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Andrew Reid

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28 minutes ago, anonim said:

For me it is inspiring... But I always ask myself why do you make these shots just - as it seems to me - randomly and in form of test... It looks obvious that you are fond to portraiture, so I'd like to see results of painter-like full preparing/organization of images; subjects in accurate and well thought (symbolic) ambience and add-ons that participate in chosen meaning ... like this one with added scarf.

In order to test the Veydra 16mm lens, unlike the others, I couldn't get close enough to people at the post office without attracting attention. So I grabbed a student off the street who was there with his classmates to have his graduation photos taken. I only had around ten or fifteen minutes.

But to answer your question, I'd like to make a short film, but have no ideas at present. 

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20 minutes ago, jonpais said:

But to answer your question, I'd like to make a short film, but have no ideas at present. 

Sorry for suggestion, but because I'd say that I have some long and fertile relationship with ideas :) - maybe it does not have to be strict short... maybe in form of Movie-portrayal-notebook, with every page with different environment and subconscious message. Maybe combining modern and traditional elements in composition.. It is just important that it have some overal and unifying idea behind... Call it, for example, West in the Eastern faces, Gates to the secret spirit or so. Contemplate through faces/eyes and ambience about crossing and intersection of past and today... When finished, propose it to Vietnam government as another view of touristic glimpse instead of postcards and aerial shots.

And search for inspiration in movies of Sergei Parajanov...

Sorry once again for being free to suggest.

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47 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

Lens looks great. But I keep seeing this greenish orange on people's necks in your last few videos?? Seems like their face is good, but kink of distracting neck wise

I’m shooting in a mix of fluorescent & daylight, and there are also reflections from other light sources. So yeah, far from perfect conditions.

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On 4/23/2018 at 3:03 PM, anonim said:

Playing with grading to be more canonesque... GH5 and SLR Magic 10mm.



Very nice. Do you have other SLR Magic lenses? How do they perform? I have the older 12mm T1.6. How did you get the Canonish look out of the GH5?



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Thanks for kind words... I had 12 1.6, 25 0.95 and 50 0.95, now I have just 10mm.

Frankly, I don't remember what I exactly did in these shots - I uploaded them just after shooting session, being in hurry to fulfill promise to one member on forum, who asked about look of SLRM 10mm.. so I was playing a little without luts, because I enjoy in process of grading-to-match - although there are (but rarely) very capable luts to help  ... After that I'm still slowly collecting other shots for planed movie and didn't yet return to grade them .

If you have 12mm, answer is simple - 10mm is simply better in all aspects than 12mm, keeping the same character. You certainly can't go wrong with 25mm if you need/like that FL (because you can get it with 17/17.5mm via ETC on GH cameras), it is perfect match with 10/12mm. But I'd say that 50mm is a hero: the most underestimated or the least known/discussed gem of SLRM line - especially if you primarily search for bokeh of high end vintage-type charm. I sold it just for the sake of testing equivalent Voigtlanders.

With SLRM's there's no need, I think, for any soft-filtering to tame inner software sharpening of m43 sensor - it seems to me that m43 Hyperprime line is some sort of actual "flagship" in cleverly thought-out in construction to revive milky traits of Leica R rendering (or that wonderful/strange 25mm 2.8 Distagon), and they menage to achieve it with great success.  But I always found that Andrew Chan is so extremely shy or non-aggressive in advertising.

I had metabones speedboosters and many many lens combinations - but finally choosing m43 system I dropped them. One of the reason is result that I got accurately comparing SLRM lenses with speedboster/Zeiss/Leica combination.

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Wow, now my lens related parts of comment disappeared by commenting on something else. Guess, this is an edit now. So, again:

@kidzrevil Awesome shots and magnificient colors. Really standing out. Makes me want to chase some natural light more!

Findings about the Fujinon 12.5mm c-mount super16 lens. Awesome! No crop on GX85 in UHD mode plus electronic IBIS. Put focal length on the smallest number, think it was 6mm, to avoid wobbliing vignette.

Great image, colors. Really usuable at F2. My new favorite lens on the GX85. I guess I will keep the GX. Perfect combo. Crop (compared to 135 photofilm) in 4K plus electronic IBIS  should be around 2.4, making it an equivalent of 15mm on m43 full sensor.

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Here are my first screengrabs shooting on event with gx80+ vintage minolta set up. 

Lenses I used were 24mm 2.8 Tokina RMC and the 50mm 1.4 Minolta with lens turbo. Happy to say that they blended in quite well with each other, only for some shots I still remember which was which. 

The picture of the glasses was shot with the minolta, the other two were shot with the tokina which I got for 24 bucks ? 




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On 6/6/2018 at 8:34 AM, kidzrevil said:

Voigtlander 40mm f2 w/ SLR Magic Anamorphot + Tiffen Pearlescent. digilogcolor.com “Aesir” LUT was used for the CC






Outstanding cinematic combination... BTW @kidzrevil spill the beans on the leftover (camera used, settings, etc ; -)


PS @ usual_suspects:

Let's stop with this hostile downvoting mania for once please. Has no place in goodwill (go figure when plain nonsensical) within a civil location such as a friendly forum like this one must be. With seatable 4-legs couches for everyone : -)

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33 minutes ago, TheRenaissanceMan said:

Anyone here have experience with Tiffen Glimmerglass? Just worked on a big show that used it, and based on what I saw on monitor (plus the test footage from Tiffen on Vimeo) it does some really nice things to faces.

They are a good way to get Sony cameras to look like a Canon face colors wise.  ?

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