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    It begins. Evaluating new cameras isn't my favorite thing, so I thought I'd share the pain. I've got a lot of work on ATM, so this will be an ongoing project. I might even end up making a youtube vid 😱. I've been shooting with the 5DMk3 ML raw exclusively for many years, you can check out some of my recent work here: A few contenders have come along over the years like the A7s and BMMCC, but all have failed to measure up to the 5DMk3 with Magic Lantern raw. These jobs I did recently were particularly gruelling, up to 19 hour days, days on end, uncontrollable lighting, no recce, no crew, constantly on the move, a great stress test for any camera or operator. The weaknesses of the 5D have never been more apparent. With a slight lull in the storm, and some technical hurdles in upcoming work, I took the plunge and bought these two sought after bodies. Not being able to get a Pocket 4K for like 8 months allows a lot of time to pixel peep and contemplate the future. Pixel peeping is one thing, but you really don't know if it's for you until you test it for yourself, or wait for a crash test dummy like me to do the work for you. Very early impressions: I have to say that of the 2 cameras, I was more excited about the arrival of the Pocket 4K, at least until I remembered the lens adapters I ordered haven't arrived yet. I rummaged through one of my four film detritus drawers and found 5, yes 5 🙄 Nex adapters (remnants from a brief Sony affair) but not a single M4/3 adapter of course. So I unboxed the P4K, grabbed one of my Canon batteries, and fired up the little beast. The fan: super quiet, probably the quietest fan I've ever heard, a non issue. The firmware: 6.2.1, no CDNG for me. For those who haven't heard: BMD have put a new touchscreen in the latest cameras that only works with 6.2.1 firmware. I'm not really fussed, the Braw stuff I've seen looks really good, and the file sizes are amazing, 4K Braw files are smaller than 5DMk3 raw 1080p files. UHD 12:1 Braw files are roughly the same size as 1080p ProRes HQ files,and 200Mbit/s 1080p X-T3 HEVC files. I've had the X-T3 for a couple of days and I got an 18-55mm f/2.8-4 OIS lens with it. This lens is fantastic, creamy bokeh, and the OIS is amazing, I can get super steady shots at the long end handheld, I know I'm very late to the party with OIS, but wow. Can't wait to put an Iscorama anamorphic on this puppy, no 58-52mm step down rings in the detritus drawers either 😭. Low light on the X-T3 is a mixed bag: up to 8000 ISO the noise is tolerable, film-like chroma grain, no fixed pattern noise, however: the X-T3 image falls apart in the shadows, that's a big minus. The other image related issue that comes to mind is: white balance. I had to go digging into the detritus drawer for a grey card! I mean srsly, what's the world coming to? I haven't used a grey card in years; I'm so accustomed to shooting raw I just don't even think about white balancing anymore. I haven't drawn any conclusions on custom white balancing yet other than it's absolutely necessary with the X-T3 😩. Ergonomics: the X-T3 is terrible in big hands, I rarely handhold a camera, rolling shutter micro jitters are a thing, but the OIS lens makes it doable. The Smallrig cage has a handgrip extension, so that may help. The P4K is much better in the hand. Stay tuned.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Small Bluetooth remote Record/Stop button controller with screen to provide real time status from camera of : Aperture Shutter Angle ISO Temperature Tint Integral bright LED illuminates to show record status. Kickstarter in August. Price will be €60 Production version will not be orange.
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    Shot a water sports festival with X-T3, hugely empowered by the enhanced face detection in the latest firmware, face select also came in handy when switching subject. F-log, HEVC 400Mbps LongGOP, sharpness and NR -4, custom WB. Graded with GHalex LUT, simple contrast/saturation adjustments A couple observations: 1. Face detection does not work at all with sunglasses, would be great if it could. 2. To get the purest colours from X-T3, custom WB is the way to go! Use a proper white/neutral grey card to set a custom WB to the key light.
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    There was no change in "highlights" to our log curves or otherwise. The previous manual dynamic range chart was incorrect, and was corrected. There is also no inherent "highlight rolloff" in digital cameras from the sensor. They are all (mostly) linear capture devices. Same with Alexa, Red, etc. When they all clip in linear, they all clip suddenly/harshly. All of them. "Highlight rolloff" is really about total dynamic range, how you expose, and curves (which you can manipulate yourself). Our log curves are optimized to store data in 10bit SDI and video files so the highlight roll off in our existing log curves is merely a function of optimising the dynamic range to fit in this data range with relation to the "native sensitivity" and desired ISO. The more dynamic range the sensor has the more highlights will roll off in the log curves, the same with Alexa/Red/etc. You want to use your own curves after in grading to create the roll off you want. Expose the sensor so middle grey is lower and leave more dynamic range in the highlights, and you can create a very nice gradual highlight rolloff in grading - with mostly any modern digital camera. But it's pretty much all down to total dynamic range, exposure, and curves.
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    Andrew Reid

