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SIRUI Anamorphic!

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18 minutes ago, newfoundmass said:

That's the weirdest logic I've ever read. You've set your standards too high if that's how you judge the quality of a lens or camera. 

There's nowhere to go from the bottom but up. The way I see it a master can make anything look great. They can make the most painful experience look easy. I want tools that are sooooo good it's like cheating. 

Yeah, you could practice driving nails into wood with your fist... but a hammer might be a better choice.

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Sometimes it feels like some people will never be happy.  This is great news, whether you buy it or not. That affordable anamorphic lenses are hitting the market is a big deal and a sign of thing

What do you all think? For the price, I know I will try it.   https://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/surprise-this-is-the-new-sirui-50mm-f1-8-133x-anamorphot-lens-for-sony-e-fuji-x-and-mft/

It's terrific news.  Frankly I can't understand why we don't have any AF anamorphic lenses,  especially as AI becomes more of a thing in cameras.  Those are garbage.

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11 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

I had a go of this at IBC and found the concept admirable but I think they have work to do on the charm of the images it produces and character.

Perfect size, build quality and price though.

Would have liked to shoot more with it but they wouldn't let it out of the show and I much prefer the Iscorama for what I do.

Bingo. With modern computerized design and high quality materials, building a sharp, functional lens is easy. Building one that has charm, character and panache is a whole different story. 

BTW, if you are looking for a successor to the Iscorama, the new Aivascope 1.5x seems like it fits the bill. Single focus mechanism and 50mm coverage on full frame.

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On 9/18/2019 at 7:38 AM, DBounce said:

Which imo is why he's a terrible person to look towards when judging a lens or camera. I prefer to see how these tools performs in the hands of a complete buffoon... that way, if it still seems good, then it must be brilliant.

give it to me, give it to me.... i'll give it a go?

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10 hours ago, Rudolf said:

Oh yes please... I want that cinematic-filmic-sci-fi-look for cheap. I want my footage look professional. Especially sun rays shining through leaves. And ordinary people downtown (in slow-motion of course). Add some musicians work and I am good to go! Looking forward to show "my work" on YT.

er... get in line ?

thinking about it a little more. Does it matter ? Considering all of the available content  for viewing on the www, is it such a sin ?

Everyone has to start somewhere.   Honing the craft some might call it.  I think the trick might be making it stand out from the crowd, but that could be just me 

I have heard it said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery  lots of  aspiring musicians copy popular artists once you have it down pat you can branch out with variations and make your own style. Sorry for the lecture   I you don't like something you always click on the next link

Personally  i think anyone posting online is doing something pretty brave, considering how anonymity tends to breed some pretty destructive critics 

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i signed up as an interested party, should entitle me to a discount and free shipping. However i notice on other pages sirui state that spend more than $49 and the shipping is free so maybe just a discount then ? but every dollar counts i guess. i'll let you know how things progress. Now to start saving.

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1 hour ago, leslie said:

we are alot like Goldilocks aren't we, not too many flares, not too little flaring ?

Not only that!

Some people dislike blue flares, whereas others would do everything (no kidding, even to the point of removing lens coatings) to get them.
To each their own.
(( :

I myself got rid of two anamorphic adapters only because:
1) they didn't flare enough,
2) and if they did show some occasional flare, it was ugly greenish.

Right now, I own a beautiful Schneider Cinelux that gives me amber/magentish streaks. ?

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