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  1. Nice move. Until the 15th of Jan 2020 you get 100€ cashback for the G9 from Panasonic in Germany: https://www.panasonic.com/de/mein-panasonic/aktionen-angebote-gewinnspiele/cashback-lumix.html
  2. I think the a6600 is just the answer to all youtube vloggers that reviewed the a6400 and stated that only IBIS is missing. The sequence of introduction reminds me of the sequence a6300 and a6500.
  3. Amazon Germany had this double rebate glitch during prime week. Instead of 200€ off one got 400€ off. It worked, the lenses were delivered. I am wondering if these are small 'sales booster' consealed as bugs.
  4. FHD @100MBit/s and HLG? I need to check this on my desktop ... sounds great!
  5. amazon.de price decreased to 499,-€ ... Olympus Winter Cashback gives you 100,-€ so you end up at 399,-€ for the Mark III Body ... this is a steal.
  6. Exactly what it reads: Sony does not provide flipscreens on their stuff. Casey needs a compact solution and the Canon 70D/80D provided a nice swively flippery screen that is very important for people that are mainly filming themselves for checking the framing. Hooking up external displays is no option if you are cruising through NYC on a boosted board. I think he just tries to find a more suiteable solution that the Sonys.
  7. Sure, but it is very likely that GoPro intended to sell their 4k60 baby for way more than 300 bucks, approx. >500 bucks - and of course no stabilizer integrated because GoPro wants to sell their Karma Grip for 350. There are more and more gimbals for actions cams available for less than 300 bucks, chinese ones for 200. GoPro version of stabilized 4k60: 500 + 350 = 850 Yi version of stabilized 4k60: 300 + 200 = 500 Probably for the same hardware, the only difference the bell & whistles of GoPro advertisement.
  8. Same here. Skins look nice but for me too much red in everything else. Tried Leeming LUT for the Panasonic and like it better because it does not create that strong tint.
  9. Do the pants of the guy look pink? At least on my screen they do. I have the same problem with Pro Color for Panasonic and my G81. While skin tones look really great all of my footage gets a pink color cast after applying the LUT even if I use the recommended camera settings and a white balance that look fine in the original footage.
  10. Just check the PDF which comes with the LUTs for EOSHD Pro Color. Settings that work best with the LUT are mentioned there.
  11. Perhaps a generic HMDI driver for a bunch of cameras, not necessarily mean that the 5100 could use these functions.
  12. If we talk about daily vlogging - with daily being one key to success - these guys need tools that work reliable and efficient even when skating on a hoverboard through NYC. No chance to use manual focus and only limited time for checking exposure levels. it really is a different game. Of course all the review-, ASMR- and unboxing guys/gals and other people that do not leave their house for vlogging are pretty happy with manual focus and they can use the mentioned cameras that output nice UHD material like the RX100M4, GX8x, GH4.
  13. 70D and 80D are used for vlogging because they provide the excellent Canon Dual Pixel AF which is important for one-man shows, especially daily vlogs. Panasonic GX85, Olympus E-M5.2 provide better image quality and stabilization but do net get the AF-job done. The CDAF implementations are simply not reliable enough. You do not see the focus hunting in the small flip-out screen during recording. Of course there is obvious stuff, where the camera focusses on the background an is not willig to change but the problem are the small, nearly unnoticeable glitches, when the face tracking loses the face for a fraction of a second. Once back at the NLE you realize that it looks awful but today's episode needs to be pushed out ... Vlogging is a growing business, pobably understimated by poeple that are not used to it. A lot of money is involved when the number of followers get over one million and while content is still king the quality level is quite high.
  14. Try the L.Monochrome picture style! I have never seen so nice B/W JPGs out of the camera.
  15. I always turn E-stabilization off and have IBIS (not 5-Axis) with legacy or non-OIS lenses like the Olympus 25mm f/1.7.
  16. The GX80 can be switched to 30p/60p using a "service mode": IBIS works in video mode:
  17. Yep, the 30p works great. However I am struggeling with the right picture profile. Are there any proposals / experiences with settings that come visually close to the Canon "Prolost Flat" settings?
  18. I just bought Cinema4k for my Samsung Galaxy S6. Is there any way to tell if I have got the full version? Google Play Store says that there are in-app-purchases available but I can not find those. Regarding focus on the S6: Is tab-to-focus-AF possible? It seems that there is only AF (where I do not even know where the camera puts the focus) and MF. The standard camera of the S6 provides tab-to-focus AF though.
  19. Got my GX80 yesterday. Switched it to 30p/60p and did a few test shots. Image stabilization is incredible. Used the 14-42mm and the collapsible 12-32 vor the first shots and it s really amazing. Now handheld shots really become usable for me. Continuous AF is for sure not as reliable as on the a6300 or the 70/80D but that is OK for me. Tab to Focus works can be used in two ways which is not really described in the manual: Set Continuous AF to OFF. Set AF to AF-S: During recording or before, tab on the screen to select the area you want to focus at, push the shutter button halfway to engange focussing. Set Continuous AF to OFF. Set AF to AF-C: During recording or before, tab on the screen to select the area you want to focus at and the camera performs a focus transition from the current focus setting to the point selected (no shutter button action involved). The (not really expected but) appreciated behaviour is that the camera only does one focussing action. If you move the frame and your focus selection point to a blurry part of the image the camera will not try to get focus again. Probably because "Continuous AF" is OFF. From what I saw in the first shots the transitions are pretty smooth, especially for a CDAF system.
  20. While the NX500 did not perform very well in FHD due to the extremely low bitrate (no PRO setting with firmware 1.0 and even HQ was not HQ) the new firmware greatly improves FHD capabilities of the NX500 as it makes the PRO bitrate settings available. Checkout samples here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mr108nxf4teskpz/AADtu20DbI8lUAJUn5yjzq_ua?dl=0 (download an watch with a dedicated player, do not use the dropbox interface in the browser)
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