    Blind Color Science Test

    I haven't watched the video and probably won't ever. Is the poster frame a complete fake? Oh yes, thought so... he's edited it to be more extreme. Clickbait bullshit.
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    I win! https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail/?id=sdigpandcgx800bob&categoryName=cameras-compact-system&superCatName=electronics&title=panasonic-lumix-dc-gx800-(body-only)-b 4K for £135 But this got me thinking as well... What if we have a fun "EOSHD Challenge" where we all trawl the bargain bins in our local towns and online, pick something for super cheap, could be $50, $100, no more than $150... Make a video with it. Then the winner is judged in a poll - on artistic merit, and technical image quality (can be 1080p of course) The winner, wins the camera of the last place guy 😉 Plus a special bonus camera from EOSHD. What do you think? Worth setting up a challenge like this?
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Yes it will be on Kickstarter. I understand the apprehension about Kickstarter to be honest but rest assured nothing of mine will ever be going on there until it is ready to go from a functionality point of view, which both this and the small one already more or less are. The problems with Kickstarter invariably happen when it is being used to fund development rather than just funding production. I'll put up a small video when time allows next week to show both of them in operation. The small one has another trick (or two) up its sleeve that I'll also show in the video.
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    Welp I gave in and got the Z6, have a bunch of upcoming projects where AF would help immensely and I took the plunge. We'll see how it goes when it arrives tomorrow!
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    Blind Color Science Test

    Haha, I would say your more of an "internet celebrity" than I am I've been following your site for a very long time. Thanks for the great content. I did join to reply to some of the posts on this thread and answer some questions as they come up. I usually try to do this if I see my videos shared on sites. I might post a bit from time to time but I can't spend too much time on forums/groups since I already work way too much. Unlike a lot of photography/video YouTubers I still make a majority of my income from actual video work and I don't intent on become a "full-time YouTube" since I find it weird to teach about cameras when the only time you use them is to make a youtube video. I actually just hired another employee to take the load off of editing so I can get to shoot more and work a little less. Yea Youtube is horrible lately. They keep tweaking the algorithms and forcing channels to change or die. You may have noticed may channels that are around the million mark who used to consistently get hundreds of thousands of view per video and now they are getting less than I am. Google is pushing creators to have to clickbait and make dumb choices or find a new career. Thats especially tough for those that have employees that rely on the income to feed their families. A single tweak of the algorithm and a lot of your old great content is no longer suggested or you're clickthrough rate is low in the first hour you post and then the video is basically shadow banned.. I'm doing my very best to create thumbnails and titles that are "clickable" but not clickbait.. The original thumbnail for this video was the two cameras and I thought it was sweet but I guess it didn't get enough views and the video started dying out so I had to change it up, and the side by side shot was just too similar to stand out when in the suggested section so I had to boost it up. This video didn't take too long, but I've had some that were a full week of 8+ hour days to make and in those cases it really sucks when you make a really good helpful video and almost no one sees it, even though you know that it would be helpful for so many people. Now that YouTube filters out videos even in your subscriber feed you can put out a few videos and they won't even show up to most of your subscribers... Thanks for being Kind Kye! I wen't back and fourth on the best way to do this, and settled on somewhere in the middle (using factory presets) using proper custom white balance would be the best but I know a lot of shooters don't do this because they are beginners or they don't want to (or they are shooting run n gun, like I am when shooting weddings) If someone isn't willing to tweak colors in post they will likely not want to custom WB. It's funny I was actually criticized by multiple people on using WB presets and was told the proper way to do it was to use auto white balance. This forums is full of much more advanced shooters and whereas Youtube has a very wide audience so I often have to choose a middle ground. I'm sorry you feel this way. My tests, comparisons, and reviews are definitely not perfect but I do try hard to keep them accurate while being reasonable in time and target audience. I have my preferences but try to keep my biases out and let people know when its my opinion and why. What tests did you not like and what is Toxic? I'd love to get specific feedback. A lot of my complaints and harsh judgements about cameras have often matched to with Andrews. Actually I did share Pro Color with quite a few people and mentioned your site in multiple vids, I've just stayed way too busy the last few years growing my business and my family (3 kids now) so I haven't been able to spend as much time visiting sites or even watching as much other content creators videos as I used to. I'm also a bit anti-social like many people who are driven to start sites online of Youtube channels, and I'm terrible at reaching out and collaborating with other creators since I feel like I'll just be a nuisance or I'll be asking for favors which I hate doing. Anyways, I'll keep doing what I enjoy doing and will keep improving my skills and YT videos whilst trying to provide the most value I can to a large audience of all kinds of video shooters.
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    Geoff CB


