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5 hours ago, Gregormannschaft said:

I recently bought the Sony 24-105 f4, even though this looked interesting. The Sony is a really nice lens, very sharp for a 'travel' zoom with surprisingly nice, soft bokeh.

Went back and forth on the two. But want to try to get back into event photography and need the 2.8. 

I'll probably get the 18-135 as a great general purpose zoom soon 

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Got myself some new glass for Christmas. I do prefer native lenses but the Sigma Speedbooster combo works really well! Screengrabs from GH5 + Speedbooxter XL + Sigma 35/1.4 + Black Pro Mist 1/4. 

Just got a Voigtlander 40mm 1.2. Haven't had a chance to test in video yet. But DAMN

A few stills from a shoot last night all on the Pocket 4K XL and CZ 35mm 2.8. 

Posted Images

Not to post this to defend Jon, I have no real clue what he is in reality. But I made a pretty damn good living doing model portfolios for models years ago. Most, if not all, were pretty damn young. Some as young as 14. That young I took my wife with me!

But young women act pretty silly at times because they are young an inexperienced. Sometimes that brings the best out of them, and sometimes it seems well, stupid. This was doing photo shoots with them. I think doing video would be even harder to keep rolling and expect them to look and act mature as hell all the time. So I am willing to cut him some slack. But I can see why it comes off looking  "dirty old mannish" at times.

But to keep posting that on here is I think probably is not the wisest thing to do. Time and place as they say. I have been to Vietnam and I know the women there look young as hell even when they are not because they are small and petite. There are some very beautiful women that live there.

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1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

... I am willing to cut him some slack. But I can see why it comes off looking  "dirty old mannish" at times.

But to keep posting that on here is I think probably is not the wisest thing to do. Time and place as they say. I have been to Vietnam and I know the women there look young as hell...

Totally disagree. It is up to the rest of us to ask Jon politely if we have suspicions about age and what is going on. A quick "how old is your model and what is your relationship?" would have nipped all the drama in the butt before it started. Assumptions should not be made about people, especially for something as serious as what some people had in their minds. And especially not for esteemed members of this community.

Jon buys and showcases awesome lenses and provides a great service all over this forum which I really appreciate. I hope he continues however he likes. It is nice having a good looking 20 year old woman in the videos. ?

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I for one am glad Jon takes video of teens/20-somethings and not girls his own age. :grin:

The Nocticron is the best lens above for me. 3D and most high end looking bokeh. The Nikon looks a bit busy to me. But it's comparing a top of the line lens to a cheapo, so that's how it should be. 

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47 minutes ago, PannySVHS said:

wow, thinking about these very few of the most recent remarks in this thread, i must say,  I really would appreciate it, if they will be deleted, @Andrew Reid! These kind of attacks are not acceptable, in my opinion.

I think that these attacks are speaking something important about  character of persons who find so topically important to direct or revive them, especially in thread about lenses... So, maybe in general it's not so bad for getting to know each other better?

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1 minute ago, mercer said:

I don’t know... it’s a web forum... maybe we know too much about one another?

Instead of posting here about any and every opinion we might have... maybe we should go out and shoot something instead... right after I post something in the other thread though...

Yeah I agree, this thread has gotten WAY off track.

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I got a new copy of the Fujinon-TV 12.5mm 1.4 after unsuccessfully trying to modify my first copy (it was only $15 so whatever). This one works perfectly without needing modification. These grabs are shot wife open on the bmpcc. It's a bit soft and glows, but it could be used effectively with the right scene. It looks better at f2, and really nice at f2.8. My step dad, who co-owns a metal shop, is going to bring some handheld grinding tools from his shop to modify my Fuji 25mm and 50mm lenses. If it works, I'll shoot a test comparing my Fujis to my Cosmicar and Canon TV-16 lenses.

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On 18/04/2018 at 8:21 PM, mercer said:

@BTM_Pix they both look nice... but damn that Nikkor! I’ve been exploring all of my lenses and lens options over the past few months.

For financial reasons, I’ve sold some I wish I could have kept and tested some I wish I never bought.

And in the end, for my manual lenses, I’m gonna end up going full circle back to ai-s Nikkors. The price/quality ratio really is unmatched on the used market.

I hope to keep everything in the f/2 range and that 105mm looks brilliant.

I decided to use it to shoot a press conference the other day.

Suffice to say there was a fair degree of incredulity amongst my younger fellow shooters at the sight of someone using a manual lens thats older than they are!


Simeone  PC Nikon 105.jpg

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