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New Fuji camera coming. X-H2?

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Nokishita spotted a new Fuji camera that has just been certified. 

Fuji Rumors don't say a lot about it as they tell people to wait a bit before giving us some bits of information about it. It seems to have the same wireless communication module that the upper Fuji model like the X-Pro 3.

The announcement day should be on October 16th. 

Is it possible to see an X-H2 announcement out of the blue? 


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1 hour ago, Geoff CB said:

They already leapfrogged it with the GFX line. Would rather they bring out a cheap GFX model.

Yep. In fact they would probably be mad to.

It’s not just a new body but an entire range of new lenses to meet everyone’s needs and it’s difficult to do that already even with a couple of half dozen in the APSC line up.

So nope, at least in my humble opinion, Fuji should stick to dominating either side of the FF market.

Oh and apparently there is some new camera announcement soon but it’s not the XH2 or any ‘next’ model but something new.

We shall see...

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I don't think it will be the X-H2. Fuji already made that mistake when releasing the X-T3 right after the X-H1, which pretty much killed X-H1 sales. I think fuji is trying to squeeze out 1 more model with the X-trans 4 sensor. Next year fuji will release the X-H2 with a new sensor, giving the X-T4 enough time to be the flagship. 

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7 hours ago, zerocool22 said:

Because 90% of my lenses are FF. 

Most of mine are too. I have X-T3.

For the FF telephoto lenses it increases their effective focal length, big advantage there.

For my two manual Nikon SLR zooms I just got in the Turbo II speedbooster today.

Mainly for my Nikon AF 28-85, I now have access to the full coverage of the lens, plus it cuts my ISO requirements in half

(so less advantage of a full frame camera in the ISO department, on top of the the cleaner 6K to 4K oversampling!)

Besides the Fuji 18-55 kit zoom the only new lens I needed was a wide angle, the Fuji 10-24 is amazing.


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