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  1. So I am about to purchase Canon's C100 Mark II. just a question about the slow motion options on the camera. I want to make a clip that shoots in slow motion but while recording at 60 Fps i want to transition back to normal velocity while recording is it possible to do this? without any type of Atomos Ninja device? I don't want to have to go into video editing either to do it because it can diminish the quality of the slow motion and the transitioning.
  2. I have got a few questions regarding Canon's Cinema Cameras In April I started looking to buy the Canon C100 mark I did a lot of research on it and for the price it seemed nice, was looking for a deal on ebay. Then most recently about a week ago I checked B & H photo and noticed the Canon C100 Mark I with the lens is no longer available (see below) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist.jsp&A=details&Q=&sku=944453&is=REG&fromDisList=y However the Canon C100 Mark II is available. So I am scouring ebay for that as well as the Canon EOS C300 mark I I need to know which one I need to buy. Lately I have noticed many C300 mark I on sale on ebay and was wondering why they are all selling it on ebay for very cheap and if there is something wrong with it over the Canon EOS C100 Mark II as of late Augest 2016 . Is there some Technological Advancements I should know about regarding features of the C100 Mark II that the C300 Mark I does not. I do not find a lot of C100 mark II (s) on ebay currently . I am looking for an insane deal for someone that needs a camera for multiple use and this person is no joke when it comes to quality and quiet operation regarding lenses. Its been a very long battle of a final decision and just want some good feedback. It all comes down to the C100 Mark II or the C300 Mark I. I am also asking if the C300 Mark I is being made by Canon anymore and is still an up to date camera with up to date firmware? Thanks Bruyere
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