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my first short


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29 minutes ago, kaylee said:

at best, I think this is a cool example of what one person can do with a 5d3 in 2019 with no budget, crew, or resources whatsoever


I have shot a short film All alone because the DoP and his assistant turned into nymphomaniacs somewhere during the shoot, and just couldn't shoot. I loved the whole experience, even if I wasn't happy with how the short finally turned out. I feel, that one should re-write (touch up and polish), one's first work, after the first 10 projects, so that it looks and feels like it should. 


Congrats ?

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Awesome stuff!

Lots of respect from me too.  For just shooting it with what you had, for finishing it, and for uploading it.  Only those who have done this will appreciate what an achievement that is!!

In terms of my feedback, I really liked the different coloured lighting setups / grades.  I didn't really understand the 322, but it seems to fit the whole other-worldly theme, and there's lost of cool stuff I don't get so it's probably just me :)

Again, well done!

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14 minutes ago, ShaunC said:

I also really like the "dark" shots (like 1.44). We're always talking about dynamic range, and IQ etc etc, but sometimes it's all in the shadows. In the murky bits. Makes you look harder. 

Good stuff.

man... thank you so much for saying that

my whole idea was ~dark and low contrast, really saturated~ and my 7GB prores render looks GREAT...! but it gets  m u r d e r e d  on youtube. this is not the best quality upload due to this file in particular, but i did tests and......... its rough

on mobile its exponentially worse. 1080p on the youtube app is not equal to 1080p desktop, and its PARTICULARLY destructive to all the ~pretty dark shots~ that i actually succeeded in making, *not that you can tell* from this upload~! tbh that was sooo frustrating to me, thats a big part of why i was like "i haveta take a lil break from this" ?

anyway, thats amazin that you totally saw what i was goin for thru it all... makes my day! tysm

edit: see, lookit this low res png screen grab on tumblr... STILL SOOOoooooo much better smh. i mean the ridiculous banding isnt there u kno


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38 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:


And a good reminder to everyone about how much sound design brings to the party.

Actually, yes - I really liked this too - I forgot to comment on it.  The strange ringing you get from loud sounds was done perfectly - "sound as headspace" was nailed completely!


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12 hours ago, kaylee said:

ok so in the spirit of eoshd togetherness I have decided to share this video to see what u guys think. maybe it will inspire zach ☺️

let me explain:

i made this short at the end of last year, but I never completed the edit/fx/etc 100%. Got busy with other stuff, and I was working up my gumption to come back to it with a fresh eye.

then my iMac broke, and I have a new ‘puter on the way, but I’m anticipating the nightmare of opening resolve and Siri saying ERROR: NO MEDIA FOUND, because my files, ALTHOUGH BACKED UP, are super disorganized, there might be a few things missing, but at the very least it’ll be a big pain in the ass to relink everything to get going on this again

aannnyyyway I always feel bad for posting literally zero videos but numerous dog pics and I was like Screw it, its not perfect, but here ya go.

this is not the best file, its the one I had in icloud, there could be a better render, etc etc, and its getting murdered by youtube compression, but my first reaction watching it after not messing with it for a few months was…. …Hey~! Its not too bad! ☺️ not bad for a first film i made all by myself! imagine if I had a crew, a budget… ?

so, if youd like to see, pls check it out, and if you have any helpful feedback that involves changing/adding things, that’s great, but I do NOT have access to the actors/locations any more and there is almost no chance of me shooting additional footage, so as long as suggestions don’t involve me spending any more money on this project, I’m all in ?

at best, I think this is a cool example of what one person can do with a 5d3 in 2019 with no budget, crew, or resources whatsoever... as indie as it gets lolol


Downtown SD baby!!!

Kaylee. Tons of inspirational stuff for me. Thank you for sharing.

Much kudos for your excellent locations and sets. Great locations and sets can make your life easy.

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Your framing/composition, that is, your directing work is WELL above the average, you're an artist, girl, I believe we are all proud of you : ) My hat! Your movie deserves much more than YT, go to arthouse film festival circuit, you're giving new pictures and sounds (with such finest sound design) to the world. Credits apply BTW, the crew is not irrelevant at all when we watch something of this caliber : -)

I imagine you have now a lot of people either trying to date you : D or be somehow doing anything to be connected with you. You are far to be just another anonymous camper here or anywhere else (E ; -)

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