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  1. My short "review" or rather first impressions of the GH3: Great: - Video (codecs, manual control etc.) - Ergonomics (at least for me); I love the grip and all the buttons! - Touch/Swivel display - Weather sealing Good: - Image quality on the photo side of things Would like to have (like the G6, GX7) - Focus peaking ---------- My conclusion: For me the GH3 is a great videography and hybrid photography tool. I am going to use this camera mainly for the video side of things (for photos I have my Fujifilm X-E1 and X100s, and Olympus OM-D E-M5). My GH3 will mainly be tripod-mounted or on a rig for stabilization. The camera complement my other cameras perfectly as they aren't as good for hybrid or strictly video. I am greatly satisfied after the first week with the GH3. It surpassed my greatest wishes for it, the wishes I had before it arrived.
  2. Thank you for the review! I have had the GH3 for about a week now and I absolutely love it! I have a little problem with holding the camera stabilized though (as I have only non stabilized lenses) so I just ordered the Sevenoak Shoulder support rig SK-R01 (only 79€). I also use a good video tripod. But I fully agree of your review! To me it is the best hybrid camera for a reasonable price.
  3. Today I ordered (for my "movie making" camera; GH3): - Sevenoak Shoulder support rig SK-R01 (79€) - Dörr VL-120 Plus Videolight LED (45€) Starting small with a little stabilization system and a little video light :) I have a good video tripod from before. My video system starts to grow in small steps.
  4. Thanks all for your advice this far! I have a lot to go on from here already. What shotgun mic do you recommend? What price segment?
  5. Hello all! I am new here, so this is my first post/thread here ever. Today I got my Panasonic Lumix GH3. Before I have used Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Fujifilm X-E1/X100s for video recording. I have never used a camera that allows me full control during video recording before. I ordered the GH3 because I am going to make a documentary movie about a motorcycle club during this coming summer. They ride together every Monday during the summer period. I am going to follow them. I am going to record video from the places they visit, maybe some video during their rides. Making interviews etc. During autumn after the season is over - I am going to edit the movie and burn it to DVD:s. Then sell the movie to the members of the motorcycle club (a few hundred members). The selling point of this documentary is the nostalgic value. It does´t need to be the most professional looking movie. But I would like to make it as good as I possible can. I have a few months to prepare myself, training video recording with the GH3. I would love to get some tips of what I need for this project. Rigs (for walking), shotgun mics etc.? I live in a PAL-area; what frame rates are recommended; 24p, 25p, 50p for different situations (interview, motorcycles moving...)? In full manual does it go the double shutter speed over the framerate (like 1/50 for 25p etc.)? All tips are deeply appreciated!
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