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  1. I shot this promotional video for the annual Tango Festival here in New Orleans. Shot with c100II and GH5, I really wanted to test out the improvements in the lowlight capabilities with the GH5 over shooting last years festival with the GH4, I was impressed! Edited in FCPX
  2. So I am about to purchase Canon's C100 Mark II. just a question about the slow motion options on the camera. I want to make a clip that shoots in slow motion but while recording at 60 Fps i want to transition back to normal velocity while recording is it possible to do this? without any type of Atomos Ninja device? I don't want to have to go into video editing either to do it because it can diminish the quality of the slow motion and the transitioning.
  3. Hello! I'm a student hoping to get some feedbacks from the community here! Would like to share with you a video I made in Myanmar. I am trying to highlight the happiness within the people despite the rapid development of Myanmar through this video. Hope you like it!
  4. HELP! MPEG Streamclip won't touch it, Final Cut Pro 7 won't think about it... how can I convert my Panasonic GH4-created 96fps mp4 files to work within the FCP7 environment? Thank you all so much for any insights you can provide!
  5. This music video was shot with a Sony Fs700 and Samyang lenses.Check the shots at night, they were all made at 50 fps, without help of any speedbooster, just the combination of the Samyang lenses and the right exposure.We had no help of any kind of light equipment, because we didn't have the budget... just the street lights. For those who are thinking to buy this camera, I can just say that the Sony Fs700 is really a good deal for what it can deliver. See for yourself. And the grain... was put on purpose on post-production to have that dirty effect.
  6. I just read about the new SanDisk Extreme Pro CF cards available in 160 MB/s speeds and 256 GB storage size.  They are UDMA7.  I was wondering if anyone knows if they might enable higher frame rates with the Magic Lantern RAW recording on the 5D Mark III?  It would be amazing if they unlocked slow motion capability at a decent resolution.
  7. My first slow motion for Nikon Italy with new Nikon D5300:
  8. Hi folks, I have a bit of a dilemma about buying the GH3. Money is not the issue, its about portability with extensive traveling and going into remote places, being on planes alot etc. I have done a lot of review reading on the GH3 and as usual, with all the fast evolving technology, its a very seductive option. But I ask myself, do I really need an extra half brick to lug around with me, especially when by the time I master the camera, the GH6 or something else will be released. (Or a hybrid GH3 - GX7 would be amazing.) I could sell the GH2 of course, but that is not the issue. I like the GH2's smaller size and weight. So I guess this question may have been asked before, but I cannot find the specifics on this forum. What would users recommend for, 1. The most optimised hack for a GH2 that has the best Mbps (88?), that comes closest to the GH3? 2. The best hack for slow motion? 3. The best hack for timelapse? 4. The best hack that contains all these criteria? 5. How many memory cards (and what sizes) to hold all these - about 3? I am nowhere near as experienced as many members here. I have read up on all the various hacks around but have not tried most of them, so I really need to cut to the chase and not waste too much time. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond!
  9. Jeremy Low

    Tokyo city

    The city of Tokyo, in all its brilliant colors and character.   https://vimeo.com/71145528  
  10. Hi,   I had such a good response last time I thought I would post my latest music video shot using an Optex anamorphic adapter.   https://vimeo.com/74284254   Shot on a Red One mostly in 2k crop mode 96fps I wanted to replicate the look of 16mm film. I love shooting in raw, it gave me lots of flexibility in post, using LUTs to get some really filmic colours. Would be cool to get some feed back from some fellow anamorphic lovers.   Cheers,   Chris.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZpj0vLtkAI   Panasonic Lumix GH3 with 45 - 200mm   Frame 300% Fast and 40% Slow, edited by Sony Vega 11   The wind at the airport is too strong and my camera is shake a bit.      
  12. Just to put a big shout out to film makers in the Brighton area, I have scripted a par cours, free running short chase film-through night Brighton, filming on anamorphic with raw Hacked mk 3, mk 2, but need a 240fps hacked Gh2- if your interested in collaborating with us, and have such a beauty in your armoury, please get in touch, this is to be a showcase piece, entered in la creme de la creme of festivals and you would be credited as a co- cinematographer...so drop me a line or call 07966371820 to rendez vous soon as...shooting in June/July... thanks...Heartbuddha
  13. http://vimeo.com/64229408   ...my niece, Kinley, is not quite 2.5yrs and my nephew Connor is 7 months.  They were pretty fascinated by the big(gish) lens when they saw it, their extensive experience being photographed so far being mostly camera phones.  Kinley got over it pretty quickly though and was able to ham it up with perfect abandon.     GH2 (patch: Flowmotion) Nikkor 24mm f/2 Century Optics anamorphic 5DtoRGB CS6: PPro + AE ColorGHear
  14. Slow Motion - Which option is better for making slow motions with the Pana GH3?     1. - Choose the highest fps so 50fps instead of 24fps in the Menu and then apply the slow motion in post?   2. - or Choose the slower/faster option in the Menu therefore slower down in-camera?       What is this function actual doing - what does actual happen in terms of shutter speed or ... ?     Can you combine 50fps and 24 fps footage on the edit table without any problem?     Interlaced versus Progressive? Progressive gives a smoother look but I just saw a video of somebody explaining you should opt for interlaced when slowing down to have a smoother look. What are your thoughts?     One other question? - AVCHD is just an compression mode but to be on the safe side. Can 2 cameramen combine AVCHD and Move footages on the edit table? What things should we be aware of? Choosing both interlaced or bot progressive and....?       Thanxs you for helping out! T The Panasonic manual isn't really helpful for newbies like me.
  15. This is a test with a Sony FS700. The biggest downside of this camera is the internal codec, not very gradable, there's a lot of work to be done so you can pull more out of the images without loosing much quality. This was also shot only with natural light, nothing more, soon i'll make a side to side clip so everyone can check the before and after. http://vimeo.com/61725983
  16. We are producing slow motion video portraits for a large public artwork and need a recommendation on cameras.  We are shooting closeup faces in a portrait setting and then slowing them down anywhere from 2x to 6x.  I am finding that having 60 frames/sec is massively helpful when using Twixtor/AFX motion blending.    Our current tests were produced using a d800 at 720p60 but I am finding that the video quality is weirdly low, and it looks like an encoding issue.  We also need to deploy this as a photobooth rig and the d800 is a) expensive and B) has shallower DOF than I would like due to FX.   Can anyone recommend a camera that does good 60fps at 720p or higher resolution?  We would ideally like to use HDMI and encode to disk but other workflows are considerable too.   Thanks
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