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  1. Yes the lens is still available. Please PM me if you're interested in purchasing.
  2. @TurboRat My other Baby Hypergonar! I have two, which is why I'm selling one
  3. I'm selling this KOWA C35 1.5x. It's the best copy I've seen and the only C35 I know of to have a blue coated rear lens element, producing blue and magenta flares, similar to Bolex flares. The optics and coatings look new with minimal dust inside the lens. The body has mounting marks and focuses very smoothly. It's a rare beauty. - PRICE: $2100 USD - LENS NAME: Kowa C35 1.5x - CONDITION: Minty Optics - PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal - LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA, USA - FEES & SHIPPING: PayPal fees and shipping paid by buyer. Please PM me if interested.
  4. I'm selling a copy of the smallest Anamorphic lens in the world, the Baby Hypergonar 1.75x. It's been said there were only about 50 of these ever made. Designed by the OG, Henri Chretien, and made in 1957. It is in great condition. Comes with a little black carry case. Really lovely copy, no scatches, fungus, haze. Body is in great shape. There are a few small coating blemishes on the front, but they are so hard to see I couldn't even capture them in the pictures, and they don't show up in performance. Can be used by just focusing your taking lens or in combination with a single focus variable diopter. Neutral unique flares and beautiful rendering. - PRICE: $1500 USD - LENS NAME: Baby Hypergonar - CONDITION: Near Mint Optics, Mint Body - PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal - LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA, USA - FEES & SHIPPING: PayPal fees and shipping paid by buyer. Please PM me if interested .
  5. Looking to buy either the 8/19 or 16/32 Bolex Moller Anamorphic lenses. Please PM, thanks.
  6. Do you have any links to footage or pics?
  7. Hey friends, I’m on the hunt for either one of the Bolex and have the cash available to pay the market price for a great copy. Please contact me if you would like to sell. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm specifically looking for a lens with character. When you say ISCO and Cinelux seem to be "better", well that is very subjective. I'm not looking for modern sharpness and I'm certainly not looking for a projector lens with a fixed aperture.
  9. @Hans Punk Hans, do you have a copy you would sell?
  10. Please let me know if you have an Iscorama to sell. Thanks!
  11. Here's my old rig featuring a Kowa Prominar C35 1.5X housed in a Rapido metal jacket. I just sold the setup and am currently looking for an Iscorama if anyone's looking to sell.
  12. I have this lens & will soon receive a HCDNA to use with it for single focus.
  13. Hi guys, did either of you end up trying the Voigtlander as taking lens?
  14. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a Helios 44m-7 lens. I don't trust ebay with this lens as it looks like most are switched plate fakes, unless you know of a reputable seller with one. Also looking to pick up a Tokina +0.4 Diopter, if anyone would like to part with theirs. Thanks!
  15. Are you looking to sell the Tokina close up diopter still?
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