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  1. Not sure if Andy Lee still hangs out here or if he's too busy working but I'm wondering if anyone knows if any clips from Pandora, which I think is the film talked about earlier in this thread as having been shot on the Panasonic G7, are around and can be shown ?. It's listed on imdb as completed and review copies sent out. So sad that the director passed away and hopefully it will be picked up and his (and Andy's) work will be seen. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5490720/ I think the film with the Arri and GH5 is Principle Deception. There is a "Cannes 2019 Teaser Trailer" on Vim
  2. Thanks for that link. There's so much good, free and useful stuff to take in. Really good of John Brawley to share this.
  3. Not me, just something I came across. DOP M.Ridwan I think is based in Singapore, close to Indonesia. I wanted to share because so much talk, pixel peeping and boring review footage of new cameras misses the point that something telling an interesting story, with a beginning, middle and end, in focus and with good sound matters more. I think this shows off the BMPCC 6K and the talent behind it really well.
  4. First post after visiting and enjoying this site for quite a while. I'm mostly into writing and looking to produce on low budget so it's interesting to read how others are getting stuff done with readily available gear. Came across this short and thought it might be of interest. Two versions on Vimeo ( via cinematography on Reddit ) and Instagram. Enjoy
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