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Panasonic Teases New Compact Cinema Camera

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A well respected member at dvxuser wrote this earlier "Just got this info about the new camera. It will have a S35 sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range. 4k up to 60fps. 1080p up to 120fps. All th

You can't just put the GH5 into a bigger body, slap a huge price on it and call it a day. I mean, you have the XLR unit for on top of your GH5 now and can use the Aputure DEC vND EF-mount as well. BOO

After the DVX200 came out, I bought it. To be honest, I wasn't experienced at that time with settings, tweaking and getting the best results of a more advanced camera, but my experience was a desaster

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Interesting! I was just thinking how I would feel about this, if it turned out to be a killer cam at a good price since I just bought the GH5.

Let's say it turns out to be costing $3000,-. Would I feel the need to upgrade already again?

I realised that for my work (weddings), I would still put the camera on the same rig as I am using now. So actually, the form-factor isn't important to me. Build-in ND's would be an upgrade, but not worth the extra money to me.
A bigger sensor? With no better image quality, I have no problems with using a Speed Booster and it's manual stepless aperture ring. I have done so for years and I love the image.
4k 10-bit at 60p? Now that would be an upgrade, but probably also not worth the price difference.

When I think of it, there is only one single reason why I might feel tempted so take my loss and by this new camera. If it had +2 stops of dynamic range more. Cause that's, ultimately, one of the few weak points of the GH5 left.

Other than that, I feel like the GH5 is a killer cam. And no way that it is a still a stills camera with a video mode. It is a video camera with a stills mode and stills form-factor.

Just sharing my rationalising thoughts for everyone who might agree and can still feel good about their GH5 purchase :)

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2 hours ago, Tim Sewell said:

Eric Naso (who's had a look at the covered dummy/prototype at the show) reckons the lens has the red canon band and suggests it may be the 16-35 2.8L. http://www.newsshooter.com/2017/04/24/panasonic-teases-new-cine-camera-at-nab/

The mock at NAB may have the 2.8L, but the promo pic looks like the SigArt 24-35.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.47.18 AM.jpg

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24 minutes ago, ade towell said:

Yes I'd expect it to be more like double that...am excited for this camera, am hoping it's more a 'mini' Varicam than beefed up GH5 

It could be... but my guess it would have to be around 4000-5000$ in order to compete against the C100 and the FS5.

The recent Varicams have IMHO been overpriced; they look nice and all the feedback is positive but they are deep into Sony F55, Alexa and RED territory... You need to offer something else if you want to beat those established workhorses at their own game.

The FS5 is a little less than 6000$ and the C100 MkII is 4000$, so if it is in fact a small s35 cinema camera with EF mount, it would make sense to target the same price range and offer maybe a higher bitrate or better codec.

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49 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

Interesting they put a full frame lens like the 24-35mm on there, what are they trying to say?

If it were Super 35mm they'd put the 18-35mm on it, surely.

because thats the industry standard fo s35 video. You rearly go wider than 20 ish mm on comercial shoots, at least I have been requested to very rearly on 20+ shoots. A shame really, because Iove the wide wide look and I only get to use it on music videos.

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FE is locked by Sony I get it, but I can't figure out why nobody can come with an open standard mount for mirrorless that supports FF lenses. 

It is very sad to see companies like BM & Panasonic use almost archaic DSLR mounts only because there is no other available mount, which restricts both the number of lenses that can be adapted and the usefulness of speed boosters. 

In my opinion JVC ls300 at least tried, even if that meant breaking the m4/3 standard. Still far more useful than an EF mount. 

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Cinema5d writes, "I think we are very likely looking Panasonic’s answer to the FS5 and even the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro: a compact cinema camera that’s as much at home in a documentary environment as in indie productions. In other words, a beefed-up GH5 with a Super 35mm sensor and camcorder ergonomics, with the kind of data rate capabilities to affordable media that Panasonic has already promised, and which has the entry-level market already salivating."

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They are trying to say 'look how small the camera is in relation to the lens'. The bigger the lens, the smaller the camera seems to be.

I have no doubt it is a Varicam Lite, S35 EF mount with GH5 headlining features (in terms of resolution/framerates etc) put in a professional body at roughly the launchprice of the DVX200 which was 4195 USD (which is about the same ballpark the JVC GY-LS300 was announced at). They literally positioned it in between the LT and GH5... that was the problem before, where you go from a GH4? Though, it's a shame your whole lens line-up, if that would be MFT alone, would be wasted on this (points for JVC). Then again, you can just get a whole lot more out of S35, which also is the industry standard. As long as it sticks around 5k and has an accessible and affordable eco-system, it would be real nice. Because on the other side you have your URSA Minis, Sony FS cameras, Canon Cx00 range, Kinefinity, 2nd hand RED packages, etc. And that kinda drives you more in the direction of 10k kitted out with a bunch of accessories needed.


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MFT mount, that awesome Varicam (LT) sensor and full Vari Log, great intra and interframe codecs, though locked to 10bit without RAW or 12 bit option,

internal ND- the awesomest possible successor to the AF100. Maybe some additional innovative features such as stepless cropping options,

lossless digizoom for HD and 2K and so on and that beautiful industrial design style of the LT and GH5. For 4999.99,

my dream camera dream come true :)


Edit: but then shitty display and micro hdmi and bad preamps ;)

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40 minutes ago, AaronChicago said:

The Varicam LT sensor for 4999 would be amazing.

Yeah, Aaron, thats what I was saying! That would be super awesome, combined with the full! dynamic range VLOG, not just the GH5 Log.

Please MFT mount too! I think you could sell your FS700 and Odyssey then :) Do you still own that combo? Have you been enjoying it?

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