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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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On 9/5/2018 at 3:55 PM, seanzzxx said:

I don't think the DNGs weigh anything

After some research on a film, data does indeed have a weight. All the data of the internet weighs about the same as a strawberry :)

On topic- After Magic Lantern on the 5dIII, raw/prores on this camera coupled with Black Magic's focus for a professional tool makes my next camera purchase easier to decide.

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26 minutes ago, IOJKL said:

Having options is always a good thing, agree with that.

Exactly, I want the best possible camera, but also it is nice if it is a bunch of medium and low level settings underneath the top setting as well. 

This is one of the downsides of the C200, it didn't have that many options, just raw or 8bit

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1 hour ago, jack86 said:

Oh dear they don't really understand raw or prores at all ,they think raw related to the 'film' profile and proress to 'video'. I suppose such a cheap cinema cam puts itself within reach of people that don't really understand what they are getting. Nice to see more articles popping up though 


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8 minutes ago, jonpais said:

The article also reads, “it’s been designed to be handheld,” rather funny, because best results will be had shooting on a gimbal, tripod or other support. 

Still handheld even if you hold it up on a gimbal or even monopod for extra weight, no? ?

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20 minutes ago, wyrlyn said:

Still not a single info about the built-in audio mic quality.

This is on the article I posted:

"Either side of the lens are two mic housings which are home to four microphones, tuned for vocal pick-up."

"The BMPCC4K also has quiet audio circuits and a built in mini XLR, something that no alternative mirrorless camera has unless you purchase a costly add on device...."

But yeah, very little to go on for now.

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4 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

Quite a nice hands on review on the usability of the camera:


Raw DNG untouched 4000iso:


100% crop:


Looks like they have ditched the Carbon Fiber body in favor of plastic. From the article.



It’s light

Picking up the BMPCC4K for the first time, and the light weight of it becomes very apparent, thanks to the new polycarbonate body.



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