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Post photos of your anamorphic rig!

Andrew Clunie

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On 6/23/2018 at 6:47 PM, Teemu said:

Me, my crew and my gear in extreme conditions (-24 celsius). I don’t have better images from my setup but I could take one someday at the studio. GH5 with modified FM Lens (Kowa 8z inside) minolta pancake 45 2.8 taking lens, smallhd focus monitor, some different branded rig parts. I am quite satisfied with this setup. GH5 and image stabilization with anamorphic lenses is just great! Really like that I can do even rough handheld work with my anamorphic setup with a great results!

Photos by my talented gaffer Eetu Keränen.





Super nice! Great to see shooting in some interesting conditions :)

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Bringing the topic back from the dead.

This is what you get, if you are advised to stay home and have some time at your hands.
Some people fix broken cabinets, some paint walls, I opted for completing the rig and making it more handy.

X-T3, Helios 44-4 via dumb adapter, Tiffen Variable ND, Isco Ultra Star (1st Gen), myFM from Eugene Myreev.
And at the back: 10,000mAh power bank plus NP-F750 battery, both acting as a counterweight and supplying power to the camera and external monitor (Fotga A50TL).

The coiled cable is responsible for triggering recording remotely, so that I don't have to touch the camera buttons, at all.

I was lucky enough to get the majority of parts from SmallRig, and at discounted prices (I paid 8$ for the cage, 15$ for the baseplate, 10$ for the top handle).

The strap acts like a cheap-o alternative to easyRig, I just hang it off my neck.




And it fits into my backpack!


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