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  1. Olympus EM5 body costs: 800€ Panasonic GH3 body costs: 1200€ Both are shooting 60fps both have 16mp sensor. I believe that Olympus EM5 is the best camera for that price & that it has the same video quality with the Panasonic GH3 (i am telling that cause i've seen a lot of compares), correct me if i am wrong! Here is a very nice Olympus EM5 video .
  2. Hello all! I am new here, so this is my first post/thread here ever. Today I got my Panasonic Lumix GH3. Before I have used Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Fujifilm X-E1/X100s for video recording. I have never used a camera that allows me full control during video recording before. I ordered the GH3 because I am going to make a documentary movie about a motorcycle club during this coming summer. They ride together every Monday during the summer period. I am going to follow them. I am going to record video from the places they visit, maybe some video during their rides. Making interviews etc.
  3. Today I had an extensive testing of the Sennheiser MKE400 microphone with my Panasonic GH3. I tried it in different settings (Highering and lowering the audio gain in and outside the camera) but it came with a disappointing sssss noise. When I used the mic with my Zoom H1 it was still there but lesser. Anybody knows what's causing this and got a solution? Thanx!
  4. Today was a lovely day. The baby blue tits flew into the wide world and I tested some settings on my camera and my new ND filter. Hope you like the quick edit. I like my new ND fader.   camera - Panasonic GH3 lens - Panasonic 12-35 mm settings - Mov 50p, -5, -5, -3, -4 and no color grading filter - Light Craft variable fader ND digi Pro-Hd music - Cold summer landscape by Blearmoon     https://vimeo.com/68405644
  5. Alright, not sure if this is the right forum but, I recently just got a GH3 , I do mostly VIDEO, I film alot of skateboarding about 60 percent and then short movies/docs/video/ the other 40 percent.  I am an old vx2000 user for like 10 years and thought it was time to upgrade. I been researching for weeks and decided to get a GH3,  My question is should I have i gotten a panny ag-ac90 insted?    This was my reasoning,   For years i kept hearing and seeing how good the gh2 was, and how nice the quality was. i saw alot of pro filmers starting to use dslr's granted
  6. After watching this test about variable ND filters http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/variable-nd-filter-shootout/ I'm thinking about investing in the Tiffen. At the moment I'm shooting with the kit lens - H-H S12035 on my Panasonic GH3. But in the future I sure invest in some primes.    - What would be the best filter seize to invest? And what rings? - Can I apply a ND filter on the UV filter? - If I take another seize filter as mentioned in the test - how do I make sure it's the same thing as mentioned in   the test? I saw this one but don't know if it's the same. The
  7. Slow Motion - Which option is better for making slow motions with the Pana GH3?     1. - Choose the highest fps so 50fps instead of 24fps in the Menu and then apply the slow motion in post?   2. - or Choose the slower/faster option in the Menu therefore slower down in-camera?       What is this function actual doing - what does actual happen in terms of shutter speed or ... ?     Can you combine 50fps and 24 fps footage on the edit table without any problem?     Interlaced versus Progressive? Progressive gives a smoother look but
  8. Just back from two days in a row of shooting. Some shots had some really serious banding or flickering. I don't understand it at all. Also because other shots under the same circumstances haven't the same problems. Thank god I have enough shots to create the vid.  Because I'm still learning how to shoot with all the settings on my GH3 I set everything on automatic except the diaphragm - A modus. Other settings; MOV, 24 p - 50 Mbps (for Europe), Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Color -3, Noise reduction -4.  I used the one point (correct name) setting, for measuring the light. 
  9. Composing my ultimate GH3 to go set. Bought the camera, decided on my audio set and now I'm looking for a cheap but good viewfinder for the GH3 (and then the rig and follow focus will follow).   I saw a lot already on the web but has somebody experiences with a good and cheap vieuw finder for the GH3?   Thanxs a lot!
  10. When searching the internet for the best memory cards  for the Panny GH3 i encounter a lot of different thoughts.    - Which card is best for filming with the GH3  in all-I mode? (all-I is the best mode ins't it?) - How much does the camera 'eat' when filming in the different modes? How much card is eaten in a particular timeframe?   Excuse me - english isn't my native tongue. And thank you for the effort!  
  11. Which objectives are best for me and why?   I have always filmed with a camcorder but it's time to move on because I have outgrown this camera. Waited for months but now finally buying the Panasonic GH3. I don't any glass and I don't know much about objectives yet so please help.   - I'm making documentary work where I interview people but also shoot landscapes. - Most of my films are shot on the road while traveling with a bicycle, so lightweight is important. - Like a  Filmish look   Which objectives are best for me and why?  Thanxs for helping a newcomer!   &nb
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