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SONY FX3 new camera to be announced

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I will take an internal variable ND over IBIS every single time. Stab options include Catalyst Wotsit or mono/tripod. This thing looks VERY interesting, - the love child of the FX6 and the S

What annoys me the most is how some youtbers in those reviews are already saying how this camera is the best mirrorless option for serious filmmaking. Cinema camera my ass ! The S1H is still the king

Ugh, the X-T3 and 4 have a nasty artificial and plastic looking image with strong temporal filtering on top of the excessive sharpening which gets thrown on the footage even when it's set to -4. Even

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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

I'd LOVE that! But then it would be called a "FS3" and not a "FX3".

Exactly. Unless they're going to blur the lines, FF seems a given. As the owner of a lot of upper end Sony glass, I personally hope it is FF.

Also note the usual power switch around the shutter has "W" and "T" - a zoom rocker for PZ lenses like the 28-135. I like the front record button too, I carry my rigged camera by the top handle with my right hand and hold the lens with my left, not having to switch hands or do an awkward reach around to hit the record button is welcome. 




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Looks like by the size of the LCD hinges that they made the same tilt/flip articulation of the S1H (or maybe is just a flip and the bulkiness is because of the rear vents).

For a video camera, controls looks good. The joystick on top is strange, but in video I guess that you don't move the focus point too ofter - and if you need a quick point change (between two subjects), the touchscreen is better.

The hotshoe have extra contacts, guess that a XLR adaptor and (maybe) an external EVF is a possibility.

In fact, get this form factor, make it thinner, rearrange the controls a bit (back joystick, af/mf switch, a mode dial) and Sony could have a winner A7000.

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9 minutes ago, Thpriest said:

Looks good but no IBIS seems strange. The joystick position reminds me of the C100 which is a good thing! Control with your thumb on the grip.

If it's under 4000€ it could be interesting.

No mechanical IBIS would maybe make possible the integration of a built-in VND. That would be awesome. 

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If its really a 4k/120p camera, the 8k talk was just a SAR wishlist spec. Its looking more like the FX6 in a compact body. That price is lower than the Euro price of the a7s3, maybe $3000-ish here in the US?

Internal ND's, add on EVF, Sony's XLR mic modules and such could make this a cool small video option. If there's no IBIS that makes for an interesting choice, stabilization and a EVF vs. possible internal ND's, more mounting points, and better cooling. I think I'd add one of these to my a7sIII for the ND's alone.

And I like the strap mounts on the shoulders, I really liked that with the EOS R instead of the eyelet nubs that stick out of the side of the body, makes gripping these small cameras more comfortable without something stabbing you in the hand.


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With the A7sIII, this really needs to have some great video features to differentiate itself (and not just S-Cinetone). And that means: Internal eND. If it doesn't have that, how many other things could it have to really set it apart? Other than the cool color, more robust build, better tilting screen, and lots of mounting points.

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