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  1. Hello! I've recently been interested in buying the Voigtlander 40mm SL-II Nikon Mount as a taking lens but I've failed to find any examples of it paired with an anamorphic. It seems like the perfect taking lens for a s35mm-ish camera + anamorphic. My two intended setups are: 7D - 40mm - Kowa Bell&Howell BMCC m43 - Speedbooster Nikon - 40mm - Kowa Bell&Howell I've tested the BMCC with the speedbooster and Kowa with a MC-MIR 35mm f2 and it vignettes a little bit. If I crop to 2.39:1 the corners are still a little bit vignetted when there's a hard light in front. Now, the MC-MIR is not a pancake at all. Do you think the Voigtlander will not vignette being a pancake and slightly longer than the 35mm? Does anyone here know of any tests? Or even better, if any of you have it and an anamorphic, would you mind doing a little test? Thanks in advance!
  2. I've always wondered, how do "fixed focus" lenses work?
  3. When is this going to be available to purchase?
  4. I still don't get how to enable RAW on a 7d... I've tried reading up on the ML forum but it's... undecipherable.
  5. Interesting! But that basically means it's worthless for an anamorphic adapter setup?
  6. Thanks! Hehe, I should perhaps add that that second video is NSFW.
  7. Here are some photos. The model is C11564 and came with a bayonet adapter model FA-7x80.
  8. I bought a BIG century optics wide angle adapter in hopes of trying it out with my Kowa for B&H. Initial tests left me baffled because I could not get ANY kind of focus. Then again, it was a test-by-hand, wasn't very scientific. But I was a little bit let down. I should try it again...
  9. I DP'ed these music videos with a 7D, Super Takumar 50mm f1.4, MC-MIR 35mm f2, and a Kowa for B&H Anamorphic:   https://vimeo.com/39326288   https://vimeo.com/33099716  
  10. I guess the closest thing that could work for you is a 2x anamorphic adapters, which are generally cheaper than the 1.3x or 1.5x types.    I'm not sure for what you're trying to do with this set up, but you might get away with it with one of the cheap projection 2x adapters that go on ebay. 
  11. Hi. Is it just me or did anyone notice that there's a few shots in the trailer where the lens feels mis-aligned. Verticals slanting to the side. It's very distracting and one of the more annoying things about anamorphic videos. Do you plan on fixing it before the final cut?    Other than that I commend you on your film! It looks very interesting and I like seeing more independent diy anamorphic feature projects!
  12. So I bought myself on ebay a Century Precision Optics C1351 wide angle adapter, 0.6x apparently. I went cheap, $12. The lens itself is in perfect conditions, and it's BIG. Its read thread is 80mm but it came with an adapter to bayonet that fits PERFECTLY on my Redstan front filter adapter for my 2x Kowa Bell&Howell.    However... when I put it on, NOTHING seems to focus... it kinda shifts the whole backfocus way back (or front?) so I cannot get focus anywhere. So it occurred to me to use diopters to see if I could get anything in focus, and I have the Tokina ATX plus a set of vivitar close-up filters. I combined many but in the end I found that the best solution was to use the vivitar +1 and the +4 stuck together between the Kowa and the wide angle adapter. This got me decent focus (worse than without the century) but then I realized... there wasn't anything WIDE angle about it!! I took pictures to compare but what I seemed to gain in angle of view with the Century seemed to be countered by the closeup filters. But then without the filters I couldn't get anything in focus! Has anyone had a similar problem? Perhaps it'd be better if I mounted the wide angle adapter farther away from the Kowa? I haven't tried that yet, will try it in the morning.
  13. I don't know about you guys but the footage in the two brothers video looked pretty damn sharp to me! Even for a compressed 720p vimeo video. The native files can only look even better!
  14. Hello all! I've been interested in buying an FS100 and one of the things that I'd like to do the most with it is shooting anamorphic. However it feels like there's a void there in the internet, for there are just a few videos online of proper FS100 Anamorphic footage. https://vimeo.com/28203770 and https://vimeo.com/33889188 The latter looks pretty nice, as you will understand, I'd like to see more. Andrew, you promised some FS100 Anamorphic footage with your ISCOs! Whatever happened to that? If anyone else has some footage or framegrabs to share, please feel free to post them. Thanks in advance.
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