low. 

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If the Sony 16-55mm f2.8 at least had stabilization, they would have sold one to every FS5 and FS7 owner out there - awesome lens less than 500-grams, but without stabilization, it becomes way less useful for those cameras. Would much rather use the 24-105mm f4 from Canon/Sigma with a speedbooster and also have a greater range + stabilization.

Since I greatly dislike Sony's color and image, I'm happy to see them stumbling. Hopefully more money goes to Panasonic, Sigma, and Fuji, all three which seem to be at least trying to make innovative and updated products. 

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