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C-LOG coming to 5D mk IV


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8 hours ago, SR said:

How's the 1080p on the Mark4? If it covers the full frame without line skipping, this is interesting news.

It's a slight step back from the 5D Mark III in terms of quality, with increased moire.

*Slow hand-clap*

4 hours ago, Jimmy said:

Fingers crossed for a 1DX-II update too.... Could make for something of a perfect hybrid camera, once c-log is added (or maybe a 1DC-II at NAB)

You don't need the official C-LOG.

You can use mine or James Miller's custom profile.


The improvement if Canon brought C-LOG themselves to the 5D Mark IV would be in the region of 5%.

Hardly exciting news.

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Sorry, not trying to hi-jack this thread, but considering that every camera in the C-line except the 1DC now has DPAF, is it crazy to think Canon might offer it in the future? Or isn't there at least some kind of argument to be made about them offering it to keep the C-line uniform as far as basic specs go?

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Yeah, it never will be true log but it seems 8bit footage + log is hardly advantage to Andrew's flat profile. I believe him on this one because he had both 1DC and 1DX II and compared them properly. I think, more bits is needed to take full advantage of a log file. 

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3 hours ago, Jimmy said:

You have made a nice, flat profile.. A great starting point for grading... It is not log though and never will be... It cannot retain highlights and shadows like a true log file can.

I created a Clog emulation in May 2016, right after purchasing the 1DX II. Along with Highlight Tone Priority (HTP) it appeared to be useful at first. However it became clear in production that skintones became challenging so I stopped using it (still use HTP). Actual Clog which isn't just a picture profile could be useful (highlights and preserving skintones), especially for matching other Canon cameras quickly. I was able to quickly grade GH5 log footage so a convergence on log formats that can be graded similarly is very helpful in production.



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Now we are talking. :


Yesterday we reported we were pretty sure that the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV would get C-Log via a firmware update that will likely be announced at NAB next month. We can now confirm that to a certainty that it’s coming. However, we do not have a release date for the firmware.

We’re now asking sources if the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II will see a similar firmware update, we’ll report back on that as soon as we’re able to.

There has been another suggestion that Canon has been actively looking at ways to “improve” the 4K video capture crop on the EOS 5D Mark IV. We cannot confirm at this time if we’re going to see that in a firmware update.

More to come…

Read more: http://www.canonrumors.com/c-log-coming-to-eos-5d-mark-iv-confirmed-cr3/#ixzz4c02PenLL

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