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Panasonic Teases New Compact Cinema Camera

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4 hours ago, Alt Shoo said:

Speaking of competition what about AJA Cion and Kinefinity Terra?? They have RAW and at a good price too.

I looked at the Kinefinity cameras...though I have to say I preferred the form factor of the Kinemax...ultimately any questions I had were either only partially responded to or not at all...and I was inquiring as a potential buyer....after a while I decided that buying the cam would be too risky to me and let it go....perhaps with a US distributor I could have gone that way...I found the image lovely though...truth for me is there's probably a large number of cameras I could use...with a professional colorist, good DP and gaffer, any number of cams....even inexpensive ones could yield a lovely image...when you're shooting a wedding or a feature or television series...and have to get the shot, the Kine camera would made me nervous....especially after the communication in my earlier enquiries.

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A well respected member at dvxuser wrote this earlier "Just got this info about the new camera. It will have a S35 sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range. 4k up to 60fps. 1080p up to 120fps. All th

You can't just put the GH5 into a bigger body, slap a huge price on it and call it a day. I mean, you have the XLR unit for on top of your GH5 now and can use the Aputure DEC vND EF-mount as well. BOO

After the DVX200 came out, I bought it. To be honest, I wasn't experienced at that time with settings, tweaking and getting the best results of a more advanced camera, but my experience was a desaster

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On 5/29/2017 at 1:38 PM, Hanriverprod said:

Wait, EF mount ? Well that's a no go to me. 80% of my lenses are not adaptable to EF ! I want m4/3 :D

Seems a strange decision as they lower end (GH4/GH5) and previous cameras (AF100 !) have a m4/3 mount. 
The varicam has an EF/PL mount, but costs 14k$... EF has just too much of a flange distance. As we are not using mirrors now, I don't get why we're still using this mount designed for reflex systems :s

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1 hour ago, Alt Shoo said:

@Fritz Pierre I agree. I was going to purchase but I felt like there would be an issue with communication because they didn't have any reliable  state side support. The image looks pretty though. Did you look into the Cion?

@Alt Shoo...I looked at the very first clip they released...which I liked...and then started hearing rumors of a different sensor used after the clip was shot...at that time the camera was around 10k...and then the complaints about very low DR started coming in....I liked the form factor purely from a Cine style camera though...I like what Panasonic does with their cameras though...the KineMax  was really the only other camera I considered...but you could get a Cion for next to nothing now...and as with all cameras, the negatives are always never ending...I would advise if you were considering it, to find one to rent...maybe it's a sleeper....we tend to blame cameras far too much these days...there's a great Cooke Masterclass series where Ridley Scott's DP, Mathieson talks about how he shoots battle scenes and the Fstops that are practical and how they solve various problems...the word camera never comes up in the discussion lol...the Cion may well be a camera you'd love...B&H lists the camera for $5000 and specs it out at 12stops....go figure??....link below...the camera I really want is the Varicam LT ?? been lusting after it for over a year, but it would have to be bought for a big project that would pay for it in lieu of renting!


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