    Tossing some more love towards my favorite lens Voigtlander 40mm f2. Video grabs from D750
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    You’re right. I know countless people using the GH5 for serious video work. I’m one of them and everybody is fine with it, and never questions it. I use it alongside the EVA1 and the GH5 performs brilliantly, every time.
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    To the fully working in electric blue case with separate bluetooth remote controller stage thank you very much I'm looking for some bigger glass as there is currently a limitation on the size of lens it is suitable for. I did say I'd do a build along thread for it for anyone who wants to have a go as is (cost for the glass and controller is around £50-60) and I will get round to it.
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    Blind Color Science Test

    You're welcome! Video is tricky and colour and colour science is especially tricky because it's a very very deep subject. The main levels I see in colour are: Use camera on full-auto in standard colour profile, don't adjust in post Dial in a profile to get the results you want in-camera, maybe using a grey-card and maybe not Shoot log using a grey-card and grade in post using LUTs and basic adjustments Grade manually without relying on LUTs to do the work Professional colourists I also hang out on liftgammagain.com which is aimed at professional colourists and in many ways the gap in skill level and knowledge between 3 and 5 (or even 4 and 5) is larger than the gap between 1 and 3. If you're curious to have a tiny taste of what a professional colourist skill level might be like, check out Juan Melara on YT. It's a fundamentally different kind of skill level. Here's a couple of videos to get you started: In talking to the professional colourists I've come to understand that the world of Hollywood and the real pros has basically no overlap with the YT world - if all you know is YT then you've never seen a glimpse of how that other world works, with the only exception I know of being Juan Melara. I'm happy to point you to other resources where pros hang out if you're curious. In this sense I appreciate that you're torn between people that haven't got a clue how little they know and probably complain about anything resembling work, and those with more knowledge criticising you for not catering to a more informed audience.
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    Andrew Reid

    Blind Color Science Test

    I shot hours and hours of footage to create EOSHD Pro Color. Sony's latest cameras still need it. Fuji is superior. This YouTube clickbait, is not even a proper test. It's some unknown, unstated default settings, completely unoptimised. With maybe 1 or two button presses, the entire result would change. Max has a well known Sony bias, and I simply don't trust what he's showing here is representative. If the Fuji is too green for your liking, and you are sure Max hasn't fiddled the results like he fiddled the poster frame, you know what to do about it. There's a hue control, a white balance control, a saturation control and 8 different film simulations.
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    Andrew Reid


    I don't listen to people with baseball caps on backwards.
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    I just dropped the saturation and I was on that beach with Chief Brody I'm trying to keep mine down below 3 figures ! I behaved myself in Japan and only bought 3 so thats a start.
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    By the way, one slight drawback here is the price variation in different markets. Most notably in Sweden where some of the prices I've seen him get gear for means that @Mattias Burling might well end up shooting his $150 entry on an Alexa
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    I haven't really posted in this group much for awhile, but the launch film I created for the Mavo LF just dropped today. (It was playing at the Kinefinity booths at NAB&CineGear but it finally came online today). Article I wrote on NoFilmSchool but the film's more important - took me about a year, ha. I've always wanted to create something vaguely sci-fi. Happy to answer any technical questions, too. Cheers.
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    Learning by osmosis?

