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  1. Olympus EM5 body costs: 800€ Panasonic GH3 body costs: 1200€ Both are shooting 60fps both have 16mp sensor. I believe that Olympus EM5 is the best camera for that price & that it has the same video quality with the Panasonic GH3 (i am telling that cause i've seen a lot of compares), correct me if i am wrong! Here is a very nice Olympus EM5 video .
  2. Hello all! I am new here, so this is my first post/thread here ever. Today I got my Panasonic Lumix GH3. Before I have used Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Fujifilm X-E1/X100s for video recording. I have never used a camera that allows me full control during video recording before. I ordered the GH3 because I am going to make a documentary movie about a motorcycle club during this coming summer. They ride together every Monday during the summer period. I am going to follow them. I am going to record video from the places they visit, maybe some video during their rides. Making interviews etc. During autumn after the season is over - I am going to edit the movie and burn it to DVD:s. Then sell the movie to the members of the motorcycle club (a few hundred members). The selling point of this documentary is the nostalgic value. It does´t need to be the most professional looking movie. But I would like to make it as good as I possible can. I have a few months to prepare myself, training video recording with the GH3. I would love to get some tips of what I need for this project. Rigs (for walking), shotgun mics etc.? I live in a PAL-area; what frame rates are recommended; 24p, 25p, 50p for different situations (interview, motorcycles moving...)? In full manual does it go the double shutter speed over the framerate (like 1/50 for 25p etc.)? All tips are deeply appreciated!
  3. Today I had an extensive testing of the Sennheiser MKE400 microphone with my Panasonic GH3. I tried it in different settings (Highering and lowering the audio gain in and outside the camera) but it came with a disappointing sssss noise. When I used the mic with my Zoom H1 it was still there but lesser. Anybody knows what's causing this and got a solution? Thanx!
  4. Today was a lovely day. The baby blue tits flew into the wide world and I tested some settings on my camera and my new ND filter. Hope you like the quick edit. I like my new ND fader.   camera - Panasonic GH3 lens - Panasonic 12-35 mm settings - Mov 50p, -5, -5, -3, -4 and no color grading filter - Light Craft variable fader ND digi Pro-Hd music - Cold summer landscape by Blearmoon     https://vimeo.com/68405644
  5. Alright, not sure if this is the right forum but, I recently just got a GH3 , I do mostly VIDEO, I film alot of skateboarding about 60 percent and then short movies/docs/video/ the other 40 percent.  I am an old vx2000 user for like 10 years and thought it was time to upgrade. I been researching for weeks and decided to get a GH3,  My question is should I have i gotten a panny ag-ac90 insted?    This was my reasoning,   For years i kept hearing and seeing how good the gh2 was, and how nice the quality was. i saw alot of pro filmers starting to use dslr's granted they prolly use mark 3's but whatever, I saw many tests were it was a gh3 vs the ag-ac90, and they looked just about the same , the ag-ac90 was about 800 dollars more but i would need 2 lenses for my gh3 for they even out in price.   I understand that the Ag-ac90 is an easier SHOT and GO, and the has XLR, and an adapter for gh3 is more $$$$ like 300, but all the seperate videos and short films i kept watching for both cameras, the GH3 BESTED the ag-ac90 easly quality,  un color corrected and color corrected I could not understand why, WHy dslrs have such good quality when cameras made just for filmimg can't keep up.   So in my NOT PRO opinion i got the gh3, it just shipped yesturday. IF u take away the shot and go, and the better sound controls ( i don't really mind taking time to set-up ) DID i make the right choice.   Also as there was a awsome hack for gh2 that made it super sweet, i am hoping sometime within the year the gh3 would get one that would make it even more better.    Opinions Please? sorry for making you read all this,  --Alex--  
  6. After watching this test about variable ND filters http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/variable-nd-filter-shootout/ I'm thinking about investing in the Tiffen. At the moment I'm shooting with the kit lens - H-H S12035 on my Panasonic GH3. But in the future I sure invest in some primes.    - What would be the best filter seize to invest? And what rings? - Can I apply a ND filter on the UV filter? - If I take another seize filter as mentioned in the test - how do I make sure it's the same thing as mentioned in   the test? I saw this one but don't know if it's the same. The prices are not matching ;-)     Tiffen 82 mm from the test   Tiffen 58 mm found on the internet     Thanxs for helping!!!   Blanche
  7. Slow Motion - Which option is better for making slow motions with the Pana GH3?     1. - Choose the highest fps so 50fps instead of 24fps in the Menu and then apply the slow motion in post?   2. - or Choose the slower/faster option in the Menu therefore slower down in-camera?       What is this function actual doing - what does actual happen in terms of shutter speed or ... ?     Can you combine 50fps and 24 fps footage on the edit table without any problem?     Interlaced versus Progressive? Progressive gives a smoother look but I just saw a video of somebody explaining you should opt for interlaced when slowing down to have a smoother look. What are your thoughts?     One other question? - AVCHD is just an compression mode but to be on the safe side. Can 2 cameramen combine AVCHD and Move footages on the edit table? What things should we be aware of? Choosing both interlaced or bot progressive and....?       Thanxs you for helping out! T The Panasonic manual isn't really helpful for newbies like me.
  8. Just back from two days in a row of shooting. Some shots had some really serious banding or flickering. I don't understand it at all. Also because other shots under the same circumstances haven't the same problems. Thank god I have enough shots to create the vid.  Because I'm still learning how to shoot with all the settings on my GH3 I set everything on automatic except the diaphragm - A modus. Other settings; MOV, 24 p - 50 Mbps (for Europe), Contrast -5, Sharpness -5, Color -3, Noise reduction -4.  I used the one point (correct name) setting, for measuring the light.    Anybody a clue why this occured? So I will be prepared next time. And is there away to fix it in post with FCP X?   https://vimeo.com/61454321
  9. Composing my ultimate GH3 to go set. Bought the camera, decided on my audio set and now I'm looking for a cheap but good viewfinder for the GH3 (and then the rig and follow focus will follow).   I saw a lot already on the web but has somebody experiences with a good and cheap vieuw finder for the GH3?   Thanxs a lot!
  10. When searching the internet for the best memory cards  for the Panny GH3 i encounter a lot of different thoughts.    - Which card is best for filming with the GH3  in all-I mode? (all-I is the best mode ins't it?) - How much does the camera 'eat' when filming in the different modes? How much card is eaten in a particular timeframe?   Excuse me - english isn't my native tongue. And thank you for the effort!  
  11. Which objectives are best for me and why?   I have always filmed with a camcorder but it's time to move on because I have outgrown this camera. Waited for months but now finally buying the Panasonic GH3. I don't any glass and I don't know much about objectives yet so please help.   - I'm making documentary work where I interview people but also shoot landscapes. - Most of my films are shot on the road while traveling with a bicycle, so lightweight is important. - Like a  Filmish look   Which objectives are best for me and why?  Thanxs for helping a newcomer!    
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