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New Fuji camera coming. X-H2?

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8 hours ago, Jay60p said:

Most of mine are too. I have X-T3.

For the FF telephoto lenses it increases their effective focal length, big advantage there.

For my two manual Nikon SLR zooms I just got in the Turbo II speedbooster today.

Mainly for my Nikon AF 28-85, I now have access to the full coverage of the lens, plus it cuts my ISO requirements in half

(so less advantage of a full frame camera in the ISO department, on top of the the cleaner 6K to 4K oversampling!)

Besides the Fuji 18-55 kit zoom the only new lens I needed was a wide angle, the Fuji 10-24 is amazing.


Man, I've been shooting full frame glass on crop sensor bodies since the 30D (up through the 70D and 80D). Now, between my Metabones and Vizelex nd throttle I can either get that full frame FoV with increased aperture or boost my focal length with VND behind the glass. 

If the X-H2, when it finally comes out, is closer to a cine Super 35 cine camera than a full frame hybrid, I personally will be in heaven and snatch one right up.

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It doesn't look like the X-H2 is coming soon.



But just having the bigger grip with the X-T4 is not enough for the X-H2. I think that if future X-H models come to reality, we have to have something more revolutionary.


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On 9/3/2020 at 3:22 AM, zerocool22 said:

Because 90% of my lenses are FF. 

Just keep on using them! But buy one more extra lenses: on the wide end (such as Tokina 11-20mm f2.8), to keep your covered for the smaller APS-C/MFT sensors. 

Really don't get all the complaints about non-FF cameras, just because of the lenses they own currently. It is one of the easiest problems to solve!

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Just want to put out my whishlist for XH2

- 4k120 10 bit, possibly 6k60

- improves IBIS and AF. Specifically for IBIS - a mode to get rid of warpy edges on wide angle (combined with eis I guess) 

- big, bright, 16by10 flippy screen, preferably 4.5 inches or more 

- at least 13 stops of usable DR

- priced under 2000$

We can dream, right? 

And some minor feature I would love :

- VBR mode like on Panasonic 

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