    If you watch enough hours of walking gimbal shots then you'll end up learning by DJI Osmosis.
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    Yes the whole point of ML for me, is that the images are artistic, low-fi, messed-up, film like, amazing to grade... The opposite of modern 8K digital. No matter how good our expensive full frame mirrorless cameras get, there will always be a place for a ML raw video or Digital Bolex Super 16
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    Absolutely. I also think that people don't know they want something until it is invented or becomes feasible. For example, when 1080p was released no-one turned around and said "I want a camera that can record four times the resolution of FullHD, I want it to be the size of a match-box, have a screen on the back and also one on the front so I can film myself and see if I'm in frame, and I want it to do magic so that it looks like a professional steadicam operator is holding it, and I absolutely need all these features and will accept nothing less because I'm going to be using it to make my own TV show starring me and I'll get paid by doing advertisements for brands that reach out to me, not me to them". Now it exists and people are criticising it because the bitrate isn't high enough.
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    The Z6 has not beaten the GH5 by any stretch of the imagination. Hell the Z6 can't even do 10 bit in camera, No F Log without a recorder, 29 minute recording time, no Waveform Monitor, on and on, no Anamorphic at all. Get real.
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    $2000 for a camera that shot 4K 60p, 4K 4:2:2 and had class leading stabilization in 2017 was overpriced? We're literally only now seeing cameras that come close to the capabilities of the GH5. The price decrease is because of how much competition has shown up in the 2 years since release.
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    Facts: It has a rolling shutter, of course like most cameras without a global shutter. In 1080p the distortion is tolerable. In 4K it's worst on the market up there with A6300. It doesn't have built in ND, it's in the adapter. Adapter NDs you can get for any camera. When you want to go clear you have to change the adapter, so not the same as having a true built in ND like the FS5 or C300 High bitrate? No, it's average at around 136Mbit in 4K and much lower in 1080p. High would be 400Mbit in H.264 or 200Mbit in H.265. Seamless transition between photo and video would be a "one click" of a switch which the EOS R cannot do. Unless you are hitting record from the stills mode, in which case you can't use all the features and have to frame-up in 3:2. Opinion: Clearly the EOS R is a great fit for you. Nobody is claiming to overrule that and I really do like your reviews. Got to get the facts right though when you make statements like the above, as newbies come here to learn. One thing we CAN definitely agree on though is the lenses... Canon EF lenses are so dominant for all the right reasons... rendering, performance, range, price. Nothing comes close.
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    What I don’t understand is why the major manufacturers are allowing BlackMagic to be the only kid in town to offer internal ProRes/Raw in a DSLR/M form factor and why 4K 60p in 10 bit is considered a dream camera when it can be had for $1300?.
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    And this is one of those three. I have quite a few cameras with MFT mount but I've never really bought anything from the mid let alone high end range of native lenses. Partly because I have lenses that I'd sooner use through adapters but also because I just baulk at the price of them really. As a consequence my collection mainly consists of cheap secondhand editions of the lower end stuff but while I was away I spotted a cheap used edition of a mid end one, the Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmarit 12-60mm f/2.8-4, and bought it as I was looking for a fastish (by MFT standards) standard zoom with stabilisation. As this one has a bit of extra reach on the long end, albeit at the loss of some speed, I thought it made even more sense and I have to say its not bad at all, although it probably distorts more than I would like at the wide end. For use as an all round travel zoom, particularly with a non stabilised camera like the OG Pocket Cinema Camera that I was using it with here, I think its a keeper.
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    There's an awful lot of people that rely on Lumix cameras for their professional video work and businesses, so I'd have to disagree. "Serious video work" shouldn't be based on the size or scope of the work. Certainly wedding filmmakers are doing serious video work? Or the indie filmmakers that shoot their films with Lumix cams.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Some more information and pictures regarding the PBC in the NewsShooter feature here : https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/06/22/cda-tek-pbc-pocket-bluetooth-controller-for-bmpcc-4k-ursa-mini-pro/
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    Here are some more test shots from the Zeiss 25mm 2.8 ZF “Classic” lens... I’m in the process of picking out a new monitor, can anyone suggest the best/easiest/quickest color calibration tool... Spyder?
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    Some excerpts from a video I recorded with the EOS M and Magic Lantern RAW (June 16, 2019). I was at a mini carnival and these two Transformers came out of nowhere and started dancing and taking photos with people. They thought I was taking a photo of them, but little did they know I was recording them with Magic Lantern. A once in a lifetime shot to get close with Hollywood Transformers LOL. The whole video that goes for about 2 minutes will be uploaded on Youtube soon...Great Camera! An anamorphic lens would have done a little better maybe with the flares.
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    Blind Color Science Test

