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  1. I know this is probably not anywhere close to the real quality, but if anyone wants to watch the video on a phone i shared it on instagram. Feel free to have a look or if you want high quality screengrabs tell me or alternatively I can upload it to vimeo.
  2. Andrew, will I be able to adapt it to the pocket 4k? Is there a mount which I might find it cheaper in on ebay? Cheers
  3. I realized shutter shock on a higher shutter speed of 1/1000 when on a tripod and with a 3 second delay too. Electronic shutter fixed it. Came across this video, which pretty much shows an external recorder for the gx80 / g85 doesn't really do much. Maybe they crippled it more from the g7 to g85??
  4. Of course, I will share the video. I agree with you. Though with AVCHD I did not see my image break apart nearly as fast as I am used to. But knowing the noise level I also tried overexposing 1 or 2 stops, so I exposed to the right while still trying to fill the histogram. Thanks Indeed I made a vibrance note, because it is a great way to increase the look without going to far. I used a key to pick the less saturated part, skipped the skin tones and desaturated the rest.
  5. Hey Guys, Since starting in this forum I progressed from the GX80 to buying a Pocket 4k which I use for all documentary shoots and trying to built a showreel. Meanwhile, the non rigged out GX80 is way easier to take on trips and fun shoots and I still think it is one of the most underrated cameras in terms of price/performance. For the last trip to Loen in Norway (where a rock falling into the lake caused a 70m wave extinguishing to villages in early 1900), I took the gx80. Normally I shoot CINE D with all settings around -2, but this time I decided to shoot a dialed down natural,
  6. Makes sense. The gh5 seems cheap for anamorphic, the gx80 seems cheap for a small gh5
  7. This is a very good workaround. Sad that I can't use my feelworld ma6 for this, but I will try it out. Great insight. I have shot parts of my documentary yesterday and I instinctively felt like shooting 4k 16 to 9 with cine D settings that I can match with gh5 cine D shots. I also feel like, in theory, cropping the 16 9 shouldn't hurt too much at 4k. Another idea I had, is what happens when you are in 4:3 cine D and add an external recorder like the atomos. This one doesn't need the camera to record at the same time. Shouldn't that work?
  8. Yes, so it blocks it before you even enable the burst. I do not have the app but I can check :). Once you enable 4k photo mode, no matter which kind, the monitor shows white writing on black that 4k photomode is enabled, so only the lcd screen shows the image, and once you go back from 4k photo mode you see the 4:3 image for a second on the monitor before it goes back to 16 9. Happy to give extra information. Thank you!
  9. Anamorphic is not really fun - I was happy to read that 4:3 photo mode is supported at 30p 4k, which would have worked well for all slow-mo shots, but found out that the hdmi is blocked. It only works during 16 9 for proper desqueeze and focusing. So basically it is really more a normal 16 9 camera like all the others in that regard. Gh5 anamorphic modes are sweet though...
  10. To be honest, I would be really careful with trusting someone else on a simple test like this. I do not trust them too much.
  11. @BTM_Pix 2019 and I am still using my beloved and underrated gx80. The main problem for professional use is that the HDMI output get's blocked during photo burst mode. I would like to shoot 4/3 4k with the burst mode but when enabled the HDMI function gets blocked, not really, rather there come a sign transfered by the camera that photo mode is activated. This is for shooting 4/3 anamorphic. Funnily enough, when I do switch back to the normal mode, I see the external monitor showing the correct image in 4/3 desqueezed for one split second before going back to the heavily cropped 16 9. (wi
  12. Thanks for your response. That is such a good insight! When you are an artist, as a filmmaker, you find your own way of doing it and if it works and you have the time for it, I see no problem in this at all. In contrary, I think it is really nice if someone takes such passion and time for something, unless you would find out a much quicker way to do the same. Yes, I chose minoltas not for their price, but I looked at comparisons of images and their special way to treat colors just pleased me the best. Now I am happy I could afford the whole lens set without spending too much. Some
  13. Hey Ian, I think you have inspired me for my next documentary. I will try to recreate paintings of places in real life using anamorphic. What I am especially interested in is the grading. I can imagine there are some important workflow steps for you, if you graded in davinci resolve. I really love the look and some tips to get to this "painting like" look would be greatly appreciated. This will also be my first project in Davinci, so I think I will try to get everything as good as I can in camera, exposure and white balance, so that I can edit without any grading in adobe and then g
