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Aren't you waiting for the Panasonic S1?


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12 minutes ago, hoodlum said:

The leaked specs suggest a heavy crop for 4k/60p with 6k only supporting 30fps.




No it does not suggest that at all

your talking about the photo mode, what makes you think any cropping for video?

google translate:



47.3 million pixels Full size sensor · Low pass filter less

5-axis hand vibration reduction within the body with 5.5 steps of effect

Dual IS 2 with 6 stages of effect

4K 60p / 50p video

Sequential shooting performance: 9 frames / second (AFS), 6 frames / second (AFC)

6K photo at 30 frames per second and 4K photo mode at 60 frames / sec

5.76 million dot EVF

The finder magnification can be adjusted from 0.78 times to 0.74 times or 0.7 times

Movable rear liquid crystal with 2.1 million dots

Dustproof · Drip-proof · Low temperature-10 °

Picture of 187 million pixels (16,736 x 11, 168) can be created using high resolution mode

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology Detecting Humans, Cats, Dogs and Birds

Size: 148.9 x 110.0 x 96.7 mm

Weight: 898 g

Overseas price: Body 3, 399 GBP, lens kit 4, 199 GBP


24.2 Million Pixels Full Size Sensor

Maximum standard ISO 51.200

It can create 96 million pixels (12,000 x 8,000) images using high resolution mode

Size: 148.9 x 110.0 x 96.7 mm

Weight: 899 g

Overseas price: Body 2,199 GBP, lens kit 2,999 GBP

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I'm presuming the kit lens in those prices is the 24-105mm f4

If its £700 in the kit that means its probably £850-900 as a separate item.

Considering that is a £4K saving over the Leica 24-90mm (which is f4 at the long end anyway) I think that might well find its way onto more than a few Leica SLs.

Including mine.

Fascinated to see what Sigma are going to bring to this and when.


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1 hour ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

I might be interested, they are saying its DFD auto focus, which I doubt will be good for video. If it has internal 10 bit though, that would be interesting. 

I just assumed that it would be at least as good for video as the GH5.  If it didn't have 10-bit then I'd be stunned.  

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The problem is Panasonic said many times that S1/S1R are for photographers with some high end video capacity. So I hope we will have 10 bits and LOG internally. Without that S1/S1R will look like mirrorless 1DX Mark II for video (with better codec thoug but no DPAF). I have waited so far for S1 and I hope I will not be disapointed. After all Panasonic said S1/S1R will be "without compromise". Wait and see!

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14 hours ago, liork said:

Launch is almost here, Full Frame with 4K 60p, maybe 5K, many Video options, Auto focus is still a mystery...

Leaked specs suggests a very good camera, with somewhat hefty price tag.

But very good chances to be a dud because Panasonic stubbornly sticks to DFD for AF (like they refused for years to implement IBIS).

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26 minutes ago, kye said:

I just assumed that it would be at least as good for video as the GH5.  If it didn't have 10-bit then I'd be stunned.  

I hope so, though I can see them just thinking full frame and 4k 60p with external 10 bit is good enough. Considering no other camera has those specs. Who knows though. 

If it has internal 10bit 422, that might mean the price of the GH5 and GH5S will drop, which would be good since I am considering buying one again. Here's hoping to that ?

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