    You're probably right, but there's no harm in being welcoming. If we can influence any of them to do tests with a grey-card then instead of lamenting the decline of industry journalism we can enjoy videos that are useful and informative, but that's probably not going to happen if all we do is unconstructive hyperbolic criticisms.
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    I blame @kye for this 😂
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    What's funny is that if we look back at these wish lists from just a few years ago it's all been ticked, and then some. But we are quick to raise the bar and the marketing departments know it
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    There are other reasons why someone would want a GH5 over a P4K. IBIS, flippy screen, higher frame rates, longer battery life, stills, reliability, smaller and lighter... and it’s these reasons why I shoot with one as opposed to a P4k. Not everything is purely down to image quality. Versatility is important for a lot of people. Can’t you just accept that the GH5 is the best camera for some people, are for others it’s not? No need to waffle about it.
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    I have the S1 and plan to buy a second. Here’s my reasoning: I preordered then purchased at full price the S1 body/24-105 “kit.” The overall build quality of the amazing body and lens, BASE (pre-July firmware) specs and overall still and video performance justified that price. Plus, I received $300 off lens full retail when purchased as kit. Add a free $87 battery and $347 grip (improves portrait ergos and triples shoot time) and you have an amazing deal ($734 savings so far.) Add free warranty extension for two additional years and — wow! Add $199 film maker firmware update for FREE and I’m effing GRATEFUL! Add a second body for $550-$850 off with trade in and bonus (total) AND free film maker firmware AND 3 year warranty AND... Total discount (not including value of 2 3-year warranties) when compared to buying all items separately: 2 S1 bodies, 2 firmware upgrades, 1 24-105 f/4, 1 extra camera battery, 1 S1 battery grip. Retail total $7123. My total $5044! And, we can expect 1600MB/s CFExpress compatibility at 1tb capacity. And I have in hand passive legacy glass adapters for Nikon G, Nikon F and Minolta MD. And Sigma native primes are coming. And Kipon makes a Mamiya MF focal reducer. Nothing YET from Metabones, but just imagine what they’ll offer based on prior offerings... I could go on. Seriously. How can everyone not be buying S1s?
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    There seem to be a few people happy with the EOS R, but there's no denying for most people it's absolutely rock bottom for mirrorless video (like all their other DSLR / DSLM) cameras when it comes to video. Even Fuji are miles ahead for video capture now. The frustration targeted at Canon is there for good reason., however it's best to forget about it. There's also a lot of talk about autofocus. Rightly so, this is absolutely fantastic for solo gimbal and I'd love to have PDAF in the GH5. Not having PDAF doesn't stop me shooting. However, A LOT of people have got really, really obsessed with it as if they've forgot to use manual focus (which I use 99% of the time). Manual lenses are way more fun! There's also a hell of a lot of bashing about the S1 cameras due to unrealistic expectations (requests for internal BRAW etc, what?). For video, there's literally nothing else like it and people are still complaining? We're spoilt for choice these days and there's something for everyone. Enjoy it!
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    Andrew Reid