  14. The case is, that people have without any proof made up something about IBIS 2, urging other people to buy a more expensive camera without need. The arguments should proof that a different IBIS has been installed, not the other way around. On the other hand, if you had both cameras and tried them out, I appreciate that, because you are not just believing something without reason but you have tested it. In the end, you prefered the g85 for stabilization and that is totally fine. I on the other hand bough a cage and wooden grips and can make shots that look close to my gimbal, but with mor
  15. I disagree, the g85 was published very little after the gx80. And if this was the case, they would market it. I already felt susipicious that the "IBIS 2" comments where coming from articles and reviews that do nothing else then quoting official specs. I think you should just look at the source I have provided, which suggest/uncover there is no doubt about what I said. On some of the g85 models, dual I.S. 2 came by installing a firmware update, you can find the thread on dpreview. There is no IBIS 2 found on any official website and I will continue to treat this as a rumour. If ther was a
  16. I did a little search as well and from what I found out there is no IBIS 2, but dual I.S two, that is only supported with certain lenses. I am looking at the official panasonic support site, so you will have a hard time proving me wrong with other sources. https://panasonic.jp/dc/lens/dual_is.html By logic, this would mean dual i.s. 2 is a question about the lens and firmware of the body , but not the I.S of the body itself. So this has zero relevance when not using pana lenses and with the same weight, I.S should be the same on the gx80 and g85.
  17. Of course this is black and white, throwing around arguments, mister, you did not further your opinion or talk about the content of my message at all. If you think that weight does not affect IBIS, 400g to 700g in terms of microshakes, fair enough. I have a rig including handles so I am sure my stabilization works perfect with IBIS because I am giving enough weight to eliminate microshakes. I have never heard about the "IBIS II" you talk about and I do not think that Panasonic marketed this until you prove it different.
  18. Your comment summed up: Talking about the way you discuss, not about the video, or what I did not like about the way you act here. Do you have your own opinion or do you just hang on someone elses blank statement? I do not ask you to show off your skills (in fact the original post), but there is a way to communicate that makes it seem like your are not actually confident, but the opposite. When you are on the table talking about things you like about a movie (let this be our table), the person starting to say, I fking hate this video, is usually not just having an opinion but often in need to
  19. Guys, I do not know if you know the rules about open discussion, but it is said that you express your opinion without respect. Having an opinion is not about winning, this is a forum not a fight. Your opinion is not more credible because you have had more commens or likes in this forum, I am having my discussions not just in this forum, but in real life, family, cafe's and student classes. saying: your comment wins, I find this a very ungrown way to lead discussions- and i am young. The video is of a craft that has at that time won a video arthouse price in vimeo, we are not judging thin
  20. hate is a strong word, at least you can respect the craftsmanship if it is not your style. IMO the best is cinelike D for gradability in post, using something like noam kroll settings. http://noamkroll.com/the-best-gh4-settings-for-video-why-you-shouldnt-be-tweaking-things-too-much/ If you want something straight out of camera and little projects I would recommend natural.
  21. I do not think that IBIS is better, this comes most likely from the additional weight and better grip with the g85. Right now, I have a cage around my gx85 so if I would do a test video of "my"/the gx85 ibis it would appear to be better. The good thing is if I rig the camera up, at the end of the day I am happy about less weight, and the ergonomics do not matter anymore. You are right that there are better cameras, I did not follow the very last trends in terms of pricing In terms of value for money, I think the gx85 is up top, but of course, this is always subjective depending on what y
  22. I agree with you, the micro is very appealing at a lower budget.
  23. Good job! If you need any more tips regarding the gx85 feel free to ask me, I own it for some time now.
  24. This is some of the bullshit you only read in online forums. If you say something like that, is is only because you are justifying paying more for the g85 over the gx80. The gx80 has equivalent 4k to the g85. That is what matters. If you really think that they process the image differently in fhd, then give me an official enginnering source or make that judgment over your own footage, do not just reference another test because you are lazy to do your own. I think a couple of points have to be added here. The GX80 is by far the better professional budget option then the g85. Who care
  25. Do you know if there is a difference between feelworld f7 or t7? have the same zoom functions.
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