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Best gimbal for Pocket 4K?


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My best bet is for Moza Air X.


Pity comes a bit late to 2018 party...


The race will be with the most serious contender these days, even though a fair doubt on the Pocket 4K balance over there:



In the meantime, my fav is the more dual handle versatile a2000:



Here's a comparison by Antos:


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I am bored of the traditional designs. I used the Crane 2 a week ago, going up and down, left and right for 90minutes, and my arm still hurts!

I love low angle shots, and the traditional designs are not comfortable.

Tilta Nano will be great also.

2 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

Weebill and follow focus for me. Pending tests. 

If for some reason it doesn’t work out, Crane 2 and follow focus.

weebill is due out in the next week or 2 so I imagine those tests aren’t far away. 


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53 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

Tilta Nano will be great also.

Yes, but it’s  $229. 

Zhiyuns follow focus is €80. Sure the tilta nano can be used on an off a gimbal, but my needs don’t require that. 

It also comes for free with the Crane 2, and both are available right now, which makes that package extremely tempting. (For me). 

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What about the DJI ronin S? this was actually my plan to get one, whenever I get a pocket 4K in. And also would get the nucleus n focus, the tilta nucleus m is really great, so I guess the N is also great prob a lot better then the competition. So why bother with something cheaper. the N is already dirt cheap compared to a follow focus like Arri.

The Tilta GX2 seems to drift away often so ronin s, The ronin s also seems a lot more smooth then the Crane 2. Seems to be a clear winner over these one handed style gimbals.

DJI ronin S note: getting a arca type quick release plate would solve the Battery and Cfast release plate options. As then they are accessible. Which would mean I could use leave 1 pocket 4K on the dji ronin s, and never remove it ^^

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Dji ronin s is "huge and heavy" ( = well, not really, but you get what I mean)  and Crane 2 also.

Weebill is 300-3000g and 1.3Kg, the next tier is from 4.6 (Crane 3) to 6Kg (next Moza).

An example of random new mirrorless full frame reality.

The Nikon Z7 is 675gr (including batteries and memory card) and the Nikon Z 24-70mm 4f is 500gr, that is 1.5Kg (lightly rigged).

A speedbooster is 170gr, a lens could be from 150gr to a kilo, how much the P4K weights? Can't seem to find that info anywhere but can't be heavier, or mich heavier than the Z7, so we are talking for 2Kg here, so well into the 300-3000gr limits.

Now, for people consider rig-ing an EVA or FS5, then yes, buy the bigger one, and good luck holding it for more than a few dozens of seconds!


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9 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

If for some reason it doesn’t work out, Crane 2 and follow focus.

I have the Crane 2. Doesn't mount on it out of the box, Pocket 4K is too wide.

Not sure if adapter plate.

Ronin S is twice the weight of Crane 2. Reason I went for the Crane was the lightness and compactness of it.

Be curious to see what works and what does. Nice thread.

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10 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

i don't know what they mean by follow focus but the external follow focus motor doesn't come with it

At 1:47 in that video, he says 'The key feature that it comes with is the follow focus servo' - but it could be some weird translation thing, or mis wording his sentence as neither of them are speaking their first language. I thought it was an optional extra too. Do you know if it's the same motor as the one for the Crane 2, or a new motor?

@Andrew Reid - yeah, same with the Ronin S, although they include the adapter plate already. There's loads of videos on YouTube of the P4k on the Crane 2 so it's definitely manageable. I assume it's the same with the Weebill, and I guess I'll find out when my order comes through.

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