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On 8/9/2019 at 4:41 AM, Jonesy Jones said:

Please provide evidence for any of this. Or not. I don’t care because at this point all you’ll share is fake news vitriol. What leftists have decided they can do is pick a position, scream it as loud as they can until they and everyone around them believe it’s true. If they want to punch you. Well they say it’s ok to punch Nazis. Then label you a Nazi. Then punch you. 

Regarding “confessed aspiring rapist” I assume you’re referring to his pu$$y comment. Which anyone with half a brain knows was said and meant as an exaggeration. Like “I’m going to kick his ass.” But I’ve never seen anyone actually kick someone in the ass. Fake news.

Regarding “criminal”. No obstruction. No collusion. Fake news.

Regarding “diagnosed compulsive liar” I haven’t heard this one. I mean I’m sure he lies or has lied. I would never attempt to defend this. But Hillary anyone? Fake news.

Mango, the orange buffoon , are you asking proof he is a liar??? you mus be kidding, he lie every single day, hundreds and hundreds of videos showing his big lies, if you don't want to see them that is your f problem, the rest of the world is not as dumb as you are!!!, what about grab them by the pus....he didn't say that??? that is he said " I like the poorly educated!!!" 

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