    Panasonic S1 Firmware Update

    Probably a case of sending your receipt to Panasonic by email or sending them your serial number, then they send you the Upgrade Key. It's free 10bit 422 VLOG so probably worth a quick email, just my guess. So $600 more than a Sony A7 III but superior specs in almost every category? Picture quality, colour, video modes, codec, frame rates, 4K 60, slow-mo 180fps, EVF, back screen, ergonomics, weather sealing, build quality, battery life, HDMI output (full size) and top LCD display? Sounds like a terrible deal! Damn if only it came with a freebie like a memory card!
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    With all the rage of full-frame video on the high-end (C700, Venice, Alexa Mini LF, Monstro, etc), pretty crazy there is a $4k full-frame camera that shoots 6K and does it in what will at least be a 10-bit codec (probably). No, it may not be what everyone wants, but it is quite the accomplishment. I really do think there are a couple of big features not announced today - probably just in case the A7sIII is announced in the next 3-4 months, Panasonic can come back and say "well, we've got that too!" - the flippy screen is a great example of something they didn't announce and yet, there it is...
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    Fucks sake. Well done Panasonic for NOT mentioning one of the biggest changes and leaving it up to some guy at the show with a sneaky shot of the prototype!!!
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    What part of $2500 for a full frame 10bit V-LOG shooting camera isn't a bargain? The $2000 or the $500? Oh and it is also a kick ass stills camera with best EVF on the market and Super 35mm 4K 60p like an X-T3, but still isn't a bargain? An Alexa or RED doesn't have PDAF either! Manual focus for cinema is fine by me... My best lenses are MF. And when you need video AF, keep a cheap second body like an A6400 handy. It is only the first year. Will get better in terms of native lenses. Until then, you can adapt only... everything. Well, you will have to criticise everyone in that case because nobody is doing a $2500 full frame camera with global shutter, 4K 120p raw and built in ND... And if they did, it would be by RED and cost $50,000. WTF? Cinema people shoot selfies now?
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    Mattias Burling


    Yeah it cost almost nothing on the used market. Im getting the One Little Remote V4. I already have a breakout box and the URSA mini handle with start/stop, auto iris and AF through LANC. With the V4 I will be able to use both. Looks very nice.
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    It's not going in any pocket but with the Ikan it's starting to be quite slim.
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    Andrew Reid

    Why is Canon SO Frustrating?!

    6D Mark II is not cinema for me. There is a 1080p frame grab, look at it full screen and it screams digital. Lack of dynamic range, mushy codec, in many ways a step back from even the old 6D. Terrible detail that doesn't pop. Now compare to an X-T3 frame I pulled from Vimeo... World of difference. Details pops, three dimensionally, film like dynamic range and colour. Even if you don't care about 4K delivery, it's a world of difference between a shitty Canon DSLR and a top of the range 2019 mirrorless camera.
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    My wife that died was a huge photo fan.
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    Adam Kuźniar

    GH5 to Alexa Conversion

    Here's my recent video for a local culture organisation. The whole idea behind the event was to set up in 4 places in Wrocław at the same time and engage local communites in playing and singing songs. Shot on G80 in CineD, graded with CineD to VLOG PRE and GHa Daylight (Linear). Minimal adjustments done after. I absolutely love the results!
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    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    There may not ever be a GH6, who knows. I don't see how they can sell a m4/3 camera for as much or more than the S1 FF is. Panasonic has put their ass in a peculiar spot. What, they going to admit the GH5 was too expensive and come out with a GH6 for 1500 Dollars? They may just give up on m4/3. I don't see how you can sell them when the XT-3, Canon RS is so damn cheap now. Look at the A6400, 900 dollars. Yeah we might not think the A6400 is the best thing since sliced bread, but to the average person getting into video it seems like a better buy being APSC than any m4/3 camera. And a lot of people don't even know Panasonic Makes cameras.
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    Mako Sports

    Sports videography

    The eagle has landed!
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    Nikkor ai-s 35mm 1.4
EOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs
EOSHD Pro Color 3.0 for Sony cameras
EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony cameras
EOSHD 5D Mark III 3.5K RAW Shooter's Guide

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