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  1. Slow Motion - Which option is better for making slow motions with the Pana GH3?     1. - Choose the highest fps so 50fps instead of 24fps in the Menu and then apply the slow motion in post?   2. - or Choose the slower/faster option in the Menu therefore slower down in-camera?       What is this function actual doing - what does actual happen in terms of shutter speed or ... ?     Can you combine 50fps and 24 fps footage on the edit table without any problem?     Interlaced versus Progressive? Progressive gives a smoother look but I just saw a video of somebody explaining you should opt for interlaced when slowing down to have a smoother look. What are your thoughts?     One other question? - AVCHD is just an compression mode but to be on the safe side. Can 2 cameramen combine AVCHD and Move footages on the edit table? What things should we be aware of? Choosing both interlaced or bot progressive and....?       Thanxs you for helping out! T The Panasonic manual isn't really helpful for newbies like me.
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