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  1. Hey guys, this one is for you to guess. I am currently completing my minolta vintage lense set for gx80 and as it seems it's an endless road. Anyway, I will just let you decide without saying something about the lense. These are pictures from a minolta 135mm 2.8 (60Euros) minolta beercan 70-210 f.4 (80 Euros), minolta 70-210 4.5-5.6 (6 Euros) and a cheap soligor macro zoom. Which one do you like most and can you see the difference? I know the conditions change a fair bit...
  2. Hey guys, Since they are currently sold out in Germany, I am looking for a speedbooster Minolta-M43. Cheers
  3. @mercer thanks. To be honest, I think the same angle with the same grading would look awesome with a lot of cameras. The light was really beautiful. But it directly hit the lens so I had to crank the contrast all the way up. There are a few reasons I considered just now: 1: It was my moms camera (she didn't like me taking it to the desert, haha), so I was deciding between a new sony 6000 and gx80, at the moment, both cameras are at the same price in germany. 2: For pictures with heavy grading as well as 50mbit fhd the sonys are great, but I think the panasonics have better color space
  4. I think this shot looks grade (budumm). No really I like that shot. What gear do you use? Do you still use minoltas? I followed your posts for a while.
  5. Hi Mercer, since I don't have my laptop right now (it's being fixed) I will just tell you what I think from a storytelling perspective. I guess your shortfilm is not just a thriller or action movie. But your actor already has this fierce look on him. For that reason, i would really go for a warm look in his face to make your storytelling more ambivalent. The warm gradings by the other commenters I like the best. Do you have raw or compressed footage? In this background I can see blue and yellow kind of houses. If I used that for grading, I would try go for a light blue-to yellow complemen
  6. Thanks anonim. I guess zeiss are really nice because they are so sharp. But I guess from what I have seen I like them rather for photos than for video. I guess for film I don't mind a look with character little chromatic aberations and vignetting as well as softness. A tip with zeiss: if you don't go for the popular ones, you make real bargains. There are old tessar ones from the 50's that go for 5-10 dollars on the fitting vintage cameras, while the new contax zeiss go for 5-10 times the price. I will buy the minolta set and then let you guys inspire me for the next, maybe more expensive
  7. Hey Guys, this is my first post after some private messages and tons of reading. So even though I know most of your faces, I haven't written something myself. I am a german film student trying to get more professionell with my video work (on a budget). I have bought the gx80 used. Now I am looking for a cheap way to finish up my gear, probably with vintage lenses, so that I can concentrate on storytelling again. Because I am taking more and more time than I would have liked to take in the beginning and am starting to turn in circles, I now want to ask for your help with a decision abo
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